February 18, 2015

Sony Vegas Pro 13 Free Download Full Version

Sony Vegas Pro 13 Free Download Full Version
Sony Vegas Pro 13 is software which is commonly used by big companies and professional people to edit videos and audio files. Sony Vegas Pro 13 was released in 2014 which is the latest version to date with enhanced features and is lite. This one supports cross-platform 32 and 64-bit systems and any operating system from Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It is not your normal daily application to edit just some video easily it has complex customizing tools like VST and DirectX. The extended support now has Audio and Blu-Ray DVD creation as a default in the options menu. Sony published it as free download in shareware.

Vegas Pro does not need and doesn't has any high system requirements to be installed a normal middle speed computer with a dual core will be able to run it easily. Vegas Pro can read any format weather its MJPEG, MP4, MP3, 3GP and HD. The additional changes now made it capable to support 2D and 3D graphic interfaces. It is secure and trusted by big security apps like Avira Antivirus which makes sure that the software does not need any debugging or troubleshooting. It can handle raster and vector motion graphics when it comes to compositing. Vegas Pro 13 came with a broad variety of visual effects to choose from.

Sony Vegas Pro 13 Tools and Features:

The features have a new third-party codec support which can either be installed manually or directly using Vegas. It started to develop in 11, 12 and 13 versions all of them do not work on any OS they are limited to Windows XP. Synchronization and control-desk is compatible with Disc's. AVI's were not a much importance to Sony until AMD GPU's were not being detected and they had to create one which detected all those API's. Scripting technology was added after which used to make multiple tasks automatic and save editors lots of time same as Macros in Microsoft Applications. Plugins and extensions can also be installed to add more features.

  • Faster and Easier editing with manuals and tutorials
  • Supports all Windows based operating systems
  • Now with 24p and HD sound editing
  • 720, 1080 and 2080 video quality can be viewed
  • Sony Vegas Pro 13 can show 4096 x 4096 screen displays
  • AVI, MOV and WMV rendering using external codecs is possible
  • Supports more than 6 languages and comes with English as Default
  • Users can import files and audio directly from there digital hardware E.g. Cameras and Smartphones

Application Details:

Version: 13
Developer: Sony Creative Software
License: Trial
Platform: Windows
Price: $624
Sony Vegas Pro 13 Free Download 64 Bit


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