June 19, 2019

Download Windows 10 AIO 32 bit and 64 Bit Free ISO (2019 Updated)

    Windows 10 2018 ISO 32 and 64 Bit Free Download (AIO Untouched)
    Windows 10 2018 ISO 32 and 64 Bit Free Download (AIO Untouched) 2019

    The all new Microsoft Windows 10 32 and 64 bit has arrived in the cyber world which was released in 2014. Windows 10 is available to free download by MS and has lots of new improvements among their old Operating systems which are Windows 8.1 / Windows 7 and Windows Vista. The graphical user interface GUI has wholly changed from front to end it has vibrant colors and stability has been increased for touch tablets and devices which are using touchscreens. The hardware requirements are not that much high-end but still are the same as required in Win 8. It features a whole new boot up animation, and the logo has been improved.

    This is the beta version, but there are still significant fixes and updates for the preview version. It is coming with a hybrid kernel which decreases the stress of how a processor handles all the commands and process which are running in the background. The developers have now aimed to make the graphics look more beautiful on personal and desktop computers which do not have a touchscreen display. Windows 10 is really easy to install and is the same process as all the Windows had from Win 7 the hard drive can be divided into more than 10 locations so you can have enough flexibility and space to manage all of the files and folders.

    Windows 10 32-bit and 64-bit User Interface:

    It is coming out with an all-new browser, and Microsoft will end the supported Internet Explorer their latest browser is called ''Spartan'' it is said to have increased and more stable web page handling capabilities then IE. The start menu has been upgraded and has virtual Windows Store Apps integrated you can find out the weather details, and the live news updates directly from their process are easy, fast and accurate. Windows 10 has now given its user a digital assistant called Cortana she can listen and respond to commands like ''Open My Computers'' or ''Can you check my Mail Box'' it can be controlled only by voice control.

    Windows 10 AIO ISO Features:

    • Windows Defender and built-in Antivirus Protection
    • Voice controlled functions and Cortana 
    • All new Web Browser to browse the Internet lighting at lightning speeds
    • Improved Support and Reliability for Non-touch Display devices and smartphones
    • Lite and Fast feedback on tablets with low RAM memory 
    • The start Menu includes the Windows Store 
    • Laptops have now been a special on list for them
    • It has an optimized gaming mode
    • Supports Intel and AMD Chip-sets
    • Installs the Drivers Automatically 

    Windows 10 All-in-One (AIO) Utilities:

    Windows 10 Official ISO 2019 Free Download 32 Bit and 64 Bit Untouched:

    • Version: 10
    • Developer: Microsoft Corporation 
    • License: 30-day trial 
    Download Windows 10 ISO

    Mafia 3 PC Game Free in Full Version (2019)

      Mafia 3 is one of the most waited and upcoming PC games of 2016 based on action-adventure and shooter. It will be available as Free Download in the full version setup for Windows. It is the 3rd release since the first version came out and brings major improvements with it. The character is viewed in third person view and it only comes with singleplayer. It also comes with a bit of open-world gameplay as you can move freely around and explore new places in this new series. It is simple to play and is fully supported on multiple platforms with appropriate specifications. There are objectives and missions set for your player to complete.

      Download Mafia 3 PC Game Free

      The gameplay of Mafia 3

      This year's addition to the Mafia game series has brought a lot to the table including new combat systems, maps, cars, weapons and story modes. You can drive cars and go anywhere on the map which is highly similar to GTA San Andreas and Sleeping Dogs. It is also stealth based because you will need to complete missions undetected. The city of New Orleans has been recreated in the game to represent how it was to be in 1968 as that is the era on which this game is based on. The graphics are HD and look like real life as it would be a movie that is being played. Also, the demands are high as it requires a modern GPU with sufficient power to run. There are chapters that need to be completed, and each of them having different difficulty levels.

