December 26, 2014

Titanfall Game Free Download Full Version

Titanfall Game Free Download Full Version

Titanfall was developed in 2014 is based on first person shooting game which was released by Respawn Entertainment. The titanfall has full modes and robots which are compatible free with Windows, Play station and Xbox gaming consoles. This kind of technology has been used first time in titanfall it has really high quality graphics and a whole new environment where you are playing with the titans there is a new performance to your body and there is a powerful indestructible suit which you wear and enjoy your game with many other prospectus there are teams and you can play online as well with the titan.

The gameplay is like you are army men of your own nation which has the best power in the whole world. After that you go on a mission who has an objective to destroy and defeat enemy players it has two modes story and multiplayer. There are few maps and countries where you are going to travel with your team soldiers you have your titans delivered from space you need a high score and have to complete all the levels before the order can be placed for your titan to fall from the galaxy. There is a certain amount of power until the titan gets down and never works again or if it is too much damaged it will not be able to proceed in the war again.

The game is an extraordinary and has so many things added which there is no competitor out there it has helicopters, tanks, Trucks, Fighter Jets, and Off road vehicles for special force. You can pilot each of them you want but need to have the skills to drive and run it like a professional trained. They can be locked on and also shot down by enemy players which are playing so that is why you need to be careful while being in danger air space. There are weapons which have red dot site and infra-red scopes which can see you even in the dark by the heat which is obtained in the blood of the hero. This can be escaped by jumping in a cold place or water.

While the game has internet and playing single mode which is completing and finishing the game at first of all while there are many firearms like pistols, rifles, snipers, shotguns and launchers. The titans are deadly have more health levels than a normal human as they are made up of a material 2 times stronger than normal metal which is used. There are layers of armor which normal bullets cannot penetrate there is an eagle box which is an hot tracing missile which senses automatically the weak point of where it can enter and cut the electronic circuit which will totally make the titan fall to the ground like a statue. 

Titanfall Screenshots:

Titanfall Free Download Game For PC

Free Download Titanfall game

Titanfall Game Details

  1. Developer: Respawn Entertainment 
  2. Type: Free to play demo 
  3. License: Premium
  4. Price: $14.99
  5. Size: N/A
  6. Version: titanfall PC
  7. Platform: Windows 

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System Hardware Requirements Needed

Processor: Intel Four Core Fast Performance
Speed: 2.8 Gigahertz
Graphics Card: 2 GB dedicated high definition
Software Needed to Run: DirectX 12

Titanfall Game 2014 Download


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