March 30, 2020

Need for Speed 3 PC Game Free Download in Full Version (2020 Update)

Download Need for Speed 3 PC Game Full Version (Updated)

Need For Speed 3 PC Game Free Download

Need for speed 3 is a racing video game for download developed by Electronic Arts. It has free cars that you can choose to play within NFS: 3. it supports Windows XP, 7 and Windows 8. The computer and PC version is really fun to play a part. As the need for speed has come a long way this is the third they have released since they first started their career in the 3D world. The game has all the excitement you want with the freedom to choose the missions or drive freely around the maps there is only one map with different places in it which are patrolled 24/7 by police cars to see and stop people racers so they do not over speed because this is a public danger as there can free download of good versions with speed worlds.

The missions are not that hard but they will need some skills from the keyboard and the way you ride the car will be checked there is damage if you hit it with somewhere the car performance will slow down and slow down the vehicle this is a very big disadvantage because when there you will be in a race you will lose and there is no point of showing of burnouts and drag races throughout the game city the tires will get weak and will start slipping which will disturb the alignment of the wheels which changes the steering a bit will start going to the right or left and you will feel for real that the sports simulation will be started to vibrate the car, this can cause an accident or even the law can stop you and give you a fine or take the car and you will have to start from again all the game. 

The Game Play About Need for Speed: 3 Hot Pursuit 

The gameplay is similar to all the versions included, it starts with the career mode and there exists online gaming as well by EA. You have to complete all the small missions and objectives in order to unlock the popular and speedy cars you want to drive and get in the game there is no way you can have control of the 4 wheels running. They are simple there is time attack, racing and map finishing and knock out. Time attack mode there is a limited run where you have to accomplish all the checkpoints before it runs out or you need to start again. Racing includes 4 players which mean four race cars you have to win the game in order to pass this one and continue on to the knock out laps where if you are left behind for half a minute you will be kicked out of the race, in order to start again.

Now that all that section is clear your head on to the online entertainment part, where not only you but racers from all over the world connect in the same game and download cool cars after reaching high levels of success by winning many championships there are held after a while when it senses that there are enough players who can be qualified to take place in this event. The car needs to have a powerful turbo and nitro boosted engine and body kits for aerodynamics so that it doesn't fly off the road this can cause a disaster. When you defeat someone you get money and points so that you can modify and customize the sports racing more and add more features. You can choose if you want to be an officer or a street racer at the start. I hope this helped you understand the Need for Speed thanks. 

Some Screen Shots Of The Game Itself: NFS: 3

Download Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuit

Free Download Need For Speed 3 Game

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Need For Speed 3: System Hardware Requirements

  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or nicer 
  • Speed: 2.4 Gigahertz 
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Video Card: 64 MB Nividia or At-I 
  • Optical Drive: CD ROM or DVD 
  • Others: Mouse and Keyboard 

NFS III Game Compressed Setup RAR Details 

  • Version: 3
  • Developer: Electronic Arts 
  • License: Premium
  • Type: Free to play demo 
  • Size: N/A 
  • Platform: Windows and Gaming consoles 
Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit PC Game


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