May 19, 2019

Freedom Fighters 2 Free Download PC Game (2019 Latest)

    Freedom Fighters 2 Game Free Download Full version is now available with 100% working direct link. FF 2 is a shooter and action game for PC.

    Freedom Fighters 2 Game Free Download For PC

    Freedom Fighters 2 is a PC action third person shooter action game developed for free by Eidos. The game is support on cross platforms for Windows 7/Vista and Windows 8. It is out now for download for the users. It has multiple game modes including single player and multiplayer. Both are really what are the talking fun, and engaging good gameplay you need the instinct of a warfighter to play this freedom fighters game based on soldiers of liberty 2 the game was released by Io-Interactive has also released a favorite game freedom fighter the first part. This is the modern war scene where there is all over in virtual reality, there are missions and objectives which need to be completed to achieve success.

    The gameplay and the role of you being as a fighter which you are fighting the war for freedom to win your countries happiness back is up to you. The objective which you have to complete ends like you need to terminate all enemy lines, there are also tanks and helicopters, Vehicles heavy machine guns and a large amount of enemy commandos protecting their territory. After that you have the team of professional shooters and snipers with you which give you back up support when you need it, there are 4 soldiers which can be placed on your call anywhere you want you can control them there are, follow me, stay there, protect this parameter. 

    Gameplay and Features of Freedom Fighters 2

    The missions are like you have to go in different parts of the country where an enemy has taken control of the area and took it from you. Therefore you will need to fight back to make that lace as it is yours. When you complete your task, you will see the character raising a flag on the top of the last place where the gun firing and shooting was held. The game has in the online that you can invite your friends to a match with teams all over the world can have events and compares between them and can have win or lose there is team deathmatch and free for all where you have only one life if you get shot by the enemy team you will need to wait until the end of this match. New updates were released, and IO-Interactive just releases their latest title which is Freedom Fighters 3 for PC. It brings new maps, multiplayer features and EA account bug fixes that allow you to play online.

    You start from level 0 and go up to level 40 every level you unlock revealing a new tool or deadly firearm. A good internet connection is required to play online. It uses reality graphics, and there is a small volume a soundtrack is performed to keep your mind level. The guns can be modified entirely for the freedom of the fighters in 2 different ways like you can change the reticle add a red dot sight or remove the iron sight and increase the fire rate of the bullets. The more flat jacket can be added to give you protection armor, so you don't die that quickly it is a similar technique also used in the real world by soldiers all over the globe, more attachments can be download from sources officially.

    Freedom Fighters 2 Full Version Free Download

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    Freedom Fighters 2 Full Version Free Download Game

    • License: Freeware 
    • Type: Free to play the demo
    • Developer: Io-Interactive
    • Platform: Windows, Android, and MAC.
    • System: 32/64 bit

    System Requirements For Hardware

    • Processor: High power speed Intel
    • Ram: 3 GB
    • Graphics: 512 MB Nvidia, Or At-I  
    • Space: 6 GB
    • Software: DirectX 12
    • Note: How to download and Install Freedom Fighter 2 has been added to this page.
    Freedom Fighters 2 Game

    Microsoft Office 2016 ISO Free Download in Full Version

      MS Office 2016 Professional (Pro) Plus ISO is now fully released by Microsoft and is official setup. Microsoft Office 2016 Professional (Pro) ISO is available as free download for Windows and other platforms. The all-new productivity suite from Microsoft which is also known as Office 16 supports both versions of environments including 32-bit and 64-bit. Download of MS Office 2016 Professional Plus or Pro is free and if you want the full version you can purchase that from Microsoft itself as a subscription on a monthly basis. Microsoft (MS) office production line has been totally redesigned and now users can directly edit, create and upload their important work on the cloud with the help of this office suite.

      Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus ISO Free Download For Windows

      The new office software version 2016 includes all the previous additionally applications that used to be by default with Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and OneNote. Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus is an improvement and success over the previous Office 2013 Professional and Office 365. You can get a free edition of the MS Office 2016 as well which is limited that gives a preview and has a period of 30 days in which you can try it. There is a new product also included for the users that are called 'Office Online', this includes all of the features of office on the cloud meaning the internet and you can access them from anywhere in the world via the internet and have access to your important documents which you can edit online and offline. 

