December 09, 2014

Download TypingMaster Pro 7 (Latest)

Download Typing Master Pro 7 (Latest)
Typing master pro 7 is the latest and most free available software which will help you increase your speed of how you type. The software is out for download as you can have it from our website it is really easy to use and is supported on Windows 7/XP/Vista/8/MAC OS/Linux. The package is available in many different kind of languages including French, Dutch, and English up to so on. This application makes your speed of keying letters and characters 4 times faster than your normal speed. It increases the way your hands sits on a keyboard and how you see it in your mind which helps you a lot in allocating your fingers on the buttons.

TypingMaster Pro 7 Features:

This is mostly used in offices, schools, and universities where they teach how to type fast where as many jobs require fast typing capabilities as you do a lot of data entry work. It can be installed on any system as it does not require high computer specifications to be run on. It is available for both 32 bit and 64 bit systems you can have a zip file and .rar setup works the both way but the only difference is that you will have to extract this one in able to run it. You can type all languages as it supports multi language. It has a really friendly user interface where you can also get help and support if you are stuck somewhere.

It just requires you to have all the files correctly in your windows and make sure that this version is correctly installed. There are similar apps which do this work but this one is the popular and famous one and recommended by editor's choice. I have personally used this software 8 years ago when i first started using computer systems and wanted to learn typing and by time it came up to me and, I learned it automatically. It works something like this it opens up a screen which displays a virtual typing environment and will then tell you what to type in and it will take a record of speed how much time you took to write those words in. It is a bit similar like Skype.

Other Similar Software's:-

Hardware Requirements:-

OS: Windows/ Linux/ MAC OS
CPU: Single Core 
RAM: 256 MB
Space: 1 GB

App Details:-

Type: Free to use 
License: freeware
Version: 2014 (Latest Pro)
Developers: Typing Master
TypingMaster Pro 7 Free Download


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