August 12, 2015

Dolphin Browser For Windows Free Download

Dolphin Browser For Windows Free Download

Dolphin Browser has now been released for Windows as free download. Dolphin browser is multi-platform and works on OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Dolphin Browser can do all sorts of internet browser and the greatest part is that it's secure and super-fast. Dolphin web browser has been growing really fast from the past couple of years because of its excellent and versatile features. Dolphin Windows version which is free on all devices is lite, reliable and easy to install using its setup which comes with easy to follow on screen instructions for the user which helps during the installation of the browser.

Dolphin browser for windows is capable of playing flash videos on websites without the need of Adobe Flash Player because it comes with it you will not need to download it separately. Dolphin browser can do voice searches e.g. It can be controlled via voice recognition which uses your voice and it can do things such as sharing the website you are currently using and recommending them to your friends on social media. You can also install your own add-ons for extra support and features. To make things easier Dolphin web browser for windows has tabs which let you manage your opened web pages easily using a friendly interface.

Dolphin Browser for Windows features

It is rare to hear that UC Browser and other famous browsers are losing the race of the popular technology and features of the modern web browser. The next big surprise is that Dolphin has its own web app store now which has more than 150 applications waiting for you. There is a huge variety of themes which can be downloaded for dolphin browser to give it a more professional look or make it beautiful and enhance the colors of it. Sync is also available which allows you to save all your browsing history, favorite tabs, websites and files on Dolphin's cloud based speedy server system. As dolphin browser is multi-platform it is supported on MAC as well.

  • Blazing fast web browsing
  • Secure, fast, easy to use, friendly design and 32 / 64 bit support
  • You can set your own privacy settings e.g. Private mode
  • Works on all operating systems
  • You can create gestures by which accessing the web will be quicker for you
  • Users can password protect dolphin browser to restrict access
  • It comes built in with a PDF reader and a fully functional Java Runtime Environment software.

Dolphin Browser Free Download for Windows

License: Freeware
Developed and published by: Dolphin
Setup size: 12 MB
Version: PC / Windows
Free Download Dolphin Browser for Windows


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