      Mafia III Gameplay, Trailer and Reviews

      The main idea behind the story is that the law enforcement does not like the gangs in the town which are run by the Mafia III. There are many enhancements as there are DLCs that can be downloaded which will make it even more fun to play. It feels like you have just gone back in time into the 19th century because all the radio stations that play in the game are from that era. Assassins Creed Syndicate is similar and almost overlaps with the action genre and it also comes in a compressed format so it saves you time while getting it. It is a direct file that will be received onto your computer that does not take long to extract. Below are some features of this game:

      1. One of the best gangster based games you can play.
      2. Supports multiple platforms including PlayStation, Xbox and smartphones.
      3. Comes with more than 50+ chapters that need to be finished for successful level completion.
      4. It changes seasons and visuals depending on the scene. 
      5. Reviews were positive for a godfather type genre.
      6. Players are able to easily save their progress while going along. 
      7. Also you can hold guns and play it as a shooter game, similar to Overwatch.

      The trailer of Mafia III

      The trailer has been released and you can watch it below which highlights everything that you are able to do in this release:

      System Requirements

      • CPU: Intel Core i5 or better.
      • RAM: 6 GB of memory.
      • Graphics card: Nvidia or ATi Radeon.
      • Space required: 46 GB.
      • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.

      Mafia 3 Game Free Download for PC (2019 Updated Latest Version)

      This is the time to start free downloading of Mafia 3 for your computer. This is the full game that is the official demo from the developers that will work on 32 and 64-bit environments. It was developed and published by 2K Games, Hanger 13 and Take-Two interactive. The pricing has not yet been finalized.

      Mafia 3 Full Game

      Adobe Photoshop CS3 Download for PC (2019 Update)

        Adobe Photoshop CS3 Free Download
        Adobe Photoshop CS3 Free Download Full Version (2019)

        Adobe Photoshop CS3 Free Download in Full Version is one of a kind and advanced software which is capable of editing Images, Photos and other multimedia files. Adobe Photoshop CS3 Free Download works on different platforms including Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Photoshop can edit all types of graphics including raster and vector graphics into lots of different layers. PS CS3 is used to enhance photos and make them look better and beautiful. Adobe Systems have added lots of new tools and improved features in CS3 which were not available in the previous versions of Photoshop such as 7.0, CS2 and many others.

        File Formats and Types:

        Adobe created Photoshop but also it has its own file formats which are PSD and PSB which save the files edited and manipulated by PS. There are several plugins developed especially for Photoshop CS3 which can be downloaded and installed onto it. CS3 also has an updated version which is called Photoshop CC 2014. The new PS comes in both 32 and 64-bit setups and also has been released for MAC OS X. In 2013 a big change in Adobe came that they renamed ''CS'' to ''CC'' and called it Creative Cloud. This Extended version has a nicer interface and supports plugins and the Standard version is simple and has all settings as default.

        Photoshop CS3 Features:

        Nowadays Adobe Photoshop comes in packages which Include, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe InDesign. All of these applications which come in the package you buy have their own functions and roles for example Dreamweaver is only used to edit HTML and create websites of different types. You can do all sorts of image editing with Photoshop CS3 from Image crop to removing the background and many such as adding and removing low light situations on the Image which was also in Adobe Photoshop CS6 but it is improved now and has simpler tools to do the same features in less time.

        Adobe Photoshop CS3 Overview:

        CS3 lets behind all of the old Photoshop versions which were ever released with its new graphical interface along with the increase in performance while converting raw photo images direct from Media devices. The new CS3 supports JPEG, TIFF and PNG files and is the first software from Adobe to do such thing. CS3 comes with free support for any technical problems with the application available 24/7 on their website. Adobe Creative Suite was added with the CS series so users can add layers while editing a file same process goes for the video files. CS3 Extended supports both 3D and 2D graphics.

        Other Image Editing Software You May Like:

        • Version: CS3 (2019 Latest).
        • Developer: Adobe Systems
        • Type: Trial
        • Price is $651
        • Note: Adobe CS3 has been updated with the new setup.
        Free Download Adobe Photoshop CS3

        Counter Strike Condition Zero PC Game For PC

          Counter Strike Condition Zero Game Free Download

          Whenever you will hear Counter Strike you immediately understand and remember that this is a first-person game based on the shooter genre. Counter Strike Condition Zero is a pc game released as free to download for Windows and other major platforms. Counter Strike Condition Zero is supported on both singleplayer and multiplayer modes. Players will have to buy the full version of the game to access all of the features that Counter Strike Condition Zero provides otherwise demo is provided. Counter-Strike Condition Zero is a free pc game which is now available for download along with extended online gameplay support.

