March 20, 2019

Microsoft Office Starter 2010 Free Download (2019 Updated)

Free Download Microsoft Office Starter 2010 For Windows

Microsoft Office Starter 2010 is the most versatile and accurate Word Processor that is free to download in full version. Microsoft Office Starter 2010 has all the essential tools from standard office software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. Microsoft Office 2010 Starter can full fill all of your daily office word processing needs. MS Office Starter 2010 is capable of opening any file to edit and enhance it. Office Starter 2010 which is available to download works on all operating systems including Windows and much more, Microsoft Office is easy to use with a friendly navigation menu which is fast to learn.

Features and Overview

Microsoft Office firstly started a very long time and has improved and advanced with features since then. Office Starter 2010 totally changed the MS experience which users used to have before because the entire interface has been changed and new tools have been added. The year 2010 gave birth too many of this type of office applications which succeeded some of them are Office 2007 Enterprise, Office 2010 Professional and Foxit Reader 7. Microsoft has done a great job by developing Starter 2010 because it makes so many things more comfortable and is affordable as well because it's free. It can now also remove backgrounds from images using a unique tool which comes with it.

  • Excel: This is used as a spreadsheet software so you can calculate and make graphics, e.g., Making pay slips and much more.
  • PowerPoint: This is used to make professional easy to use and fast business, commercial or even personal presentations for school or office with advanced tools and templates.
  • Word: This allows users to save their documents and edit them by creating a new.Word document which is supported by other software's as well.
  • Outlook: Outlook is email software which organizes your email and can compose the email, store contacts, notes and helps you browse the web.
  • OneNote: It is like a small notebook but digital it can store audio files, handwritten documents and can also be used to store information.

It has more than what you need in the price it comes in with enough functionalities to get you going. Microsoft Office Starter 2010 can save you lots of money if you are thinking of purchasing one its paid office suites. The only drawback you will face here is limited tools and features, but it's still worth to have because it has a built-in Grammar check, Word Count, Page breaks, letter templates, and memos. It is supported on 32 and 64 bit systems running only Windows OS. It is multi-lingual and comes in more than 30 languages which you can select before installation.

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Download Details of Microsoft Office Starter 2010

  1. Setup Size may depend on site
  2. Licensed as a freeware
  3. Developed by Microsoft
  4. The platform is Windows PC
  5. The version is Office Starter 2010
Download Microsoft MS Office Starter 2010 For Windows

March 02, 2019

DLF IPL T20 Cricket Download Full PC Game (2019)

IPL DLF T20 Cricket 2014 PC Game Free Download
DLF IPL T20 Cricket 2019 Game for PC Download!

DLF IPL T20 Cricket 2019
 is a PC sports simulation game it is very famous and supported by multiple platforms which are Windows Vista, 7 and Windows 8, Play Station as well as Xbox in limited support. The game is free to play you can download plugins in full gaming mode the game has different ways in it including IPL, DLF, T20, World Cup, and Tournaments.  It has lots of new players who have joined the cricket sport in PC series they all have the real life like movements which are applied when they are playing. It uses all the rules of 2014 which were implemented in that year for IPL and DLF, as well as T20 but ever since new changes and democracy comes in place.

The gameplay is that there are selected players there is a menu from where you choose what kind of game type or match you want. It only consists of a single player because there wasn't a stable server which could have been used for them to host all the files on which are a big load and require a significant band with. There all the great countries the list is Australia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Ireland, Scotland, Kenya, Europe, Asia, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, and Zimbabwe. All these have their own outstanding playing performance team which has won tournaments around the globe in a match with another team.

DLF IPL Cricket 2019 Game for PC Review:

While there you select which bowler and the one batting you want first in the ground this depends if there is a fast bowler in cricket which are mostly in the IPL and DLF members. And the batters have to defend the wicket so they don't get out of the game because the whole country is on them that they will win the T20 series which are in 2014 being on based on the game and story which were being done in the year the game was made with that remembered by the developers. This feature is the same in ICC Cricket 14. The game has detailed graphics and is full in brightness than they start your screen to look that it is being viewed in high definition resolution which results in the fraps getting higher and more powerful.