      Download free MS Office 2016 ISO Professional Plus

      Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus ISO Features

      One of the great additions to the office family was the file type that changed and this particular one comes in (ISO) format which means it needs to be mounted and then extracted unlike Office Starter 2010 that launched directly via an installer. Another great feature in MS Office 2016 Professional Plus is that it has built-in insights from the internet that is powered by Bing. Microsoft Office 2016 has newer templates, design, and user-interface compared with its previous versions including Office 2010 Professional. Below is a list of the newly added tools in office 16.

      • It has additional plugins that can be downloaded from Microsoft
      • Has online cloud support with secure data backup
      • Excel, Word, and PowerPoint have been totally refurbished with new templates and looks
      • Has backward compatibility with older versions such as Microsoft Office 2014.

      Microsoft (MS) Office 2016 Professional Plus ISO Overview

      Microsoft also added an auto-update function in office 2016 series which will allow them to push new updates and fixes. Another great overview is that it is cross-platform support has extended to MAC and not only Microsoft Windows OS. Also, it comes in two different builds that are free and paid which are the full version ISO that is pricey and costs a lot of money, but there is the good side to that as well that you can get it on a monthly contract. The office of 2016 was inspired but the 2007 Office Enterprise which had all the predictions of the suite going in the cloud.

      Update from Microsoft:
      Microsoft Word 2018 Download has been released which is the latest version of the popular word-processing software everyone uses.

      Free Download Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus ISO Information

      • Author and Publisher is Microsoft
      • Licensed as a Trial
      • File Size: Na
      • Prices are $9.99 monthly charges
      • Version: Professional Plus 
      • OS Support: Windows PC
      Free Download Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 ISO

      Freedom Fighters 3 Free PC Game Download (2019 Updated)

        Freedom Fighters 3 PC Game Free Download setup in the full version. This is an HD third-person based shooter game, developed by EA and IO Interactive.

        Freedom Fighters 3 Game Review

        One of the most exciting games for PC that you will play. It consists of multiplayer and singleplayer campaigns that will take you in intense war situations! It works on all platforms including Microsoft Windows and gaming consoles of all types.

        Freedom Fighters 3 Free PC Game Download

        Many new improvements have been introduced in this release that was not available in Freedom Fighters 1 and Freedom Fighters 2. The latest updates include a better graphical user interface, new weapons, maps and patches that have made the visuals look more impressive. The gameplay seems entirely new because now you will be leading a group of highly professional and deadly soldiers that are all freedom fighters. You are solely in charge of them, and you will have options on the screen which after being selected will allow you to give orders to the soldiers. Those, for example, can be, defending an area or escorting a target. 

        Freedom Fighters 3 has brought back the downloadable content that you can get with it as a free bonus. The team that you will have in this PC game will act like real-life humans, and they have limited health levels which can drop dramatically if their health drops there are medical packages which can boost it back up to normal levels. There are different difficulty levels which you can select before starting or joining a mission, you can adjust them depending on your level of skills. You will also be able to customize your character or soldier and change the uniform and even add extras like masks on the face such as camo.

        Download Freedom Fighters 3 PC Game Full Version

        Features of Freedom Fighters 3

        There are multiple sections including online gaming in which you will be able to play different modes with players from around the world on various servers like you do in Hitman Blood Money. There will be the need of creating an EA account which will give you access to many premium features of the game. Rumors are also out that Freedom Fighters 4 is in the process of development but has been unclear till yet. 

        There will be the ranking system that will get you from different positions throughout the career including Captain, kernel, and leader. As you are going to level up, there will be more unlockable items that will start appearing in your classes that you will be able to use. Internet access will be needed to access the online features.
        • Comes with many different missions that are mandatory to be completed.
        • Hundreds of videos are available that guide you through Freedom Fighters III if you are stuck somewhere.
        • Graphics are now HD meaning that the gaming experience has been enhanced and improved by over 45%.
        • Rated 4.9 out of 5 on popular platforms like Steam and has received much game of the year rewards.
        Important Update:
        Freedom Fighters 4 is on its way to be released for downloading so stay tuned!

        Similar Shooter Games

        1. Mafia 3
        2. Counter Strike Condition Zero
        3. Delta Force Xtreme 2
        4. Left 4 Dead 2

        System Requirements and How to Install Freedom Fighters 3 on PC

        • CPU: Intel Pentium III or IV.
        • Speed: 1.8 GHz or faster if possible.
        • RAM: 2 GB minimum memory.
        • Graphics card: Intel dedicated 64 MB / Nvidia GeForce 128 MB.
        • Storage space: 4 GB for installation.
        • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.