          Counter Strike Condition Zero pc game has missions which include winning around in a given amount of time or even complete specific objectives. CS: Condition Zero has higher graphics in compared to other CS versions which are Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike GO. There are many different settings which can be changed by the player before any game i.e. Resolution, game type, hardness level, player limit, and map. CS: CZ cannot be played on different platforms other than Microsoft windows. When it comes to multiplayer FPS it comes on #1 in content and story along with the features it holds.

          Download Counter Strike Condition Zero PC Game

          Counter strike condition zero can also be played using PlayStation, Xbox and PC controllers just by tweaking the settings a bit. CS: Condition zero has different weapons from basic ones to advanced ones as well depending on your rank. Single-player and multiplayer can be switched easily by selecting online or offline gameplay same like in Call of duty Advanced Warfare, Titanfall and Call of Duty Black Ops. Condition zero also comes in a free version known as the demo; this basically allows the player to test all the features, graphics and capabilities of the game before buying or downloading it. 

          Counter Strike Condition Zero PC Gameplay

          It is always recommended by many gamers as the interface should be clean and easy to use in any pc game release because they do not want to waste time by just finding out how to start it up. Condition Zero has an open world like pc gameplay as well when you doing objectives which is also found in Just Cause 2. As time passed the map in the games have changed as you can guess from the name it sounds like really low temperature, all this makes sense because CS: CZ has maps that are in winter and is snowing while you play. CS is a popular title and now it has become a series as well after all of its releases.

          Recommended First Person Shooter Games

          System Requirements of Condition Zero

          1. CPU: It needs to be Intel Pentium 4
          2. Speed: It is required to be at 3.2 GHz
          3. GPU/VGA: Graphics memory needs to be 64 MB from Nvidia or ATi Radeon
          4. RAM: 256 MB to make it run smoothly
          5. Free storage needed: 800 MB for the setup
          6. Internet for online connectivity
          7. OS: Microsoft Windows is required to run CZ

          Counter Strike Condition Zero PC Game Download Details

          Priced at $79.99
          Download size will depend on the site
          Platform: Windows 
          Developers: Valve Corporation, Gearbox, Turtle Rock and Sierra entertainment

          Note: CS Condition Zero has been updated for 2019.

          Download Counter Strike Condition Zero Free PC Game

          May 19, 2019

          Freedom Fighters 2 Free Download PC Game (2019 Latest)

            Freedom Fighters 2 Game Free Download Full version is now available with 100% working direct link. FF 2 is a shooter and action game for PC.

            Freedom Fighters 2 Game Free Download For PC

            Freedom Fighters 2 is a PC action third person shooter action game developed for free by Eidos. The game is support on cross platforms for Windows 7/Vista and Windows 8. It is out now for download for the users. It has multiple game modes including single player and multiplayer. Both are really what are the talking fun, and engaging good gameplay you need the instinct of a warfighter to play this freedom fighters game based on soldiers of liberty 2 the game was released by Io-Interactive has also released a favorite game freedom fighter the first part. This is the modern war scene where there is all over in virtual reality, there are missions and objectives which need to be completed to achieve success.

            The gameplay and the role of you being as a fighter which you are fighting the war for freedom to win your countries happiness back is up to you. The objective which you have to complete ends like you need to terminate all enemy lines, there are also tanks and helicopters, Vehicles heavy machine guns and a large amount of enemy commandos protecting their territory. After that you have the team of professional shooters and snipers with you which give you back up support when you need it, there are 4 soldiers which can be placed on your call anywhere you want you can control them there are, follow me, stay there, protect this parameter. 

            Gameplay and Features of Freedom Fighters 2

            The missions are like you have to go in different parts of the country where an enemy has taken control of the area and took it from you. Therefore you will need to fight back to make that lace as it is yours. When you complete your task, you will see the character raising a flag on the top of the last place where the gun firing and shooting was held. The game has in the online that you can invite your friends to a match with teams all over the world can have events and compares between them and can have win or lose there is team deathmatch and free for all where you have only one life if you get shot by the enemy team you will need to wait until the end of this match. New updates were released, and IO-Interactive just releases their latest title which is Freedom Fighters 3 for PC. It brings new maps, multiplayer features and EA account bug fixes that allow you to play online.

