July 26, 2020

Microsoft Edge Browser Offline Installer Free Download (2020)

Microsoft Edge Browser Offline Installer Free Download (2020 Updated)

Microsoft Edge Browser 2017 (Web Browser) Free Download

    We all have been waiting for the default browser in Microsoft Windows to be changed, and that changed has come now, Microsoft Edge has been released as a free download for windows. Microsoft Edge is the new web browser which comes with Windows 10. Microsoft Edge Web Browser is available for free and can be downloaded for any previous version of Windows. Edge Browser can now load web pages safer, securer and faster than any other Internet Explorer was capable of doing so. It is supported on Tablets, Laptops, All in Ones and Personal computers. Microsoft Edge is also known as Project Spartan which was its codename before.

    Microsoft Edge is light and fast in compared to other web browsers like Dolphin and UC browser. Microsoft Edge is officially out for download supporting both 32 bit and 64-bit environments. Edge now provides a feature to make notes directly while you are visiting or browsing through a web page by just touching any part of the screen or by moving the mouse over. Edge makes it clear for you to read any type of articles or stories on a website by making the screen a bit wider and by enlarging the text. This browser makes searching the World Wide Web easier and faster by using Bing and Google as its default search engines.

    Download Microsoft Edge Web Browser for free

    Microsoft Edge Features and Overview

    Edge also works with Cortana the new digital assistant who is built for Windows 10. It is capable of listening and executing commands by your voice e.g. Open the browser or open Facebook. The address bar has changed and is quick to access and supports voice typing as well. Microsoft Edge has its own Edge-Html engine which processes web pages faster and supports all the main computer languages including PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and XML. Cortana also helps in searches by providing the best matching your query if not it will display you the search screen for you to select the most suitable website for you.

    You can bookmark and add to your most visited and liked site to favourite by just saying the command to Cortana in Microsoft Edge. Users can install Edge onto any technology device including iOS, Android, MAC and Windows easily without any problems. Edge also supports Flash videos and comes built-in with Flash Player and Shockwave. Edge Web Browser is compatible with all types of websites and also has greater loading times. It stores history and cache upon the user's request and can even delete them by time schedules which you can set up for Edge. Web browsers are getting advanced and rich in feature every day.

    New security features and vulnerabilities were fixed adding more security and performance improvements to the browser!

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    Microsoft Edge Browser Free Download Details

    1. Licensed as free to download
    2. Developed by Microsoft Corporation
    3. OS: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
    4. Compatibility: 32 (x86) / 64 (x64) Bit
    5. File size depends on the version.
    Free Download Microsoft Edge Browser For Windows


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