        Freedom Fighters 3 Free Game Download Details

        1. Setup type: Free demo.
        2. Platform: PC.
        3. Pricing: $12.99.
        4. Developers include Electronic Arts and IO Interactive.
        5. Version: 3.
        Freedom Fighters 3 Game for PC

        Download DriverPack Solution 2019 (DRP 19) ISO Full Version

          DriverPack Solution 2019 - DRP 19 Free Download
          DriverPack Solution 2019 (DRP 19) Free Download

          DriverPack Solution 2019 also known as DRP 19 prevalent and famous program software which automatically updates the drivers for Windows Vista/XP/7 and Windows 8 for free download. The DriverPack is a really easy to use, and it automatically scans your computer for missing drivers like for sound card, video card, and graphics. It does that by checking every that is connected to your network and to its motherboard through the latest technology. It has a similar and navigates user interface where you can find all your lost devices it keeps them updated so that you also get all the performance needed to go through the latest features.

          The performance and working of it are pure and to the point kind of option, you will not need to install it you just download and run it, after that what it does by going through every piece of hardware. The stuff that you can see and feel by checking that do they have appropriate software that they can run, or they need a touch after that if its results are positive it contacts the central power server which has all the servers for every PC including (Intel, Acer, Lenovo, Apple, Samsung, Toshiba, and Dell. Then it downloads it onto itself in a temporary file which you do not have access to then it installs it, and you just need to sit back and relax until it takes time to properly finish.

          DRP 19 (Drivers Pack Solution) Review

          What is that you need a compatible operating system which is (OS) works for Linux, Android, and iPhone? Sometimes it is also known to give the search feedback answer that it couldn't find the exact driver that it will provide you with a search link which you can use to search the web and the results will be 80% accurate and will help you in your computer to start running again without any problem it runs silently in the background without any notifications which are disturbing. DRP and Driver have Pack in it which stores all the progress that it has been doing for the specific system and where did it scan to search the right application driver for your computer.

          How to Install PC Drivers using DriverPack Solution 2019 [DRP 19]?

          There is much other third-party software's which are running the same time of database and technique, but those are premium and cost a lot of money this one is less cheap and good with the guarantee that your computer will be up to date at all times while you have it on your hard drive space. It gives you alerts when something is outdated, and you need to approve and provide permissions for it to install it you can select the option that it does not will ask you again for any consent that you will need to provide. There is a new called magic in it where you add your email, and it will send you emails and news about the latest hardware which is trending out now these days.

          DriverPack Solution 2018 (DRP 18) Free Download
          DRP 19 - (Driver Pack Solutions 2019 Download)

          Some Recommended Driver Installation Software for PC

          DriverPack Solution 2019 Free Download (ISO)

          • License: Premium
          • Type: demo
          • Developer: DRP 2019
          • Platform: Windows 10 support has also been added.
          • System: 32/64 Bit
          • It is now also available in the offline installer.
          Update: DRP 19 has now been fully supported by Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Linux drivers as well.

          Download DriverPack Solution 2019 (DRP 19) Free

          Adobe PageMaker 7.0 Download Free for Windows 10, 8, 7

            Download Free Adobe PageMaker 7.0 Full version for Windows. This is the best desktop publishing software that can be downloaded and installed in offline installer setup which works on 32 and 64-bit environments. It heavily works with different parts of graphical user interfaces. It works based on the PostScript which is a page description of computer language. It is especially used by businesses, media companies, schools, college and universities to brochures and publications. There are templates that you can use and different design tools which make it easier for the users to make their products much faster.

            Free Download Adobe PageMaker 7.0 Latest Version

            You can now combine different types of data using Adobe PageMaker 7.0 the data includes texts, databases and spreadsheets. It can be used to create anything from form letters, envelopes and many more publications that use graphics. It can also be used to create brochures in PDF formats, which can be opened with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

            The files can also be password protected and secured which limits access to some level of users. Compatibility can also be customized for different versions of Adobe applications. The great thing about this software is that it is really platform friendly and integrates with other products as well such as you can use images created or edited with Adobe Photoshop 7.0.  

