November 29, 2014

AVG Antivirus 2015 Free Edition Download

AVG Antivirus 2015 Free Edition Download
AVG Antivirus 2015 is the most advanced and latest data protection software which is the free edition available in the internet. It has the biggest virus database in the world and is the number 1 in the year and more of the top it is a freeware program. It has a wide range of options and features which are kind of very rare and it keeps itself up to date and has a really a lot of scanning of the antivirus in it is really fast and it catches the virus as soon as it captures it and keeps scanning your system for any suspicious activities in the background which can make a really high amount of danger. It is the 2015 version and the company's biggest success was this software based on the aim of protection of their users and they have done it.

It has a really nice user friendly interface and does not like that much hard for a beginner to work or he want to scan something it will be very easy for you. There are 2 options which you can choose one is basic mode which is for newbie users and the other one is standard which is for users who have some experience of how to work with software how to use it and all that understanding of how it works and what it does. It has a very unique firewall built in to it which has all the power to protect your system from viruses and harmful applications which are able to damage your system and can also make you lose all your data when it scans it deletes all the harmful files and folders which it thinks can make harm to you automatically.
2015 AVG Antivirus free download
It adds an additional email protection and your identity hide on your system when you are connecting to a public internet connection. It protects all your online history and protects when you shop online and bank online using your credit card. It auto updates itself by time and checks for updates on every start up and downloads and installs them automatically. It reports any bugs and crashes to the avg center automatically until it gets fixed and will install the new fix as fast as they can. If you have any problem or any technical issue with the antivirus there is customer support available and they will help you fix your problem as soon as possible you can also change the settings of automatic scan that it will scan your computer for viruses on days when you have picked to be scanned. You can select what drives and folders you don't want to be scanned and it will not scan them and will scan all the rest of them.

AVG free edition details:

Type: Freeware (free edition)
Version: 2015
Platform: windows
Developer: AVG
AVG 2015 antivirus free download


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