            You start from level 0 and go up to level 40 every level you unlock revealing a new tool or deadly firearm. A good internet connection is required to play online. It uses reality graphics, and there is a small volume a soundtrack is performed to keep your mind level. The guns can be modified entirely for the freedom of the fighters in 2 different ways like you can change the reticle add a red dot sight or remove the iron sight and increase the fire rate of the bullets. The more flat jacket can be added to give you protection armor, so you don't die that quickly it is a similar technique also used in the real world by soldiers all over the globe, more attachments can be download from sources officially.

            Freedom Fighters 2 Full Version Free Download

            Some Similar Games For You

            Freedom Fighters 2 Full Version Free Download Game

            • License: Freeware 
            • Type: Free to play the demo
            • Developer: Io-Interactive
            • Platform: Windows, Android, and MAC.
            • System: 32/64 bit

            System Requirements For Hardware

            • Processor: High power speed Intel
            • Ram: 3 GB
            • Graphics: 512 MB Nvidia, Or At-I  
            • Space: 6 GB
            • Software: DirectX 12
            • Note: How to download and Install Freedom Fighter 2 has been added to this page.
            Freedom Fighters 2 Game

            Microsoft Office 2016 ISO Free Download in Full Version

              MS Office 2016 Professional (Pro) Plus ISO is now fully released by Microsoft and is official setup. Microsoft Office 2016 Professional (Pro) ISO is available as free download for Windows and other platforms. The all-new productivity suite from Microsoft which is also known as Office 16 supports both versions of environments including 32-bit and 64-bit. Download of MS Office 2016 Professional Plus or Pro is free and if you want the full version you can purchase that from Microsoft itself as a subscription on a monthly basis. Microsoft (MS) office production line has been totally redesigned and now users can directly edit, create and upload their important work on the cloud with the help of this office suite.

              Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus ISO Free Download For Windows

              The new office software version 2016 includes all the previous additionally applications that used to be by default with Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and OneNote. Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus is an improvement and success over the previous Office 2013 Professional and Office 365. You can get a free edition of the MS Office 2016 as well which is limited that gives a preview and has a period of 30 days in which you can try it. There is a new product also included for the users that are called 'Office Online', this includes all of the features of office on the cloud meaning the internet and you can access them from anywhere in the world via the internet and have access to your important documents which you can edit online and offline. 

              Download free MS Office 2016 ISO Professional Plus

              Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus ISO Features

              One of the great additions to the office family was the file type that changed and this particular one comes in (ISO) format which means it needs to be mounted and then extracted unlike Office Starter 2010 that launched directly via an installer. Another great feature in MS Office 2016 Professional Plus is that it has built-in insights from the internet that is powered by Bing. Microsoft Office 2016 has newer templates, design, and user-interface compared with its previous versions including Office 2010 Professional. Below is a list of the newly added tools in office 16.

              • It has additional plugins that can be downloaded from Microsoft
              • Has online cloud support with secure data backup
              • Excel, Word, and PowerPoint have been totally refurbished with new templates and looks
              • Has backward compatibility with older versions such as Microsoft Office 2014.

              Microsoft (MS) Office 2016 Professional Plus ISO Overview

              Microsoft also added an auto-update function in office 2016 series which will allow them to push new updates and fixes. Another great overview is that it is cross-platform support has extended to MAC and not only Microsoft Windows OS. Also, it comes in two different builds that are free and paid which are the full version ISO that is pricey and costs a lot of money, but there is the good side to that as well that you can get it on a monthly contract. The office of 2016 was inspired but the 2007 Office Enterprise which had all the predictions of the suite going in the cloud.

              Update from Microsoft:
              Microsoft Word 2018 Download has been released which is the latest version of the popular word-processing software everyone uses.

              Free Download Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus ISO Information

              • Author and Publisher is Microsoft
              • Licensed as a Trial
              • File Size: Na
              • Prices are $9.99 monthly charges
              • Version: Professional Plus 
              • OS Support: Windows PC
              Free Download Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 ISO