July 16, 2015

ARK Survival Evolved Game Free Download

ARK Survival Evolved Game Free Download

ARK Survival Evolved is a new series of game which is based on adventure and action. ARK Survival Evolved full PC game free download works on all major platforms including consoles and windows. ARK Survival Evolved can be downloaded for free and is easy to install as well. ARK Survival Evolved has two modes which are singleplayer and multiplayer both have different features and gameplay. ARK Survival is based on third person view in which you will be visiting many places in the virtual forest created by ARK where there are many different types of dinosaurs and animals wondering in the wild.

ARK Survival Game free download can be played on any version of windows which support latest DirectX 11. Players can ride dinosaurs so they can reach destinations quicker instead of walking in the giant map which ARK developed. You have to survive in the forest with lots of animals around you because they can attack and harm you. Players will need to build their own bases so they can defend their self from the hostile creatures.  There is the option that after completing a successful number of missions you can be given access to defensive weapons so that you can protect yourself from dangerous animal's e.g. Flying dinosaurs.

Download ARK Survival Evolved Free Game

ARK Survival Evolved Gameplay:

The map has name which is called 'ARK' which is bigger than any other map developed till date. This game is aimed at to be supported on all platforms including MAC, Windows, PlayStation and Linux type systems. Minecraft is another example of a survival genre PC Game which has huge maps. You can also create your own structures with equipment and tools which you will need to collect from different places on the map by going and finding them. Same as in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt you can save the progress of your player and move onto different tasks such as free roaming or exploring the world in the game by riding on the back of the dinosaurs.

More than 50 different species of animals and ancient dinosaurs are walking in the wild looking for something to chase or take control of it. ARK Survival Evolved is the first game to introduce you to a virtual world where it's only you and the people who have joined via the online mode. The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is also based on adventure with many similar features like in ARK Evolved but the only thing that it does not allow additional maps or updates for the user to download automatically, but you will have to do all of that manually. There is a health meter which determines the power of your dinosaur and player.

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System Requirements of ARK Survival Evolved PC Game:

CPU: Intel Pentium Core 2
VGA: Radeon HD or Nvidia 1 GB
HDD: 20 GB
Additional: Keyboard, Mouse or Joystick
Sound: High Definition Audio device

Game Details:

License: Demo is provided
OS: Windows PC
Developers: Studio Wildcard and Instinct Games
Priced at $12.99
ARK Survival Evolved PC Game Download


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