September 24, 2016

VMware Player 2017 or VMware Workstation Pro 2017 is one of the latest most advanced virtualization software for Free Download! It supports all platforms.

VMware Player 2017 Overview

If you want to create virtual machines and run multiple different OS including Microsoft Windows, Linux and MAC. This program helps you to do virtualization very easily because you can install any OS on any capable machine that has good hardware. It also comes with packages such as vSphere, vCloud, Horizon View and vCenter. There is a Pro, Trial and Full version that you can purchase from VMware all have similar features and functions along with some extra benefits. You will get better performance, graphics and administration support tools. It comes as a setup file that works on 32-bit and 64-bit environments.

Download VMware Player 2017 Free

There are many advantages of using VMware Player 2017 as it can become a business from just a standalone or an offline installer app. You are easily allowed to create clones and snapshots of any virtual machines that you have created for testing them such as Beta or Alpha testing. It is fully flexible which means that you are in control of giving a computer its resources or in others words called computing power and share of resources. Other such programs are Oracle VM VirtualBox that is similar but not reliable as it is known to be unstable for a number of reasons. There are the features to install VMs using ISO files, CDs or a USB flash drive.

Features of VMware Player 2017

VMware has put a lot of effort in developing Player. You can add virtual printing direct from the virtual machine. You can also create hosted desktops or virtual desktops using VMware Player without needing extra licenses for Workstation Player. Running multiple operating systems at the same time is very useful especially for people such as software developers, engineers, and quality assurance testers in a big organization or company. 

VMware Player Workstation 2017 Latest Version Screenshot

Users can create partition drivers within the virtual machine as a separate hard disk like MiniTool Partition Wizard provides you. This program is for basically everyone! You do not need to be some kind of IT Pro, Developer or Professional to start using it. Below are the features of VMware Player 2017:
  • Used in over 74% IT business to cut hardware costs.
  • Allows you to do network testing and help in managing a whole data center.
  • Supports x86 and x64 architecture.
  • Easy to use and has the simple GUI / graphical user interface to navigate.
  • Increases productivity as you can multitask between different platforms.
  • Allows you to create password protected and encrypted virtual machines.
  • Can install Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS and MAC OS easily.
  • Works on all hardware and computer with a multi-core processor are highly much preferred.
  • Compatible with any cloud application.
Note: You may also be able to virtualize Windows Server using the ISO that is provided and create a virtual desktop interface / VDI.

System Requirements / Specifications:

  1. CPU: Intel Quad Core or AMD A10 series.
  2. RAM: 8 GB memory or higher for smooth performance.
  3. Graphics: High-performance Nvidia Quadro, GTX or AMD Radeon required for multiple desktops.
  4. Storage: 1 Terabyte or more depending if the infrastructure you are going to virtualize is big and the number of desktops that are going to be installed.
  5. OS: Works on any platform.

VMware Player 2017 Latest Free Download

Vendor, Author or Developer: VMware, Inc.
Setup version is Latest.
Type: Trial (30 days).
Platform: All.
Pricing: $300.

Downloading VMware Player 2017 Free

September 19, 2016

iTunes 2017 Free Download for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 in 32-bit or 64-bit Setup versions. Apple's all new iTunes latest version brings music and apps.

iTunes 2017 Overview

This is an application created by Apple so that their electronic products such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod can share files and be able to transfer songs and data backup on your computer! It has all the entertainment that you will always need from Movies to TV shows and iOS apps. It works on all Microsoft Windows 10 and other operating systems. It has been upgraded with a ton new features and improved functions when compared to the previous iTunes x86 or x64.

It is the #1 program when it comes to helping you sync all your important saved data to and from your phone into the PC or Laptop within minutes. iTunes 2017 for Windows, gives you access to all of your private and personal information of your phone to be accessed from anywhere. You will need an Apple ID which also known as an iCloud or iTunes account to access, view, and edit information. It also works as a full version standalone media player like VLC and RealPlayer. All the famous audio and video formats such as 4K, MP3, and MP4 including 1080p video playback support are available. You can also listen to popular radio channels such as Beats 1 radio and others. All major platforms including MAC OS is compatible.