The single player has various stages which you have to pass mandatory because of the game is like that. There are levels if you hit a high score. The computer is simulating at the moment how is the match the weather gets updated by its self from the outside it gets real-time update and apply that too in the game engine which then makes changes in the sky of the game in a free customer support program for downloading new pitches and players they have an official section in the game which takes you there. They have Indian Premier League which is famous in a country only played there which has famous local players from around the city. 

IPL, DLF T20 Cricket 2019 PC Game Download Details

  • Version: Latest (2019 IPL games for PC)
  • Type: Free to play trial 
  • Developer: EA
  • Platform: Windows, Android, and MAC

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System Requirements of DLF IPL T20 Cricket 2019 PC Game

  • Processor: Dual-core Intel
  • CPU: 2.4 Gigahertz
  • Ram: 2 GB
  • Gaming Card: 512 MB
  • Software Needed: DirectX 12

EA Sports Cricket 2014 Game Free Download

The Room Game for PC Download (2019 Edition)

The Room PC Game Download is a popular PC game based on adventure, puzzle and a lot of excitement! Published by Fireproof Studios for multiple platforms including Windows.

The Room Game Overview

As you are already aware that it is adventurous and involves puzzling you so this is the main objective of it. You will need to go around different houses and unlock doors through which you will be shown a small box consisting of various lock mechanisms. Once you enter a room the door will look now next what you will have to do is that you will need to unlock the lock in order to go out which itself is the tricky part as you will need to solve the puzzle.

The Room Free PC Game Download

You will also be given equipment and DLC files after you download The Room onto your computer. These include Astronomy items that will help you in completing tasks and also Alchemy tools. You will have to find out how to open each and every box that appears in every mission or behind every door that you open. Most of the times it will be normal locks that you will need to open the puzzle box with, some can be very complex and hard taking days or even hours to open! There are a series of keys and switches that will need to get opened by you and you can also make your life easier by saving progress as you go along.

There are many myths in The Room for PC as you will be able to figure it out and solve the puzzle very quickly. As you are going through the different levels the difficulty will increase and it will get harder to unlock some of the boxes or rooms but do not worry because you will be able to complete them in minutes by that time.

Gameplay and Features of The Room

It was also published for other devices including Android, iOS they also come with Full HD visual graphics. There were many problems and bugs reported in the previous updates but now they have released a DLC that fixes all those issues and makes it a problem-free game to play! 30% of the issues that were reported by reviewers have been fixed and now only a handful of glitches have been let to be addressed.
  • Received positive reviews and feedback from all types of audience and platforms and a 10 out of 10 score on steam.
  • Comes with the latest epilogue DLC updates.
  • Fully compatible with smartphones.
  • Won over 4 game of the year awards have been given to it in 2014.
  • Good example of a game that also helps your brain and mind to think better.
The Room game for pc features

Adventure and Puzzle Orientated Games for PC

System Hardware Specifications

  1. CPU: Intel Pentium dual-core processor at 2.0 GHz.
  2. RAM: 2.0 GB memory is needed.
  3. Graphics: Nvidia 512 MB video card.
  4. Software application: DirectX 9.0 or higher is optional.
  5. Space: 1.5 GB for setup is required.
  6. OS: Windows 7, XP, 8, 8.1 or 10.

The Room PC Game Download Details (2019)

  • License: Demo.
  • Version: 1.
  • Price: $1.99.
  • Developers and Publishers: Fireproof Games.
The Room Full PC Game Setup for Windows

No Mans Sky PC Game Free Download (2019 Edition)

No Man's Sky Game Free Download

No Man's Sky is a newly released PC game based on adventure and survival genre. Users can free download it and play it on any platform such as Windows. It also comes in a setup that can be easily downloaded after being purchased as the default one is only the demo. The full game needs to be bought from a retailer or a shop. There is totally different and unique gameplay with enhanced story mode and multiplayer. Players are allowed to freely roam around the maps and explore different places while completing and moving in the open universe. There are lots of planets that you can visit and gain valuable information from them. There is also ARK Survival Evolved that has similar features.

