January 04, 2023

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Free Download InPage Urdu 2013 Full Version

InPage Urdu has now been released as a free download with the all-new user interface. InPage Urdu 2013 is one of kind Urdu typing software and the best one probably on the internet. Urdu InPage 2013 has lots of other versions as well but this one was there latest release with all new languages which are Arabic, Dari, English, Sindhi, Punjabi, Kurdish, Kashmiri and Persian. In Urdu InPage 2013 it is very easy to type all the languages as it also works as a translator and with the word processor like view it is easy to use. InPage Urdu is supported on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista.

Urdu InPage 2013 is great software and is an update of the InPage 2009 version. This InPage uses Nastaliq font with a style called 'Noori' which was specially made for this software. There were quite a few Urdu Desktop Publishing applications out there and the demand was getting very high and some of the great minds have developed the InPage software so it made lots of work for many different people easy as well such as Magazines, Newspapers and Book writers so they can type instead of writing it all. Urdu InPage is multilingual software and comes with more than 5 languages.

InPage Urdu Features and Changes:

To make this software and its features perfect it took many years for the developers to get right and to choose the right font style, size, and text format. At the time apps like Typing Master 7 were used because there was no other solution to this problem. The file format of Urdu InPage 2013 is simple and can be edited or viewed by other office applications like Microsoft Office 2010 and many others. The new Urdu InPage comes with the Unicode system which allows it to learn the typing pattern of the writer and the user. The 2013 edition has its own keyboard layouts and guides and saves the files as default in HTML and RTF format.
  • Typing in the Urdu and other Asian languages is made easy
  • All new GUI to use with more tools and features
  • Nastaliq font has now been added
  • Built-in spell checker and grammar correction
The new Urdu InPage 2013 comes with spell check and a very accurate grammar checker so it can decrease the number of mistakes done by someone when typing so it automatically checks for any errors before saving the file.

Recommended Urdu Typing Applications:

  • Version: 2013
  • Developer: InPage Inc
  • Type: Freeware
  • Size: 12.3 MB
InPage Urdu 2013 Free Download


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