November 28, 2014

The Crew PC Game Free Download

The Crew PC Game Free Download
The crew is a racing game developed by Ubisoft. It is the latest and most advanced racing game released for free in the year 2014 the graphic level details in this game are the most highest that you can in in any game. It is available for multiple and different platforms including windows. There is a really open world game now available and this is the one it has a really big range of cars and racers in the game. The other most advanced feature is that it has multiplayer feature used to play with other player's online or your friends as well you can play with them. There is all variety of cars available from all manufactures sports cars are available which you drive from popular companies like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston martin which you can choose.

The crew game has a really old background and the developers have been working really big time hard to give gamers the best game ever of the year. So many new things have been added in it that you cannot imagine. They also have their own quote "Never Drive alone" because of the name the crew. It has many game modes in it which you can choose to play the game you must complete all the missions and objectives of the game. The crew as told has lots of different types of sports car but you cannot drive all of them at in a instance you need to complete the objectives first then you will able to drive the car and customize the car. Over speeding in the game is not allowed in the public roads because there is a public danger and the police will stop you and take your car away.

The Crew Gameplay:

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The crew has a very big world map where you can race your cars because the game at the first time also it's an open world game. There are very popular city where you are going to drive which are New York, Chicago, Detroit the game also has muscle cars included which are really powerful American cars. There is a full team which drives with you in the races and in the streets when you are playing you will have a mobile phone with you and you can call for help if the police is after you and you need some help from your friends which are playing in the game. The game is to be played for only 12 year old children and not below that age because it contains content which is not good for under age so that is why age cap is there.

The Crew Details:

Platform: Windows
License: Premium
Version: Latest (2014)
Developer: Ubisoft 
Software: DirectX 12
Free download the crew pc game


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