Features of iTunes 2017

Apple Music has also been integrated into iTunes that has one of the biggest playlists and gives you free access to millions of songs, movies, and online shows. You can also buy Movies and Songs at reasonable prices and high-quality formats. It supports all the latest Apple iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus. The user-interface is extraordinary it has been built while keeping all the principles of HCI in mind for allowing users to easily navigate through the program itself! It also allows you to make offline backups of your iPhone in case you accidentally delete something or need to recover some data, you may also use EaseUS Data Recovery for such purposes. Below is a full list of what's new in this year's iTunes:
  • You can purchase gift cards and give them to your loved ones to buy multimedia products from iTunes store.
  • Works with x86/x64 bit environments.
  • Built-in visualizer shows cool graphics when a song is being played.
  • Save all your telephone contacts on your desktop.
  • Cheap membership options and vouchers for Apple Music.
  • Also available as an offline installer.
  • Allows you transfer files easily from an iPod.
iTunes 2017 Software Screenshot

Recommended Multimedia Apps

  • CPU: Intel Pentium IV or faster at 1.8 GHz.
  • RAM: 512 MB.
  • Storage: 1 GB.
  • Graphics: Intel Integrated or Nvidia dedicated.
  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

Download iTunes 2017 Free for PC

Version: 2017 Latest Version or 12.5.1.
License type: Free setup.
Prices may vary depending on retailer.
Developer company: Apple, Inc.

iTunes 2017 Free Download Full Version for Windows

September 14, 2016

DriverPack Solution 2017 has now been released by DRP 17 and is available for free download. The best driver installation software setup for your PC.

DriverPack Solution 2017 (DRP 17) Overview

It is also known as DRP 17 which supports both 32 (x86) and 64 (x64) bit Windows operating systems. It also comes in a full version and a demo version. It is the latest version from last year's DRP 16. This is a very useful tool and supports cross-compatibility which means that it works on Desktops, Servers, Workstations, Tablets and much more. It has been rated #1 in finding missing drivers for your hardware inside the computer. It can detect missing device drivers for Graphics cards, sound cards, network cards and much more. Driver Pack Solution contains the world's largest device driver setup database and you know what? It's the most up-to-date one that you will ever find on the web.

DriverPack Solution 2017 (DRP 17) Free Download

This software has been totally redesigned from the ground up, now it comes with a new interface that is very robust and easy to navigate. There are very easy instructions now given to a newbie on installing drivers using DriverPack. The old releases of DRP including DriverPack Solution 2015 was not stable and sometimes missed detecting some missing drivers. No software company was able to beat the level of work and accuracy of this program because it does all the hard work for you and saves you many hours that you might waste looking for numerous website for your computer manufacturer. It is a simple process that it uses, which is that first of all, it scans all your hardware attachments then it looks for the appropriate drivers that your system needs and simply starts downloading them into a temporary folder that works like an offline installer and that is it!

Features of DriverPack Solution 2017

The program DriverPack Solution 2017 has become so popular and famous because of it services that it has become an industry, it is being used more than 62% of computer shops and by IT technicians. DRP can be easily saved on a Flash drive, a disc or DVD like an ISO file. This is a very good practice because let's say, for example, you are repairing a client's computer or your personal computer and it needs a set of different drivers to work properly this is where DriverPack Solution 14.15 comes in and does its job! Even Driver Easy Pro was not able to provide accurate driver setup and information. World class programmers have designed this app so that you can fully focus on other important bits and not just devices. 

Free Download Driver Pack Solution 2017 Full Version

How to Install Drivers using DRP 17?

Trust me, it is a piece of cake when it comes to installing some drivers for your computer or even updating existing ones like Driver Booster does for you. DriverPack Solution from this year 2017 supports all major hardware manufacturers including:
  • Dell
  • HP
  • Acer
  • Compaq
  • Apple
  • Toshiba
  • Samsung
  • MSI
  • Gigabyte
It gives a massive boost to your systems performance because new and latest driver updates bring bug fixes that sometimes they slow down a PC very badly which may need to be optimized again! One more great feature is that it gives you a how-to guide for installing them manually so if in case something goes wrong you can redo it or restore your system.