This is the future of space exploration games if you are looking for one then No Man's Sky is the best option for you. There are four main purposes of this game that include Exploring, combating, trading and trying to survive. There is a huge universe which will be all yours to explore and go around planets and study their behavior and take back information from them which can be shared on Atlas, which is a database where others users can share their experience and information with the community. Everything is happening in space and whatever information you upload to Atlas you are rewarded points in the form of currency. You also need to check out Space Engineers.

Download No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky Gameplay

Each of the planets has unique sets of fauna and flora. There are blueprints and materials that are also rewarded to the player that they can use that to improve their character. With the help of the money that you earn in the form of points you can buy starships, these allow you to travel in deep space and make sure you fully survive the hostile and dangerous environments of the galaxies and planets that you will be visiting. There are also sentinels which are defending the planets in case your character starts to eat all of the resources and energies around. It will require an active internet connection to play with your friends and other people online but you can also play it offline. Take a look at The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim an overview of how it might look when its launched.

Gameplay and Features of No Man's Sky


There is a lot you are capable of doing such as open world that allows you to go anywhere in the map or on the planets that you might be visiting. Below is a list of all the features of No Man's Sky:
  • HD graphics and stunning visuals for PC users.
  • Players get credited for the information they share on Atlas.
  • Able to choose your preferred spacecraft.
  • Survival spacesuit is provided to defend yourself from enemies and harmful creatures.
  • Explore hundreds of different galaxies.
  • An intelligent matchmaking system that is very unlikely to get two players to play together.

Recommended Survival and Adventure Games

  1. Garry's Mod
  2. Minecraft for Windows
  3. The Witcher III Wild Hunt

Minimum System Requirements of No Man's Sky

  1. Processor / CPU: Intel Core i3 or Core i5.
  2. RAM: 8 GB.
  3. Graphics card: Nvidia GTX or AMD Radeon HD.
  4. Storage: 10 GB for installation is required.
  5. OS: Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.
  6. Software program: DirectX might be required from Microsoft.

No Mans Sky PC Game Download (New Update)

  • Setup type or license: Demo is provided for free downloading. The full version of this game needs to be purchased.
  • Prices: These are yet to be confirmed by the company.
  • Platforms and devices supported: PC.
  • Authors and Publishers are Hello Games.
No Man's Sky Full Version Game Download

February 03, 2019

Stranded Deep Free PC Game Download (2019 Updated)

Stranded Deep Free PC Download is the most iconic survival game for Windows ever released! It was developed by Beam Team Games. Supports all platforms.

Stranded Deep Game 2019 Overview

The story begins with you flying over a beautiful landscape than suddenly you crash with your plane on an island. The island is gigantic, it's remote and there is water all over and around it. The places nearby are the Pacific Ocean. It is similar to ARK Survival Evolved where surviving is essential in dangerous conditions.

Stranded Deep Free PC Download

You will need to try your best to survive in the game as there are sharks in the water and deadly creatures like animals in the forest. You are all on your own. Stranded Deep game for PC, is a hard title and you will not have even food to survive. It will be all needed to be hunted for and searched so you can find something. There are no weapons either; it's all going to be old school. You will need to use every available piece of natural material to build tools. The conditions are very critical and wrong. You will all type of wildlife there including reefs and trenches. Main items that you will be able to use for defending yourself from island animals will be stones, wood, and grass.

Features and Gameplay of Stranded Deep PC Game

There are spears that you will need to make to use in place of a weapon. There will be no one to help you same as in Space Engineers. Stranded Deep can be downloaded in its full version setup with the new version and latest DLC. Your character also has a limited amount of health and resources. Best known practice is to give each priority. Check what is important and not. There is no shelter; trees will help you from the rain or the hot sun in the day or night time. Also at the seaside, there can be many issues such as dangerous animals, for example, crabs, snakes and sea monsters. It is entirely compatible with VR headsets and gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox.
  • Try your best to keep your hope and not lose it.
  • The #1 cause of getting killed is when you lost faith.
  • There are upgrade items available all around you.
  • They are not easy to find, trust me. They take a lot of time to be found.
  • You can create food for yourself using the meat you have just hunted.
  • The weather changes automatically and dynamically.
  • Try to survive against multiple threats to life on a remote island.
  • Perfect scenario if you like to go around and explore different areas.
  • Early access was also given to some players to test its capabilities.
The visuals are stunning and you can watch it from first person or third person. Game installation instructions are included and are very easy to follow. You will just need to open the setup and press install, that's it!

