March 01, 2017

SHAREit Free Download 2017 Setup

Download SHAREit 2017 Software Free

SHAREit is software that is best for file sharing capabilities from any device. SHAREit can be downloaded for free in 32 (x86) and 64 (x64) bit setup for Windows, Android, iPhone iOS and many more platforms. SHAREit that comes as free to download that can share documents, files, folders, songs, videos and other useful data. SHAREit for PC latest version supports all the main operating systems, and it also works offline without the need of an internet connection to share files over your devices. SHAREit for Windows is faster than any other way of file sharing with the tablet, mobile, and PC. This piece of software decreases the hassle for the need of connecting all your devices via cables just to transfer data between them.

SHAREit Free Download 2017 Setup

Even when you are moving large files between your devices, this solution for file sharing is faster than a cable connection as well because of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. SHAREit is entirely free file transfer software that you can download. It works over high-speed Wi-Fi in which the app creates a hotspot to which the connected devices are then allowed to share files over to each other, and it's the same for online file sharing similar to FileZilla Client. SHAREit latest has a sleek user interface that you can learn very quickly as it is full of simplicity. While viewing documents on your PC from the phone, you can also use the phone as a remote same as in Teamviewer to move the material around, for example, move the slides in a PowerPoint.

Features of SHAREit for PC Latest

One of the great features of SHAREit is that it works on the go and you do not need to connect the device with a wire etc. SHARE-it for PC also comes with a built-in QR reader which you need to scan to authorize and pair your device which will then be ready for the file transfer. You can share documents including PDF files which can be opened with Adobe Reader. The biggest advantage is that it needs to an internet connection to share your data over to other devices its simple as just running the app and selecting send. The disadvantage is that if a device is out of range or too far it will need a network or Wi-Fi / LAN to share the data over at high speeds.

SHAREit for Windows, Android, iPhone Free Download

SHAREit for Windows 32 and 64-bit Latest Overview

This app is unique, and there is no other software like this ever tried to be made after its release. SHAREit PC app has many different features which we will review that are Phone to Phone, PC to Phone and from PC to tablet. There is also data backup feature in SHAREit that allows you to back up all important files such as documents, music, and pictures, it can also be done with EaseUS Data Recovery. It also has remote view function that is same as a remote desktop connection that allows you to control, view and search your PC with your phone. This app comes in a setup and can also be installed as an offline installer application.

SHAREit 32 and 64-bit Hardware Requirements

  • CPU: Intel or AMD at 1.8 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Free space: 256 MB required for installation setup
  • OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
  • Internet connection required for remote file transfer
  • Platform: Windows, Android, and iPhone iOS mobiles

Free Download SHAREit 2017 Latest Details

  1. Credits for the App Author: Lenovo
  2. Version: 3.2 - 2017
  3. Pricing: N/A
  4. Licensed as Trial 
  5. File size: 20 MB
  6. Update: The download links have been updated!
Download SHAREit Latest For PC Free

February 28, 2017

EA FIFA 2017 PC Game Download Free

EA FIFA 2017 is now ready to be released and will be available for free download on Windows. It will be developed and published by Electronic Arts (EA) under the name of FIFA 17. It is a football simulation based PC game that works on all platforms and is a successor to last year's FIFA 16. EA Sports have put a lot of effort in the development and features of this title. It can be downloaded in many different file types like demo, and if you want to buy the full game it can be purchased for a decent price. Can be played on all platforms and devices supporting internet. There are HD graphics and different game types like career mode and multiplayer. 

EA FIFA 2017 PC Game Download

You are now able to select what footballer you want in matches and play with them in the premier leagues that you will need to choose from a total number of 20. EA Sports FIFA 2017 along with the football association and the main character of the game which will be "Alex Hunter". You will have to control all the moves on the pitch and whatever you will do in a football match will affect the upcoming career objectives of your gameplay. FIFA 2017 is now using one of the best graphic engines called Frostbite that will also allow power users to play it in 4K. It displays true life actions and emotions that make everything look authentic and not in 3D or 4D.

FIFA 2017 Free Download Full Version

FIFA 2017 Gameplay

The new game-engine is capable of showing you newer football worlds and journeys. The gameplay types are very different including playing the premier league and online, many of these that are highly similar genre wise are Football Manager 2016, FIFA 13, FIFA 15 and FIFA 14. Additional packages like DLCs will be released to download so players can add extra maps and stadiums. There will be a dialog box from which you will be able to choose favorites. The international federation of football association gave a review of FIFA 2017 that turned out to be excellent and recommended it to everyone. Multiple career modes are available from championship, world cup, leagues and normal practices.

