December 24, 2014

WWE Raw 2013 Game Free Download For PC

WWE Raw 2013 Game Free Download
WWE Raw 2013 is a wrestling based game developed by THQ. It is based on fighting the game is available for windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8 in free version. The game has cross platform support which includes full PC, Computer and Laptop devices gaming consoles have compatibility but at a limited line. The game requires a video card and there are much software that you will need is DirectX 12 this is used to boost the performance of the graphical processing unit. The game wwe raw consists of an only single player story mode where you have to complete matches and level up if you want to unlock new players and fighters.

There are tag team matches and ring matches different types are there the most powerful and is defeating everyone else in the ring will move on the next rounds and there is a price cup which is a belt made up of gold specially from wwe the raw community for the wrestlers and is kept by the one who won the title. There are many deadly and gamers there which will not let you get that you need to be hard working and have muscle power to do all that. There are more than 50 characters to choose from and there is a big crowd of people who watch live and are their near your stage which give you support and feedback that what is the status of the activity.

There are contracts which you get from companies which you put the shirt of their brand on so it is a kind of showing off their power that there is no one in wwe 2013 history till then to get them back to the ground but still saying that they lose. A new mod can be download which has multiple fight rounds in which there are 2 v 2 and there is one referee which is deciding there if you don a foul or if you are not playing by the rules he will stop you or even disqualify you from playing any more in that match and it depends on him if he is going to approve again that you are eligible to get back in the game and stand against the opponent without any serious issues. 

There are other online features which can be added through which you can be connected to other players worldwide and play a 1 v 1 match with them in the king of the ring and see who is the strongest, you get game points by winning each match of 2013 wwe. While you need an active speedy internet connection to play on you can invite other fighters. There is smack down and tears of there are a certain amount of health which you have and if that gets zero you need to start over again.

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WWE Raw 2014 Game Details

Version: 2013
Type: Free to play demo
License: Premium
Developer: THQ

System Hardware Requirements

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or better
RAM: 1 GB 
Video Card: 128 MB
Space: 3 GB
OS: Windows 
Extras: Keyboard, Mouse or Joystick.
Free Download Wwe Raw 2013 PC Game


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