November 09, 2016

TeamViewer 11 Free PC Download

TeamViewer 11 Free PC Download

TeamViewer 11 2017 Software Free Download can connect two computers together using the internet and remote desktop connection technology on the PC. It is supported on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. TeamViewer is popular because of its rich features and the capability of allowing access to your computer from any part of the world just using the internet. TeamViewer is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. Although the installation process of TeamViewer takes only minutes and requires no sign-up process to access all of its features.

TeamViewer creates a unique username and password for everyone who installs it so how it works is that the user will need to give his ID to the other person who wants access to the PC. TeamViewer uses secure 256-bit encryption between the two connected computers over the network, so the users and their data are kept safe it is also done in Avast Antivirus. TeamViewer comes in various versions from non-commercial, Business and Personal use all have different features some are limited, and some have all of them. Any user can run the TeamViewer from any profile on the computer, but it requires admin rights before doing that.

Using TeamViewer 11 on Windows:

Remote desktop software like TeamViewer come in handy when in a meeting or want to do a presentation by just leaving their Laptop at home running the program. The partner will just need to insert the ID, and it will display the desktop on your screen at the highest resolution possible if the internet connection is fast it show you HD and you will not even feel that you are using a remote desktop connection software to access your computer from elsewhere. TeamViewer has its servers which balance and authenticates the connection between two PCs by using the standard TCP and UDP protocols.

TeamViewer 11 for Android:

TeamViewer popularity was so rapidly increasing that they started to move in different platforms by releasing it for iPhone, Android, and Linux. The mobile version is similar to the one used in Windows has the same features but lacks good interface, and everything seems to be just fitted in. TeamViewer also supports sending and receiving of files from the computer to which it is connected with. TeamViewer has customer support as well on their and is there to help with any technical problems or any stability problems with the application. It does not require heavy processing power to run it is lite and fast.

TeamViewer for Android

Other Remote Desktop Administration Softwares:

Version: 11 - 2017.
Developer: TeamViewer GmbH
License: Freeware
Platform: Windows
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