March 29, 2015

RealPlayer Cloud Free Download

RealPlayer Cloud Free Download
RealPlayer Cloud is new multimedia software developed by Real Networks in 2015 as free download. RealPlayer Cloud has now come with lots of new features and more file formats support such has UHD and 4K video files. The new RealPlayer Cloud is the next generation media player and there is no such piece of multimedia software that has all the rich features of RealPlayer Cloud. The Cloud version is supported on Windows 7 and Windows 8 along with Linux and other mobile platforms. This media player is capable to play any type of video or audio formats such as MP3, MP4 and 3GP.

The RealVideo and RealAudio are freeware applications from the same developers but now they have been integrated all in one into the Android platform so it can also run on Smartphone devices. RealPlayer Cloud has the feature to stream content like audio directly on the internet which at the time VLC Media Player along with 321 Classic Media Player were not able to do that but with more complex options and settings which needed to be done by the user it later on became possible. Real Player comes with a very simple user interface and there is also a search bar option which can be used to search for options and media on the platform it is installed on.

RealPlayer Cloud Features:

The RealPlayer Cloud also comes with a built in Web Browser that allows the user to search the internet directly while using the media player at the same time. Cloud version comes with an equalizer to adjust sound levels which have animations like graphs when they are running. It can convert video and audio files so they can also be used on other platforms like iPod, Xbox and more. This RealPlayer is different from all of the others which Real Networks developed because it is now started to support external plugins which are going to give the player more features and make it more powerful.

Enhancements of RealPlayer:

Audio quality now sounds like you are playing it in HD quality even if you do not have a sound card attached to the computer. Users can add their own skins into RealPlayer and then edit the colors as they prefer. Later on the demand was so high for this media player that the company started to developed a MAC OS X version of the software so users can use it there as well. RealJukeBox was an extended feature when they did some enhancements.

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Type: Free
Developed by RealNetworks
Version: 17.0
Size: 29.2 MB
Free Download RealPlayer Cloud 2015


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