Similar Driver Installers

  • CPU: Intel Pentium Dual Core at 1.6 GHz.
  • RAM: 2 GB for ultimate speed.
  • Note: Active internet connection is required for updating drivers.
  • Disk space: 9 GB. 
  • Graphics card: 128 MB Nvidia or AMD Radeon HD.
  • OS: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista or Windows 10.

Driver Pack Solution 2017 | DRP 17 Download Details

Setup license: Freeware.
Authors are DRP.
Pricing is not applicable.
Build and release version: 2017.

Download DriverPack Solution 2017 Software Latest

September 10, 2016

IDM Optimizer 2017 Setup Free Download is now available for Internet Download Manager. It is the latest version and supports offline and online installer!

IDM Optimizer 2017 Overview

This piece of software really speeds up downloads for you, how? It breaks huge chunks of data or files that you want to get over the web. This utility helps in tweaking the program so you get better internet speeds and it increases it by a big number. 

Download IDM Optimizer 2017 Free

The software which is IDM Optimizer 2017 does this by tweaking the default network settings in IDM. This allows the app to get faster speeds over your internet connection. It is fast and simple to use it does not require you to have any kind of technical programming or computer knowledge. It guarantees 100% faster speeds once it has been successfully on your PC. Supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems. If you are one of those people that worry if this tweak would break something then be worry free because there is an option that restores everything how it was before if you are not satisfied with the changes, but hopefully you will be.

Features of IDM Optimizer 2017

IDM Optimizer comes with a ton of other useful features that help you increasing internet speed and much more. It comes with backward compatibility as well supporting IDM 2015, IDM 2016 and other available downloaders like YTD for YouTube. It has built-in security firewalls and checking systems that continuously checks any files that enter your computer from the internet so they are safe from viruses or harmful malware. It also enhances the system proxies so they access the internet faster and over less flooded channels to give you a better experience while exchanging files over the World Wide Web. Below is a full list of features it provides you with:
  1. An easy to use interface and totally robust design.
  2. Works across x86 and x64 platforms.
  3. Boosts internet speed by 3x.
  4. Latest updates and options have been added that fixed popular issues such as disconnecting.
  5. Uses safer SOCK4 proxies and protocols.
  6. Regular updates keep it fresh and running bringing new features to the table.
Trust me, it makes your life so much easier and saves you so much time because the wait is over! Everything seems so much faster and smooth because it enhances the internet connection settings.

Internet Download Manager Optimizer 2017 Features

IDM Optimizer 2017 Free Download

  • Author: IDM.
  • Series: Trial.
  • Version: Latest.
  • Price: Not required.
Download IDM Optimizer 2017 Free

September 05, 2016

Free Netflix Premium Account Generator 2017 Download. Get hands on one of the most value able HD streaming service available. Password Generator Included!

Netflix Premium Account Generator 2017 Overview

Ever wondered how to get a Netflix Account for free? If yes, then you are in the right place. This is a huge American Multinational company that provides streaming for music, movies and TV shows on multiple devices including PC, Desktop, Android, iPhone and MAC. 

Netflix Premium Account Generator 2017 Free Download

With the help of the Premium Netflix Accounts you will have access to thousands of media and will be able to stream them in full HD quality. They come with a unique username and password which will allow you to login the service. Millions of people from around the world in all continents are using Netflix Account Generators to get access to such a handy software that works! This generator is updated frequently by our team to make sure that you get accounts that are working and reliable. Unlike other providers that provide logins that will never work and will just waste your time and life at the same time. 

Features of Free Netflix Account and Password Generator 2017

This software comes with lots of multiple features like a friendly user-interface that will work on any computer or mobile be it running Android, iOS or Microsoft Windows. It comes in a setup file that you will need to install. It supports x86 and x64 operating systems and is secure as a wall. It comes with all types of tools that you will need to generate accounts and passwords with easily within minutes you will have the email and password to access Netflix and start watching whatever you like! Also, you will not need to worry about them getting closed or blocked, and another great thing is that it will be accessible in any country of the world.

