August 17, 2015

Start Menu 8 Free Download for Windows

Start Menu 8 Free Download for Windows

Start Menu 8 is a new solution introduced and developed by IObit. Start Menu 8 which is free to download for windows makes a newer and easier start menu for your PC. Start Menu 8 works on all major operating systems including Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Start Menu 8 makes it easier for you to manage your software and Apps by putting them into categories and folders. Start Menu 8 free download is available only on windows and will be soon released for different platforms as well. Start Menus also comes default in windows but they are not customize-able, this one features you full control on editing it to your personal preference.

Start Menu 8 offers a Windows 8 like start button which looks more modern and fresh in compare to the default one which comes in older versions of Windows. It allows you to also change the location of the settings and buttons such as shut down and restart buttons. You can also bookmark your most visited Software, Games or Apps in the quick access section of the Start Menu so you can open them faster than usual. It acts like a utility for your computer because it is offering customization abilities to you which were not available before installing it. Managing the desktop is easier than ever using Iobit start menu 8.

Start Menus are a very important part of the operating system because they work like a search engine for your computer files and folders. Start menus have changed since new OS have come out and they have been advanced and been added tons of features including touch support and voice control. This specific software 'Start Menu 8' works on 32 bit and 64 bit modes with an easy to use and friendly interface which can be edited by your own choice as you want it. Windows users have been waiting a quite long time for this type of program to come for years so they can make their life easier. You can also launch Web Browsers, Apps, Antivirus, Office software and many more directly from Start Menu 8.

Technology and development is evolving on a large and fast rate so is the features and services they provide. Users are also able to change the color, background, shortcuts and even remove files and icons. It is easy to install and the setup asks you if you want to have it in which drive so it does not take up much space from the hard drive.

Download Details of Start Menu 8

Licensing: Freeware
Developed and Published by: IOBit
Platforms: Windows / PC
Selling Price: None
Download Start Menu 8 Free for Windows


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