April 08, 2015

Yahoo Messenger 11 (Windows) Free Download

Yahoo Messenger 11 (Windows) Free Download

Yahoo Messenger 11 is used to chat with people around the World along with friends and family as well totally free. Yahoo Messenger 11 can be downloaded and install on any platform including Windows 7 and Windows 8. Yahoo Messenger 11 is available for many devices such as for Windows, MAC, Android, PC and many more still in development. The all-new 2015 Yahoo Messenger 11 comes with the support of Video and Audio calling and also has the feature of chat like Skype. Yahoo is one of the biggest search engines but now they wanted to make a wide range of services available to their users by introducing Messenger.

Yahoo Messenger 11 is easy to use because of the interface which is organized in a clever manner. Facebook Messenger is a bit like Yahoo Messenger but the number of features is limited to the user such as video and audio calls. This time Yahoo added some fun options as well so users can make public chat rooms and can invite there friends or join others in a chat using the Messenger. Before using the Messenger you need to register for a Yahoo Account so you can login and start using it. There are also third-party plugins which users can install and add more features to Yahoo Messenger 11.

Yahoo Messenger 11 (2015) Features:

Yahoo Messenger 11 was first released in 1998 and since then it has been releasing lots of different versions with hundreds of new updates in the features such as the Calling option in the 2015 release. Another great improvement was the addition of Voicemail and the capability of sending files over the internet to a Yahoo Messenger user from sizes up to 1.0 GB. This feature is also found in FileZilla a popular file sharing client. Listening radio has also been made possible by the new Yahoo Messenger and it's for free, and has the radio channels a live broadcaster has from music channels to Live News and more.

Video and Audio Calls using Yahoo Messenger 11:

Video calling is a golden feature and has been adapted by many major applications like Viber and many others as well. Games can also be played with people who are in your friends list by simply sending them an invite. There is a list below containing all of the features of Video Calls:
  • Crystal clear audio voice sound
  • 1080p HD Video Calls
  • File-Sharing along with messaging at once
  • Create your own Chat rooms
  • Comes in more than 5 languages
  • Create your own Profile and setup a Status Message

More Messenger Applications:

Software Details:

Version is 11 (2015)
Developed by the Yahoo Network
It is available as Free
Available in both 32 and 64 bit Setup
Download Free Yahoo Messenger 11 2015


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