Privacy Policy 

The privacy and security of our users is a very important part of us. We make sure our users are safe and how they are safeguarded by us at ''

Log Files

At files mag we use log files to track our users performance and see from which country we are popular at most. The following data is collected by us your windows mac address, IP, Location, web browser and time. We promise that we will not share this kind of information with anyone on any circumstances.

Cookies and Web Beacons 

Cookies and web beacons are not used by us they are used by the advertising companies, they are used to trace and place targeted ads on your screen using those cookies so you get the relevant ads. Advertisers can collect your info such as (ISP, Browser, IP and location) for some countries.

Double Click (DART Cookie)

This cookie is only used to serve ads and does NOT collect any kind of Personal data from you e.g. Location and IP. You can find out more at |

FilesMAG does not have any kind of control or access to this cookie the third part advertisers have so if you do any further kind of action go and read their policies. If you want to disable cookies you can do that from your own web browser.

Acceptance of the terms

By using this site you are accepting our terms of use, privacy policy and disclaimer. If you do not accept or agree any of these terms we will kindly request you to NOT use our site. If you are continuously using our site this will mean that you have accepted the terms. 

Privacy Policy for Advertisers by FilesMAG.