July 31, 2015

Free Download ManyCam 4.1 For Windows

Free Download ManyCam 4.1 For Windows

ManyCam 4.1 is now available for download because it has been officially launched for Windows PCs and other major platforms. Manycam 4.1 Pro which also comes in full version is webcam software that allows you to add additional and different effects to your live stream. Manycam supports all major Chat and messaging Apps such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger and MSN live. Users can add additional features to their normal boring Webcam by editing the video for example by changing the colors of the eyes, background, hair and more. Manycam 4.1 is rich feature software which is recommended to have by major companies as well. 

Manycam 4 Pro is a studio itself but by using it you can video chat on multiple chat software mentioned above without any problem. Many-cam is very easy to use and has a very friendly navigation menu where you can find all of its useful features and tools. Manycam can be used on MAC as well but mostly it is focused on windows OS. Users can capture their live desktop by its new features which is 'screen recording' in HD quality. It will be soon integrated into Facebook Messenger as well for extra compatibility. The lower thirds feature in Manycam 4 allows you to stamp your name in any part of the video e.g. Left, Right, Top or Bottom.

You can use your mobile smartphone device as a webcam all you will have to do is connect your device via the USB cable or Bluetooth and launch Manycam. You can even broadcast live directly from your computer to different sources and websites like Twitch. Well as we all know this is web-cam software it also adds bit more fun to your microphone by changing the voice effects. Manycam is easy to install and set up especially on any desktop e.g. Laptop or computer without any big hustle. It also has plugins which makes things easier for you such as uploading your favorite video online directly via ManyCam-4 is easy as it sounds. You can always switch between all types of sources for videos using this application. 

Download Details of ManyCam 4.1

Setup size depends on the site
It is licensed as free to download for installation
Version is 4
Supported on both 32 and 64 bit systems
Developed by VisicomMedia
Download Manycam 4 for free


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