December 17, 2014

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Game Free Download For PC

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Game Free Download For PC
Call of duty advanced warfare is 2014 first person action shooter game developed and released by a famous game developing company called Activision. It is available in the free download version. It is supported by Windows XP/Vista and windows 8 on PC and play station as well Xbox gaming consoles. It is the best game of the year has the highest graphic levels in detailed Call of duty advanced warfare also known as COD it is the first one in their series which is using an modified engine from call of duty itself since it was using its own in cod 2 version. It has lots of new guns and has a power suit which boosts everything up.

Call of duty: Advanced warfare is one of the first games which have jumping option in it which boosts the man up and has a suit on the player which boosts health and the power which it has. It is an 18 plus game and is not recommended for kids. It was released after their second last ghosts. It has an robotic skeleton on the human on you which gives you the power do have and act more it needs charging up it does that automatically you need to worry about that well this is mostly what that can say I about the game to download is new maps like old Kill house, team death match and more which were on the high ranked server list.

The game has zombie's mod which is really good and known from its predecessor game black-ops. This one is updated and has new maps new levels and many other zombie creatures which crawl in the game advanced and are more deadly killer human eating dangerous very much seriously really helpful in that it has tips which tell you what to do and not to do. It has new graphic design in guns the number of bullets reaming show up in the end of the gun before they were in the top right bottom. And were normal letters and number this one is digital and the magazine loading style has changed from the old school to the search and destroy pc. 

The online game play is similar to the old but instead of the jumping and the other one is if the zombies which is available in the online as well and in the story mode you have to complete all the mission objectives in case to download new guns. In the online you will have to level-up to unlock other exciting weapons to play with, you can connect with a server using IP address or by steam that is you choice but one thing is recommended by the Call of duty that you need to have high speed internet connection in fight with lag and low pings if you have slow speed internet you can suffer lags and there is no point playing the game with the screen freezing it is not fun.
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare PC Game

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Call of duty : Advanced warfare Details

Version: (Advanced warfare)
Developers: Activision 
Platform: Windows
Type: Shooting
License: Premium (Demo version)

System Hardware Requirements:

Processor: Intel Quad Core high performance 
Video Adapter: 2 GB Intel
Space: 32 GB
COD Advanced Warfare


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