January 04, 2024

Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus ISO Free Download in Full Version

Microsoft Office 2016 ISO Free Download in Full Version

    MS Office 2016 Professional (Pro) Plus ISO is now fully released by Microsoft and is an official setup. Microsoft Office 2016 Professional (Pro) ISO is available as free download for Windows and other platforms. The all-new productivity suite from Microsoft which is also known as Office 16 supports both versions of environments including 32-bit and 64-bit. Download of MS Office 2016 Professional Plus or Pro is free and if you want the full version you can purchase that from Microsoft itself as a subscription on a monthly basis. Microsoft (MS) office production line has been totally redesigned and now users can directly edit, create, and upload their important work on the cloud with the help of this office suite.

    Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus ISO Free Download For Windows

    The new office software version 2016 includes all the previous additionally applications that used to be by default with Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and OneNote. Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus is an improvement and success over the previous Office 2013 Professional and Office 365. You can get a free edition of the MS Office 2016 as well which is limited that gives a preview and has a period of 30 days in which you can try it. There is a new product also included for the users that are called 'Office Online', this includes all of the features of office on the cloud meaning the internet and you can access them from anywhere in the world via the internet and have access to your important documents which you can edit online and offline. 

    Download free MS Office 2016 ISO Professional Plus

    Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus ISO Features

    One of the great additions to the office family was the file type that changed and this particular one comes in (ISO) format which means it needs to be mounted and then extracted unlike Office Starter 2010 that launched directly via an installer. Another great feature in MS Office 2016 Professional Plus is that it has built-in insights from the internet that is powered by Bing. Microsoft Office 2016 has newer templates, design, and user-interface compared with its previous versions including Office 2010 Professional. Below is a list of the newly added tools in office 16.

    • It has additional plugins that can be downloaded from Microsoft
    • Has online cloud support with secure data backup
    • Excel, Word, and PowerPoint have been totally refurbished with new templates and looks
    • Has backward compatibility with older versions such as Microsoft Office 2014.

    Microsoft (MS) Office 2016 Professional Plus ISO Overview

    Microsoft also added an auto-update function in the office 2016 series which will allow them to push new updates and fixes. Another great overview is that it is cross-platform support has extended to MAC and not only Microsoft Windows OS. Also, it comes in two different builds that are free and paid which are the full version ISO that is pricey and costs a lot of money, but there is the good side to that as well that you can get it on a monthly contract. The office of 2016 was inspired but the 2007 Office Enterprise which had all the predictions of the suite going in the cloud.

    Update from Microsoft:
    Microsoft Word 2018 Download has been released which is the latest version of the popular word-processing software everyone uses.

    Free Download Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus ISO Information (Updated)

    • Author and Publisher is Microsoft
    • Licensed as a Trial
    • File Size: Na
    • Prices are $9.99 monthly charges
    • Version: Professional Plus 
    • OS Support: Windows PC
    Free Download Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 ISO


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