Stranded Deep Games for PC Free to play

Similar Survival Games for PC:

System Requirements Minimum and Required:

  1. CPU / Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or Quad Core 2.8 Ghz.
  2. RAM memory: 3 GB recommended 2 GB minimum.
  3. Storage: 980 MB free space for setup which will be compressed.
  4. Graphics Card: Nvidia / AMD 512 MB R7, R5 or GTX series.
  5. OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8 or 7.
  6. DirectX 9 or 11 are required.

Download Stranded Deep Free Game:

  1. Setup license: Demo.
  2. Prices: $14.99 and $17.99.
  3. Release: 2016 updated with version 0.16.00.
  4. Authors / Developers: Beam Team Games.
Downloading Stranded Deep Free Game

Prison Architect Game Free Download (2019 Updated)

Prison Architect Game for PC Free Download Setup is now released from Introversion Software. It is fully compatible with Windows. New version added!

Prison Architect Game 2019 Overview

If you are looking for a perfect construction and management simulation game based on prisons that this is the best one. There are various releases including Alpha Version and Final Version. You could have gotten early access using Steam. It is entirely based on 2D but you can also play Prison Architect in 3D mode as an optional feature.

Prison Architect Free PC Download

You will be the main person who will be creating, managing, running and building a prison in Prison Architect for PC. It does not support online gameplay or multiplayer. You will have all the power to manage all the main aspects of a real-life prison scenario. This PC game is all about management in which you will control cells, guards, and staff. Get this exciting chance of being a governor as well at the same time. There are a lot of responsibilities that you will have to take care of such as making sure all the inmates are safe and understand each other really well. Proper managing of staff and guards will make sure no prisoner escapes free easily.

Features and Gameplay Prison Architect

There is also a full version of Prison Architect which was released after Alpha, Beta and Final versions were released to the market. Everything is under your control, even you build the drain and the pipes of every prison cell so no one can get out. There are all types of inmates there from normal to really dangerous criminals that you will need to take care off in this game. It is all about building and placing buildings in the right place so they do not break like in Cities Skylines. There is also chances of the repeat-offender rate to go high that indicates that there are fights going on in the prison. This will need to be kept low.
  • You will tell all the prisoners what their job is and what they have to do via a schedule.
  • The company said that they might release it for mobile devices typically for Android and iPhone.
  • The developers have received lots of positive reviews as much as 9.5 out of 10.
  • Hire different types of staff to work in the prison including some for different departments like kitchen, cleaning or human resources.
  • You will need to do your best so that the insurgencies don't get a higher score.
  • You can also move characters with your mouse and keyboard.
  • New updates and DLC can be downloaded to add more fun features.
  • Create the biggest jail that you ever imagined!
  • The most amazing prison simulator PC game ever to be released and its Free!
Prison Architect Game Full Version Setup Download

Similar Simulator Games

  1. CPU: Intel Dual or Core 2 processor at 1.4 GHz.
  2. RAM: 4.0 GB memory is needed.
  3. Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD or Nvidia GTX 512 MB dedicated.
  4. Storage: 200 MB of hard drive space is needed for setup and compressed file.
  5. OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.
  6. DirectX 12 may be needed for HD visuals.

Prison Architect PC Game Download Details

  • Setup license: Demo.
  • Price: Depends on the version selected.
  • Version: Latest.
  • First, the beta was released in 2012.
  • Developers and Authors company: Double Eleven and Introversion Software.
  • Note: Prison architect has now been updated and refreshed for 2019.

Downloading Prison Architect Game Free