            Adobe PageMaker 7.0 Features and Review

            The all-new PageMaker 7.0 which is the latest from the series also it supports importing and exporting files to another app such as Illustrator or inDesign. It also falls a bit in the 3D and 4D graphics category because AutoCAD 2015 has some similar features. 

            Features and Overview of Adobe PageMaker 7.0

            The best alternative to this tool is QuarkXPress which is also very compatible with this application as publications created with these two tools can be opened over both software easily. Microsoft Publisher is another great tool that comes with MS office. The interface is really quick to learn as there are basic designing tools that only require 60% of knowledge from previous places. Below are listed the useful benefits:
            1. Requires a serial key to be activated or installed.
            2. Works on all platforms and computers.
            3. Rated the best desktop publishing application.
            4. Supports x86 and x64 operating systems.
            5. Thousands of tutorials available to learn Adobe PageMaker.
            6. Easy to install setup which only takes minutes to get finished.

            System Hardware Requirements

            • CPU / Processor: Intel Pentium III, IV or higher.
            • Random Access Memory / RAM: 128 MB required to run smoothly.
            • Video / VGA / GPU: 32 MB dedicated 32 bit supported colors.
            • CD-ROM or DVD-ROM may be required depending on which format you get it in.
            • Comes in two versions: Professional and Home.
            • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 10.

            Downloading Free Adobe PageMaker 7.0 for Windows

            This is how you can get Adobe PageMaker 7.0 setup for yourself and install it on your PC in offline installer completely without any cost and free. You can also purchase the full setup from different stores depending on your area, please be aware that the price may vary. The developer, author and credit holder for this app is Adobe Systems. The one you are going to get from here is only the official trial.

            Downloading Adobe PageMaker 7 Free for PC

            Microsoft Office 2017 ISO Full Edition Free Download

              Microsoft Office 2017 ISO is now released as free to download. It comes in a setup that can be either standalone or offline installer. There is support 32-bit and 64-bit OS including Windows. There are many new improvements to the user-interface and the backward compatibility for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher still exists and is included with it.

              There is now support for the cloud which means you can upload your documents straight to OneDrive as a backup service. There are many editions that it comes with those include Home, Student, Professional and Professional Plus. There are now themes and other online applications that you can access with this software.

              Download Microsoft Office 2017 ISO Full Version

              There are insights now which you can access from within Microsoft Office 2017 that give you other useful searches from Bing. Last year's Office 2016 Pro Plus was known to some limited features and problems that have now been fixed because updates were released that can be downloaded automatically. 

              There are widgets as well that you can put in the sidebar while you are typing, you can add a calendar and weather info on the sidebar, none of these features were available in any previous Microsoft application including Office Starter, Office 2007 Enterprise and Office 2010 Professional. You can also sync all of your word documents with other apps and edit them from anywhere.

              Features of Microsoft Office 2017 ISO

              It can also be available to users in software as a service plan which means you can also select what applications you want to use e.g. only Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other Microsoft app you might want for your home or business use. It works similar to Office 365 because more than half of the installation sits in the cloud.

              There is also Office mobile that is developed to run on Android and iPhone devices with the exact same tools and options available in the desktop version. It can now also export and import files from PDF and edit them as well, if not you can open them with Foxit Reader 7.

              Office 2017 Home, Student, Professional and Enterprise

              You can now also select when you want to use them and which apps you want to run via a permission setting that allows you to do this. There is also office online that only needs you to have an active internet connection to use it, and no kind of setup or installation is necessary. Below are the benefits of using this software and why more than 70% of business people and students choose it:
              1. Supports MAC and Linux based platforms.
              2. Easy to use and learn with thousands of tutorials available in different languages.
              3. There is also Outlook from 2017 that changes the way you send and receive emails.
              4. 1 TB of online storage is given for no cost which can be used as a backup location.


              New patches and fixes have been added along with support for other popular tools like Grammarly. 

              System Requirements for Office 2017

              • CPU: Intel or AMD at 2.5 GHz.
              • RAM: 2 GB.
              • VGA / GPU: Nvidia or ATi.
              • Disk space: over 2 GB.
              • OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10.

              Microsoft Office 2017 ISO Free Download for Windows

              This is the process where you will get your free downloading of MS Office 2017 which will primarily support both 32 and 64 Bit environments.
              • License: Trial
              • Version: Latest
              • Type: Setup ISO.
              • Developer and Author: Microsoft Corporation.
              Download MS Office 2017 ISO Free for Windows