FIFA 17 PC Game Free Download

FIFA 2017 Overview

FIFA 17 has added many international teams from around the world including countries like France, Portugal, France, USA, UK, Italy, Brazil and others. You can play custom tournaments against any team and also choose what footballers you would like to be in what side of the team. Also fielding options can be changed on the ground and you can also select the favorite pitch and uniform for the players. 

The clothing on them can also be customized by going into the menu options. There will also be an android version that is still under creation. Special features like multiplayer become free to play once you buy it. Unfortunately, this year the Ultimate team has been removed. However, it still holds the old FIFA coins method.

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System Hardware Requirements of FIFA 17 (2017)

  1. CPU / Processor: Intel Core i3 or faster.
  2. RAM memory: 4 GB.
  3. GPU / VGA: Nvidia or ATi Radeon 1 GB.
  4. Storage required: 16 GB.
  5. OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  6. Sound: Built-in or dedicated card will help towards the overall quality.
  7. Extras required maybe will be keyboard and mouse.

Technical Game Details

  • Licensing: Trial / Demo.
  • Developers / Authors / Publishers: Electronic Arts - EA Sports.
  • Prices: $40.
  • Version / Build: 17 / Deluxe Edition, Super Deluxe Edition.
  • Update: Latest updates and DLC packs have been added.

FIFA 2017 (17) Free Download

Football Manager 2017 Game Free Download For PC

Download Football Manager 2017 Free 

Football Manager 2016 Game Free Download

Football Manager 2017 is one of the newest management simulation pc games for Windows. Football Manager 2017 game free download comes with new capabilities which allow you to modify the appearance of the pitch and the management team on the ground. Football Manager is found under different names which are FM17 and FM 2017. The new Football Manager Game 2016 comes with fantasy draft mode which is basically a type of online multiplayer gameplay where different teams of players can play together. There is a specific amount of budget which a manager can give to a football player with a daft. Football Manager 2016 full game can be downloaded for free in demo version but if you want to have more fun it will need to be purchased.

Football Manager 2016 comes with different modes and one of the famous ones is 'Create a Club' which adds the feature of making your own football club. You can create your own kit, T-shirts, logos, football gear and also select your own stadium for matches. Customization options are also there when needed such as editing the logos, kits and many more products of the team. Another great function in the new FM 2016 is that it has ProZone match analysis which can be used by a manager to see how was the team doing in the previous matches. Another great improvement by the designers was that they made the artificial Intelligence better and faster in compared to the one which was in last year's Football Manager 2015

Football Manager 2016 free download for pc

Gameplay of Football Manager 2017

Managers can make their own characters which can go in the football field of FM 16 and can give orders to the players. They can also be customized depending on the match and stadium same as in EA FIFA 16. There is also an extended package that you can get with Football Manager 2016 to see highlights and match fixtures around the world like an updated news feed. One of the oldest features in the new FM game is that it supports multiplayer that is similar to the one in FIFA 2015. FM 16 has its own set piece creator that gives managers the ability to set different tactics, different zones on the pitch and options for marking. 

Football Manager 2016 (FM16) Full Version PC Game

Press conferences are more conversation heavy now than before that can be used with the press to ask more questions. Football Manager 2016 comes with new and added features as well that in some editions are available as default but in some versions you may need to download them manually which often are free of charge but the premium ones can be bought. FM 2016 also has compatible save files which can be opened in any platform I.e. If you save a match in your Laptop it can be opened in your tablet PC as well same goes to Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 that had sports clubs and more.

Other Free Simulation Games

  1. CPU required needs to be from Intel at speeds of 3.0 GHz
  2. RAM has to be at minimum of 1 GB for higher FPS
  3. Graphics hardware must be from Nvidia or AMD Radeon
  4. Visual software needed is DirectX
  5. Disk Space for Installation and setup needs to be 2 GB
  6. OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10

Football Manager 2017 PC Game Download Details

  1. Licensing: Demo / Trial is provided for free
  2. Developers and makers: Sega and Sports Interactive
  3. Version is FM 16
  4. Price is $32
  5. Platform is windows based PC
  6. Update: Latest version game files and updated DLC has been added, enjoy!
Download Football Manager 2016 (FM 16) Game for PC

Space Engineers Free PC Download Full Version

Download Space Engineers Game

Space Engineers is a Windows PC game based on Space on sandbox and simulation genre. Space Engineers PC game download is now available for free on Windows. Space Engineers full game can be bought from stores but can be played as a demo that is free with limited features. It consists of two main gameplay features that are singleplayer and multiplayer that is online gaming. Players are required to choose different maps and worlds that they can configure and do the settings manually to start with i.e. Asteroids and equipment. You can also create, edit and join societies because it has advanced configurations for player interaction with Space Engineers interface.