Netflix Free Account Password Generator 2017 Download

You will be able to use the logins on any device including platform, but you will not be able to change the following details including Name, Address, Billing and Contact details. You will need to choose a strong password that only you need to remember.

You will also be able to set the number of users that can use your account on different places and you can set time settings when the account should be disabled or access should be restricted to it. Below is a list of features of Netflix Premium Account Generator 2017 Free Download:
  • Lifetime access to the best movie and Tv show streaming service.
  • Comes with a Netflix Password Generator 2017.
  • Supports 32-bit and 64-bit environments. 
  • You can cancel the service at any time you like without paying any money. 
  • Ultra HD is available on selected subscriptions. 
  • Watch on multiple devices at the same time 4 or above. 
  • Highly secure and trustable as they all are safe and Pegi tested.
  • One stop to have yourself started and getting entertained.

Similar Software

Get Netflix Accounts that works for at least one time! The ones that you find on the World Wide Web are already used or have problems. 
  • Setup / License type: Trial. 
  • Version: 2017 - Latest.
  • Author / Developers: Reed Hastings.
Note: This is only the 30-day trial after which it will expire or you will need to pay to continue using this service.

Free Netflix Account and Password Generator 2017

September 02, 2016

Scrap Mechanic Game Free Download for PC provides you with amazing Action and Adventure. It was published and developed by Axolot Games in 2016!

Scrap Mechanic Game Overview 2016:

It is all about the environment and how you use the tools that are given to you to survive harsh conditions. It is fully based on multiplayer and comes in a setup that is easy to install and working. It was built with imagination kept in mind for creative people.

Scrap Mechanic Game Free Download

In Scrap Mechanic game for PC you will be on a big adventure where you will wonder around cities and places collecting objects. All the junk that you will be collecting will be able to be used to build houses, shelters, and vehicles to travel around.

There will be dangerous robots and other people in the live environment as this is an online game it will involve players from all around the world and all of them will be engineers. The similar games that come in the sandbox survival genre are Space Engineers and No Man's Sky. There will be requirements to find items that will be useful and needed. 

Features and Gameplay of Scrap Mechanic

You have to remember that this is not same as Earth, this is a different planet and has a totally different environment. You can make new friends on this new planet and also build robots with the items that you find so that they can help you as a mechanic.

Scrap Mechanic Game for PC Setup

There will be multiple farm bots that will be working in different areas of a land or you can command them to work on a custom or specific piece of land. Your brain will be your best friend when it will come to solving problems and issues in Scrap Mechanic because as a game it's very challenging. It comes with different modes including Survival mode and Creative mode.

Download Scrap Mechanic PC Game Free

In some of the mods you are free to create anything with the parts and objects you prefer. There are also gender choices, you can either be a female or male mechanic. There is a special how-to guide that helps you if you need any kind of guidance while playing or cannot go passed a mission. A list of features to Download Scrap Mechanic PC Game:

  • Comes with a leaderboard that you can use to showcase your inventions to other people.
  • Awesome 3D and 4D graphic visuals to enhance gameplay.
  • Power and tools available to build your own robot workers.
  • Hundreds of machine parts are to choose from.
  • Works on all major gaming platforms ever released!
  • New updates and DLC have been added.
  • Received positive feedback on many forums and platforms like Steam.

Similar Sandbox-Survival Games for PC

  1. ARK Survival Evolved
  2. Minecraft
  3. The Room
  4. Prototype

System Requirements Needed

  • Processor: Intel Core i5 or Quad core.
  • Speed: 1.6 GHz or above.
  • RAM: 4 GB memory.
  • Storage: 2 GB is needed for setup installation, please note that it varies if the file is compressed or not.
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce or AMD Radeon 1 GB or above.
  • Internet: Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection is required to run multiplayer.

Scrap Mechanic Free PC Game Download

Setup type: Demo.
Authors: Axolot Games.
Price: $14.99.
Version: 2016 (v0.1.27 updates have been included).

Scrap Mechanic Game Download 2016