June 30, 2020

NFS Most Wanted PC Game Free Download (2020 Update)

NFS Most Wanted Free Game Download (Updated for 2020)

NFS Most Wanted Game Free Download

NFS Most Wanted or Need for Speed Most Wanted is a racing game by EA Black Box also known as Need for Speed released in 2005. It is available for free download in the full version which is supported on PC, Windows, MAC, and consoles. It is one of the most iconic racing based games the gamers have ever seen. It has all that a car fanatic needs from customization to street legal drives. Electronic Arts have done a great job by developing NFS most wanted. This is an older release of Need for Speed: MW 2 which is good as well comes with two modes single player and multiplayer as default which is switchable from the start menu when launching NFS.

It is easy to play as there are not many hard missions and levels to accomplish. There are popular cars like BMW, Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari, and GTR. The simple racing mode allows a user to simply select a car make a profile in need for speed most wanted and start the career. There are different types of missions that have to be completed like Time attack, Knockout, and Laps. There are lots of police chases and they can stop a car if it is over speeding during a race and may use any technique to stop the car and take the player away. It is a successor of The Crew which was achieved by the use of the EAGL 3 graphics engine.

The gameplay of NFS Most Wanted:

It is similar to the old need for speed like you have to complete training there are trial attacks and much more. Midnight Club 3 is in the same category with enhanced gameplay and improved visual quality along with additional support on the Xbox 360 but with different (Sprint, Drag, Speedtrap, and Circuit). It provides milestones to which has completion time and need to be completed once it has been started. Most Wanted series had the goal to leave behind all the latest releases which they have done and make this one the best and suitable and meet the gamer's requirements around the world after that it was launched by a UK company called Criterion Games.

The game has an event mode built in on which a player can invite his friends or join others playing a race or on an open world journey. If ever the highway police are after view you will have to evade them in order to lose track of them and without any penalties. There is a section where you can fully modify a normal car to a good looking sports car. There are shops all around the city where body kits and rims can be purchased for the car.

NFS Most Wanted Screenshots:

NFS Most Wanted PC Game Free Download

    NFS Most Wanted Free Download

    Need for Speed Most Wanted Download

    NFS System Requirements:

    1. Processor: Intel Pentium 4 
    2. Speed: 1.6 GHz
    3. RAM: 256 MB
    4. Space: 1 GB
    5. VGA Card: Nvidia GeForce or ATi Radeon
    6. Optical Drives: CD, DVD, Blu-Ray
    7. Sound: DirectX 9
    8. Drivers: DirectX 12 or DirectX 11
    9. OS: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 / Windows 8

    NFS Most Wanted Application Details:

    1. License: Demo
    2. Developer: EA
    3. Price: None
    4. Version: 2005
    Need for Speed Most Wanted Download For Free


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