December 21, 2014

Far Cry 4 Game Free Download For PC

Far Cry 4 PC Game Free Download
Far Cry 4 is PC game developed by Ubisoft Montreal. The game has a free support on Windows Vista/7 and Windows 8 for download. And cross platform like Play station, Xbox and so on. The game is on adventure and first person action shooting game. There are missions and objectives which are needed to be completed in order to be continued. It is the 4 game in their release after they released its older version. The game was available worldwide in Europe, America and Asia after but was a very big success people gave really positive feedback and download number were so big that even their developers didn't have though it came would be that much of a liked far the cry for the people.

The game play is that you are found in a forest where you came with a team of researchers which were after some diamonds in the game. But the Nepal army captured them and now that you have a good mission and success you have to fight with the army and find clues where your friends in the biggest forest in the world are in the time the world was in 2014. You will have only some contacts which were your guides of that area will provide you with some weapons and vehicles but after that you will have to learn life survival tactics in all your journey and stay hidden from enemy as they see you they are going to start shooting heavy amounts of fires at you to eliminate you. They don't want their mines to be discovered that is why they do not want you there. 

After that you will need to find clues go to different base camps and find any traces of your find and you find one that leads to a different island where only planes and boats have access to go while there is a port there you need to go there and sneak into a boat or a water plane mostly called dodo. Fly that and there are enemy fire jets in the plane and pretend like there is nothing suspicious. If they feel that anything is not good as it supposed to be they will shoot you down, and you will get wasted and will have to start all over again from the last far checkpoint. Then you will be nearly to cry as there is a big map and it takes a long time to get from one place to the another part of the island, just because of some simple mistakes that you did not have cared of.

While this was the intro to the single player story, there is a more fun side called the online multiplayer where you can join and invite your friends to play. There are levels and points you get when you win each match in the game. Where there are 4 types of powerful players which you have to defeat in the training mode you have to clear that to have access to the mode. A good internet for the game is required so that you can connect to the servers of the specific type with the necessary and enjoy all the good graphics and visuals almost look that they are real because of the weather clouds system and there are also animals in the wild which you can hunt down and take of their skin and you can sell those in the game store and get some money.

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Far Cry 4 Full Details Information

License: Premium
Type: Free to Play demo
Developer: Ubisoft 
Platform: Windows and Game Consoles

System Hardware Requirements

Processor: Quad Core Intel or High
RAM: 4 GB 
Video Adapter: 2 GB Intel or Dedicated
Software: DirectX 12
Far Cry 4 Game Free Download


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