March 15, 2020

Need For Speed Rivals Game Free Download Full Version for PC 2020

Need For Speed Rivals Game Free Download Full Version for PC (2020)

Need For Speed Rivals Game Free Download

Need for speed rivals is a pc game for windows developed by EA. It is free to download and has cross-platform support for PC, Computer, Play station and Xbox, Supporting Vista, 7 and 8 operating systems. The game can be played online and single-player both racing mode NFS: Rivals is a famous entertainment application by Electronic Arts. It is based on the open-world environment it was available for the public in 2013 which was the year of the release. It is the long term coming and is the 20 version released by them there are more than 10 games which they have developed since the company was first opened with big success in gaming.

The gameplay is based on racing you are a man of great skills in the driving race and sports high profile cars including Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Subaru their latest models of the year are in the game. There are a specific fixed amount of missions and some objectives which are necessary to be completed then you will be given access to drive those dream machines. It has a big map where you can drive anywhere but with speed limits according to the law if not the police can stop you and put your car in the hound and you will need to pay them money and a fine free in a case to take the car out. They may take off spoilers, exhausts and Nitro systems which are not road legal.

Need for Speed Rivals Game Review

The game is not that hard and the controls are easy there is a training mode in the start that will tell you all the buttons and controls of the car which are controlling the car. The car can be customized from the front bumper to the back one which includes bodywork, engine, and all other accessories which make the car look a rally one. There are online matches where you can call your friends in to race with your maps and weather can be chosen from both sides of the parties. You need a fast internet connection to connect to the server and start the Need for Speed: Rivals story mode which is often pronounced as objective. The character in PC joins the cops as a part to get his records clean.

Then you have to join a popular gang which have the deadliest which you want to help the law enforcement to catch them by getting to know them better and dragging them towards a trap they don't know in an NFS race which is a guy named rivals, he is the leader and founder of that dangerous cars and groups which crawl the streets to find anyone to race with the race is betted on money or a key exchange which is that you might have to give up your car of you lose it in like The Crew which is a whole group which are an undercover hidden bad man. Their car gets invisible they are using a technology beyond which till now any scientist has discovered.

Free Download Need For Speed Rivals PC Game

Need For Speed Rivals Game Full Details:

  • Version: Rivals (2013)
  • Developer: Ghost Games
  • Platform: Windows and Gaming Consoles
  • Size: N/A
  • Type: Free to play demo
  • License: Premium

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System Hardware Requirements for NFS: Rivals

  • Processor: Intel 4 core
  • Speed: 3.0 Gigahertz
  • Ram: 4 GB
  • Video Card: 2 GB dedicated Nividia

Need For Speed: Rivals PC Game Free Download


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