Space Engineers PC Game Download

You can have your own inventory items which can be used to create the world in space. There are different loading screens which have different quotes by famous people about space and the universe. Your character is dressed up as an astronaut that is known as the "Space Engineer" in the game. There are options to build your own space station rather being a small ship or large ship, and the construction starts from attaching the landing gear at the bottom. All body movements are allowed even if your player is wearing the astronaut suit in space, there is a jetpack attached to their suite that helps them to quickly move around in gravity.

Gameplay of Space Engineers on PC

Space Engineers comes with different modes as default that comes with it when you purchase it. Those matches include Creative and Survival. First, we are going to talk about creative who involves a player spawning unlimited resources which have different benefits and drawbacks to them. Asteroids can also be manipulated, but that is only possible in creative mode. It is also found in ARK Survival Evolved where you have to survive in the environment. It also overlaps and has a familiar gameplay style like in Minecraft where you have to build and create buildings and objects. This mode lets you make your ideas work and do not need extra effort to do so. 

Download Free Space Engineers Game

The second mode which we will check the gameplay of is the survival mode where players need to collect mine and refine objects to create tools, weapons or blocks. Another great example of a sandbox game is Garry's Mod which is also based on building and creating objects and has no story to it. There are different planets in the match as well, but they act like maps instead of a whole new place. The source code of this favorite PC game is available free of charge from the developer itself this means that designers can edit and make it even more fun to play. It is available in different types which are pre-release alpha and beta. 

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System Requirements for Space Engineers

  1. The CPU processor needs to be from Intel
  2. Speed and make needs to be newer the Core 2 Duo series
  3. RAM required is a minimum of 2 GB
  4. Disk space for installation setup should be 3 GB
  5. OS software: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
  6. Other support application needed maybe DirectX 12

Space Engineers PC Game Free Download Details

Licensed as a demo to play
Platform is PC / Windows
Price is $24
Developers and publishers are Keen Software House and Headup Games
Update: New and updated full version setup has been added!

Space Engineers Game Free Download

February 11, 2017

WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2010 Free PC Game Download

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 PC Game is now ready for free download in full version. It is one of the most professional computer game based on simulation of wrestling sports. It works on all the key platforms ranging from Windows to consoles and more. WWE 2010 received many new updates over last year's version which received some mixed reviews overall. There are new modes introduced in the World Wrestling Entertainment series by THQ which can be downloaded as a part of the game setup to add more features. The visuals are now found in HD and can be configured as per your specifications from the settings menu.

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 Game for PC Download Free

The ECW brand still exists in WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 because they were paid to do some promotion and the wrestlers did not want to play if it was not included. The previous title released before this one was WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009. Also, it is more than 80% identical than the real life show because you can now follow WWE roster. The storyline and gameplay have been refurbished and revamped from scratch providing a new and beautiful interface for the user. Furthermore, it now supports multiplayer which means you can play wrestling online with other friends or people around the globe.

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 Gameplay and Features

You can have a match with other wrestlers who will be done on a professional grade same as in WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011. There are in-game editors and customization tools that can help you make your own missions and storyline. It also has the road to WrestleMania which has different modes attached to it such as Superstar threads which allow you to create your own in-game wrestler. It is similar to create a superstar because it also works on mobile platforms like Android and iPhone. There is also enhancement updates received to create an entrance. Raw and Smackdown teamed up together with the game developers to create this release which is awesome.

Download WWE Smack down vs raw 2010 free game

Points are needed in different places of WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 so that you will be able to unlock your favorite character which was inspired by WWE 2013. There is also a new soundtrack introduced now which plays every time you win or lose a match. It has all the legends that have ever played in the WWE series. There are two builds of the game which are the trial (Free) and full (Paid) that can be purchased.

  1. Works on all operating systems and PCs.
  2. Easy to install setup which can also be found in the compressed format.
  3. Option to play online and rate other people's matches and wrestlers.
  4. Separate hardware such as gamepads and controllers are also compatible with WWE 2010.
  5. Also, comes with a built-in minigame which are fast rounds that end quickly.
  6. Latest series include Hell in a cell and first blood match modes.

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Requirements Needed for WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010

  1. CPU / Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or Quad Core.
  2. RAM: 2 GB of memory is required.
  3. VGA / GPU: ATi Radeon HD or Nvidia GeForce GTX.
  4. Storage space: 3.4 GB is needed for the working setup.
  5. Extra software such as DirectX may be necessary.
  6. OS: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10.

Download Free WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 Game

This is the natural process of finally getting the downloading of WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 in free of charge demo version. It works on all platforms including PC and may need the internet for online gameplay. It was developed and published by the author Yuke's and THQ based on fighting and action genre which hold all the credits to it. You can also buy it from the market or online shop for $4.99, however, the price may vary in different countries.

