March 31, 2015

Adobe Reader 11 Free Download

Adobe Reader 11 Free Download

The use of PDF files was increasing and Adobe Reader 11 was developed so it can support those files and be fully compatible with them. Adobe Reader 11 Free Download is a software which can open, read, edit and create PDF documents on all platforms including Windows and MAC OS X. Adobe Reader 11 is the only software which can open PDF documents and create one easily. Adobe Acrobat Reader 11 was developed by Adobe System which is a popular company who also made Photoshop. Portable document format is widely used in Offices, Schools, Universities and many other places such as Home to do all sorts of paper work and other tasks.

Acrobat Reader is another name of Adobe Reader 11 which is commonly used but both are the same. Office 2007 Enterprise can also view PDF and is capable of converting that format to any other normal type which can be viewed by default applications. Encryption is another great feature which is found in Acrobat Reader 11 which is also found in Recuva, this option allows the user to encrypt all of his PDF data and keep it password protected so only you have access to it. Adobe Reader is also capable of exporting PDF to other media devices such as Cameras and mobile devices. It has a simple and user friendly interface.

Adobe Reader 11 Features:

Adobe Reader 11 has many features and one of them is Touch which allows it to be used on touch based devices such as Android and iOS. One greater feature in it is auto recovery and repairing of damaged PDF files which get corrupted; it does that by doing auto backup, and auto recovery of the user's data continuously in a safe place. It also has a search tab in which you can search for a word or sentence in a paragraph for the users within seconds to make the work quicker. Adobe Reader X is an updated version of all of these including 11.0.1 and 11.0.2 which features a whole new design and set of tools.

Adobe Acrobat Reader 11 Tools:

Adobe Acrobat also supports zoom text which is a tool that allows you to do a 3 times zooms on the page so you can see the text clearly. Adobe Reader also supports direct printing with Color and Mono also has an automatic mode which detects the pixels itself. TeamViewer 10 supports PDF files and can transfer them over the network as well. Acrobat XI is capable to convert videos into different types such as HD, MP4 and many more so they can be viewed on as presentation slides. Users can download their own skins and themes to apply on Adobe so it looks more beautiful and add more designs to it.

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License is Freeware
Developed by Adobe Systems
Version: 11
Size: 22.4 MB
Free Download Adobe Reader 11


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