April 09, 2020

InPage Urdu 2015 Free Download Full Version (Update)

Download InPage Urdu 2015 Software Free for Windows 10

InPage Urdu 2015 Free Download Full Version

InPage Urdu 2015 a great word processor based on different languages. InPage Urdu 2015 is available in free download also in full version as well for all platforms including Windows 7 and Windows 8. InPage Urdu 2015 supports more than 13 languages and some of them supported are Urdu, Arabic, Sindhi, Hindi, Punjabi, Kurdish, Persian, Saraiki, English, and Pushto. InPage is professional software that only trained and skilled people are able to use because of its complex features and options which are available in it. The new release comes with an updated user interface and adds new and customizes able font styles. Other InPage Urdu applications are Urdu InPage 2009 Professional and InPage Urdu 2013.

InPage Urdu 2015 uses Nastaliq font which is a highly used style in the Newspapers of Asian countries. This is also called the Noori style mainly because of the sans serif look of the letters. InPage 2015 works just like a typewriter the words printed using InPage look the same as normal handwriting on a paper. This software works on PCs, Laptops, Desktops and any machine running Windows OS. At the time this software was released back in 1994 there was not a big demand for such an idea and the day Magazines hit the market there was no such app that can do all this typing and write in multiple languages.

Features of InPage Urdu 2015:

Urdu Publishing is really popular and has become a professional's trend because of the wide variety of things one can do with Urdu InPage 2015. A new feature has now been introduced for the first time which allows a user to create Macros and keyboard shortcuts of their own to make their work faster, accurate and quicker. InPage can also read MS Office 2010 documents and edit them like any other processed file format. This software is widely used in all places from schools, universities to colleges and offices as it makes the job of writers and calligraphers easier than ever. Desktop publishing had first come 19 years ago.

Using Spell Check in InPage 2015:

Spell check and Grammar correction is also a first time released feature of Urdu InPage 2015. This new option allows you to do a grammar check on any article or page you have written and it will tell you if there needs to be any kind of correction. This benefits the company or organization from getting a low view in front of the public because before InPage came out all these tasks were done manually by a group of specialists. 

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Urdu InPage 2015 Software Version Details:

  • Type is Freeware
  • Developed by the InPage Team
  • This is the InPage 2015 Professional Edition
  • Price is $334 if you want to buy it
InPage Urdu 2015 Download Free


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