January 04, 2023

Windows Server 2016 ISO 32 / 64 Bit Free Download Full Version 2023

Download Windows Server 2016 ISO 32 / 64 Bit Free (Updated)

    Microsoft has now fully developed and released Windows Server 2016 32 / 64 bit ISO setup. You can download it for free, and if you want the full version, you can purchase it online or from other retailers. The system center has been entirely redesigned, and more features have been added to it. Microsoft based it on its previous Windows NT platform with a hybrid kernel. It is also supported along with Windows 10 which means there is backward compatibility. The user interface is more straightforward and is identical to previous versions of the operating system. The integration of built-in security software is also available called 'Windows Defender.'

    Windows Server 2016 ISO 32 / 64 Bit Free Download

    Windows Server 2016 has been given a professional touch now with its ISO and 32 / 64-bit versions. It allows you to promptly also operate with Active Directory Federation Services and SQL databases. Also, there is support for the remote desktop which will allow you to connect to other servers and PCs over the network. Lots of stability improvements have been added, and performance is believed to increase by 10%. Storage management has been given a new look and a couple of new features like storage replicas, disaster recovery, and QoS policies. Booting speeds have been minimum, and it only restarts software and keeps the hardware running in the background. Windows PowerShell 5.0 and HTTP/2 is also compatible with the 2016 Windows Server. Updates are rolled out quite frequently which download automatically on the system and install on the next reboot.

    Windows Server 2016 x86 / x64 ISO Features 

    Lots of networking gadgets have been added such as DHCP, DNS, and Network access protection. It has a similar interface to Windows 7 and Windows 8, but security and virtualization are massively improved. There is now a gateway primarily used for routing and configuring IP addresses and network-based settings. There is a new tool called 'Hyper-V' which is for network virtualization and load balancing on the cloud between different systems. Alongside Microsoft Windows Server 2016 the company also released 'Nano Server' that is a part of the OS with no graphical interface and only supports 32-bit applications.

    • Technical Previews are available for developers before release dates
    • Comes in both 32 and 64-bit versions in official ISO setup
    • Improved user-interface and network virtualization
    • Comes with build-in web application proxy software for VPN
    • Boots up 5x faster than previous versions of Windows Server
    • The remote desktop client has been redefined with industry standards
    • There is a built-in Anti-malware program like 'Defender' to protect against threats
    • Supports active directory and authorizing remote users from different parts of the world
    Windows Server 2016 ISO Download for Free

    Windows Server 2016 ISO Latest Free Download

    By clicking the red button below this post, the free download of Microsoft Windows Server 2016 ISO in 32 / 64-bit full version will start immediately. It is scanned by antivirus programs to make sure it is clean and is the official setup. You will need PowerISO to mount the image file.

    UPDATE: Server 2019 Disc Image (ISO) now available

    Microsoft has released Server 2019 which comes with lots of improvements to Hybrid Cloud, Private Cloud, Virtualization and Security!. The ISO file should be available as a free trial to get a taste of the new features that MS has created.

    Similar Windows Products to Install:

    • Processor: 1.6 GHz Intel or AMD Athlon
    • RAM: 512 MB of minimum
    • GPU/VGA: Depends if heavy graphics work is needed such as 3D or 4D rendering
    • Space: 34 GB
    • Comes with DirectX installed as the default
    • The Internet is required for network-based activities.

    How to Activate Windows Server 2016 (100% Working)

    There are a few methods which you can use follow the steps below to activate Windows Server 2016:
    1. Download Microsoft KMS Client
    2. Make sure to have your product key saved in a place where you can access it
    3. Open "Command Prompt" and type "slmgr /ipk CLIENTKEY" replace "CLIENTKEY" with your product key that you have purchased or got for free.
    4. Now you will need to set up your KMS Server > Activate KMS Client.
    5. Done, you should now have a fully activated Windows Server 2016 installation which will get updates from Microsoft for a lifetime.

    Windows Server 2016 32 / 64 Bit ISO Download Details

    1. Licensing: Trial / Demo for 30 days
    2. Pricing / Package: $250
    3. Version: 2016
    4. Author / Source: Microsoft Corporation 
    5. Type: ISO
    6. Size: 4.1 GB
    UPDATE: New and updated official ISO images untouched AIO have been uploaded as of 2023!

    Free download Windows Server 2016 ISO 32 - 64 Bit full

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