February 19, 2015

Free Download Oxford English Dictionary

Free Download Oxford English Dictionary

Oxford English Dictionary is one of the most widely used books and Apps on the planet out for free download. Oxford English dictionary is easy and fast when it comes to searching words, keywords, phrases, idioms and much more. It is available as full version at good and acceptable prices from different stores like Play Store and iTunes. Oxford University has now extended its abilities to Android and iPhone. The searching of words and their meanings, synonyms and in different sounds is just one touch and clicks away and will display them within seconds. Learning English is a new feature introduced in this version which will allow a user to improve his vocabulary.

Oxford English Dictionary has a fuzzy filter which if the person using the application forgets or does not know the exact word to write the app will remember his actions and the words he used to search or find the most in the dictionary. Voice output like Google Chrome can enter worlds and sentences with an automatic launch to search the main words from any language you want. There are options for users that they can choose to read or listen the meaning of a word. The wide database of words holds 350,000 meanings sorted into different categories with grammar guides. English Dictionary has a user friendly graphical user interface with navigation enabled.

Oxford English Dictionary Features:

Is easy to use and search the desired phrase from thousands of countries and languages. Symbols like (*, ?, !) and others. In the search tab there is history saved which you can search it back to save time and effort. The device it will run on will need a great amount of memory because it is not online based data but all the information and lists are saved on the smartphone and computer in digital format. Adobe Photoshop is a similar platform which was moved from hard format to the digital one on Windows operating systems.

Keyword Search:

This tool which is available inside the Oxford dictionary makes it easier and efficient for people who try to find complex combination of words, synonyms and their meanings quickly. It does that by constantly searching the dictionary as the user types in it. Typing software can be Typingmaster.

Word of the day:

Word of the day was a project which they discontinued because of little user feedback. What this new feature did was that it showed the most searched and famous word / phrase of the day to the user when he opened oxford dictionary by calculating the high amount of people who liked it.

Fast Result Scrolling:

When users searched for a meaning the number of results that were showed can be more than hundreds or even more and for this they developed scrolling method which helped a lot of their queries on small displays.

Favorites Section:

They made a favorites section where users could pin or bookmark their best or mostly viewed results at a tab in English. The audio files and what meanings of words some users wanted to hear instead of reading can be opened by using a Media Player.

UK and English Version:

The developer who created Oxford English Dictionary released not only one but 2 unique versions but in different languages one for United States and the other for United Kingdom. The first updated one uses flash technology for the effects and designs.

Infinite Keywords:

The latest version is now fully packed with unlimited keywords, phrases and meanings. It is the first version ever to feature this option with great tools and 2 pane views.

Application Details:

Version: 4.0
License: Freeware
Developers are: Mobi systems
Platform: Android, Windows and iOS
Free Download Oxford English Dictionary Full Version


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