March 10, 2015

Apple iTunes Free Download

Apple iTunes Free Download

Apple iTunes is a multimedia player which is free to use on Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod and MAC systems. iTunes is also a media player at the same time and a radio broadcaster as well. iTunes first appeared in this world nearly 14 years ago but still today in 2015 it is more advanced and has the latest version released with top notch features for its users. iTunes also released a Microsoft Windows version both for 32 and 64 bit PC's. iTunes helps Apple iPhone users to sync and backup their data on any computer which has this software installed so they can restore their device any time same like Data Recovery

ITunes also works as a multimedia player and can play HD video and audio files directly from the App store or the computer which is a great feature. iTunes is like a store for Apple devices people can purchase and download lots of music for their iPhone and iPod's. This software auto updates itself to the newer and stable releases which are compatible with their iOS 8, iOS 7 firmware including OS X. The media library in it is also has lots of books, wallpapers and novels which you can read. Later on Apple TV was introduced which is a new product which allows a user to watch films, TV shows and much more entertaining features yet to discover.

Apple iTunes Features:

ITunes supports MP3, MP4, MPEG-4, Apple Lossless and 4K UHD formats. There is all the music available from the internet in iTunes you can get any song or video from here by purchasing it. It also works as a converter between files so it is compatible with your device like the new iPod touch. Genius is a new feature which automatically organizes all of your music playlists and sorts them according to genre e.g. jazz and Rock, it can be turned on or off but it's a great new feature added. iTunes Match is another service provided by Apple which allows you to store all of your favorite media library on iCloud.

Apple iTunes and iCloud:

  • All the latest and new music in your device
  • Easy to use with user-friendly interface
  • Huge library with over 44 million songs to choose from
  • Siri the voice assistant can save media directly to your iCloud
  • Get access to your media on more than 5 devices
  • Built in Shazam to identify songs
ITunes shows the trending searches as well, by showing which album was searched and downloaded the most by users World Wide. Family sharing is also possible using the App store so you can share files and data with your loved ones.

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Application Details:

Version: 12
License: Freeware
Developer: Apple Inc
Platform: Windows
Free Download iTunes Latest Version


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