Update: New WWE 2010 Full Download setup files have been added for you with lots of bug fixes and improvements, Enjoy!
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 Free PC Game for Windows

WWE 2K15 PC Game Free Download Full Version

WWE 2K15 PC Game Free Download Full Version

WWE 2K15 is a wrestling-based fighting game on simulation developed by Yuke's and Visual Concepts. WWE 2K15 is free and can be downloaded in the version which supports full input and output from consoles like PS3 and PS4. We support 2K graphics which work on cross-platform computers running Windows and above. The game was released in 2014 in Europe and North America. It has the famous character John Cena playing the game in different matches, titles and tag team championships. WWE has many missions and level in different categories which are mandatory to complete so you head on to the next checkpoint.

It has High Definition HD graphics quality to enhance your game experience better than ever. 2K15 has different modes like My Career and Creative suite with online reaching capability to connect with various friends and the public from around the world. WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 is one of the best examples which one can give when it comes to 2K sports. Your character is able to do loads of things during and after the game e.g. Clothes, Body, Tattoos and Rings can be changed as user preferred using the settings options in the menu. The fighter has a certain amount of power and if it decreases the game will need to be started again.

WWE 2K15 Gameplay:

As you can see above in the image, it is really attractive and is great lots of people watch it Live this is from where the developers got the idea WWE Raw 2013. It is the successful version of WWE 2K14. 2K15 has been launched with a new mini version of itself to entertain at the next level of virtual gaming. Stamina meter is specially added which records every movement done by the body and slowly goes down as the user does a lot of exercising. You will do three matches with each opponent you come to a face with. CM Punk is the hardest to defeat in a steel cage match and the other 3 stages of Hell.

There are some soundtracks which were curated by professional experts. The health drains down as multiple finishing moves are applied at breaking points. Take-Two Interactive was the real distributors of this series. The winner gets the gold belt when he wins the league against others and comes 1st. Additional support for Xbox 360 consoles was added later in the same year. Proving ground is a mode where only the top best are allowed to have a match.

WWE 2K15 Screenshots:

WWE 2K15 PC Game Free Download

WWE 2K15 Free Download

WWE 2K15 Download Free Game

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WWE 2K15 Application Details:

Version is 2K15
Developers are Yuke's
Licensed as Demo
Platform: PC

Update: All setup download files have been updated to the latest one!

WWE 2K15 Game Download

January 29, 2017

ASTRONEER Free Full PC Game Download

ASTRONEER Game for PC Download Free, a one of a kind adventure and Sci-Fi title for Windows! Take the role of an astronaut explore the stars and space.

ASTRONEER Full Game 2017 Overview

There is no specific story or levels that you will need to complete as it does not have any. You will be asked to mine for your resources and go to colonize planets. ASTRONEER is one of a kind sandbox PC game. You are freely allowed to explore all the maps and the land around you without having to unlock them.

ASTRONEER Free PC Game Download

In this game, the player has different oxygen levels which get lower as time passes. The player needs to keep up with the air levels if not you suffocate and will die. There are no enemies or killer robots in ASTRONEER, but there are other dangers such as you falling from high altitudes or storm. One of the best games in Aerospace category. Built on Unreal Engine 4 the visuals look stunning and provide HD graphics. Hundreds of different types of minerals are placed in various locations. You will have different diggers and laser tools to unveil them. Players can construct many different objects such as pods or machines for themselves. You should also download and play Space Engineers

Features of ASTRONEER PC Game

  • There is an in-game 3D printer that your space traveler player will have access to create objects including rovers to be used for traveling.
  • Features a multiplayer mode allowing you to chat and play with other players at the same time, how cool is that?
  • Has been rated 9 / 10 on Steam giving it a very positive rating.
  • A never seen before gameplay experience and game mechanics have been added that are totally unique.

Download and Installation of ASTRONEER

It's easy, you just need to start downloading the setup files of ASTRONEER game. After this, you will need to extract all compressed and uncompressed folders. Note that it works on all x86 and x64 operating systems. After the files have been successfully extracted into a folder you will need to click on the setup file that ends with .exe this will execute the installation. This is the quickest way you will learn to download ASTRONEER copy for free.

Download ASTRONEER Free PC Game

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  1. CPU: Intel Pentium IV 2.0 GHz or faster.
  2. RAM: 3 GB.
  3. Graphics Card: Nvidia or AMD Radeon HD 256 MB.
  4. OS compatibility: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10.
  5. Storage: 10 GB of disk space is needed.

ASTRONEER Game Setup File Technical Details

License: Demo. 
Developer: System Era Softworks.
Version: Early Access / Final Version.
Category: Sci-Fi, Adventure and Open World.

ASTRONEER Game Download Free Wiki