April 03, 2019

Need For Speed 2 SE Game Free Download (2019 Update)

Download Need For Speed 2 SE Free PC Game (2019 Edition)

Need For Speed 2 SE Game Free Download

Need for Speed 2 SE is a sports racing game by electronic arts it was released in 1997. It can be played on PC, Computer, Desktop, Play station and Xbox game consoles. There are many levels and missions which need to be completed so you can continue the game. Need for Speed 2 SE has come a very long way and was the key game of the publisher which caught the eye of billions of car addicted gamers which like this genre. It has really popular race track based machines which have big engines with turbo and nitro one of the fastest cars which is available in it is the FZR a red color beast which can have speeds that like the sound travels in.

There are many new upgrades which have been done to increase the graphics of the game and there is a free download of the specific smart targets which have to be completed so that they can move forward. There are single player and online multiplayer modes which each of them have unique reasons there you play certain races so you can have access to new cars and maps there are different cities which mode can be found as well in the Need for Speed 3 they had a new tracking system which watched your progress as you are playing, It saves all your data automatically you do not have to check them continuously.

Need For Speed 2 SE Gameplay:

Need for Speed is basically a racing game as the names make sense to this side. There are many maps and countries where you be going throughout with your friends in the online mode you can invite them to have a match with you there are different game types like 2 maps, time attack, and the knockout. There are scores and points which will be offered by EA to you when you win a game. The free play of need for speed 2 se you can play in the game like open world and can cruise around the streets and highways but if you do not obey rules there is the police who can stop you and give let go with a fine or some stars in the license. There are some direct codes which can be entered to get the doors open to some speedy cars out there in Need for Speed: Rivals.

Types of Races in NFS II

  • Single Race: This specific type includes races which are held only once in the season by NFS. The number of opponents can be increased or decreased by the user.
  • Tournaments: This is a whole set of new races and series of them which are required to be completed so that then you can own a bonus car.
  • Knockout: This is 2 laps which have to be completed in 8 minutes and the last player in each round finished will be eliminated to win you have to come first.
  • Popular vehicles like Ferrari F430, and La Ferrari Spider. There are some commentaries which are being organized in the background to keep you boosted and full of confidence so you can handle the car in high speeds.

Need for Speed 2 PC Screenshots:

Need for speed 2 se PC Game free download

Free Download Need for Speed 2 SE

Need For Speed 2 PC Version Free Download

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System Hardware Requirements of Need for Speed 2 Se:

  • Processor: Intel Pentium III or IV 
  • Speed: 1.2 Gigahertz 
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Video Card: 32 MB Nvidia or Intel
  • Space: 500 MB
  • Sound: DirectX 11 or DirectX 12
  • OS: Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8

Download Links (Compressed Setup):

  • Version: 2 Special Edition
  • License: Premium 
  • Type: Free to play demo
  • Developer: Electronic Arts 
  • Platform: Windows
Need For Speed 2 SE Game


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