May 05, 2017

Free Download Microsoft Office 2017 ISO

Microsoft Office 2017 ISO is now released as free to download. It comes in a setup that can be either standalone or offline installer. There is support 32-bit and 64-bit OS including Windows. There are many new improvements to the user-interface and the backward compatibility for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher still exists and is included with it.

There is now support for the cloud which means you can upload your documents straight to OneDrive as a backup service. There are many editions that it comes with those include Home, Student, Professional and Professional Plus. There are now themes and other online applications that you can access with this software.

Download Microsoft Office 2017 ISO Full Version

There are insights now which you can access from within Microsoft Office 2017 that give you other useful searches from Bing. Last year's Office 2016 Pro Plus was known to some limited features and problems that have now been fixed because updates were released that can be downloaded automatically. 

There are widgets as well that you can put in the sidebar while you are typing, you can add a calendar and weather info on the sidebar, none of these features were available in any previous Microsoft application including Office Starter, Office 2007 Enterprise and Office 2010 Professional. You can also sync all of your word documents with other apps and edit them from anywhere.

Features of Microsoft Office 2017 ISO

It can also be available to users in software as a service plan which means you can also select what applications you want to use e.g. only Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other Microsoft app you might want for your home or business use. It works similar to Office 365 because more than half of the installation sits in the cloud.

There is also Office mobile that is developed to run on Android and iPhone devices with the exact same tools and options available in the desktop version. It can now also export and import files from PDF and edit them as well, if not you can open them with Foxit Reader 7.

Office 2017 Home, Student, Professional and Enterprise

You can now also select when you want to use them and which apps you want to run via a permission setting that allows you to do this. There is also office online that only needs you to have an active internet connection to use it, and no kind of setup or installation is necessary. Below are the benefits of using this software and why more than 70% of business people and students choose it:
  1. Supports MAC and Linux based platforms.
  2. Easy to use and learn with thousands of tutorials available in different languages.
  3. There is also Outlook from 2017 that changes the way you send and receive emails.
  4. 1 TB of online storage is given for no cost which can be used as a backup location.


New patches and fixes have been added along with support for other popular tools like Grammarly. 

System Requirements for Office 2017

  • CPU: Intel or AMD at 2.5 GHz.
  • RAM: 2 GB.
  • VGA / GPU: Nvidia or ATi.
  • Disk space: over 2 GB.
  • OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10.

Microsoft Office 2017 ISO Free Download for Windows

This is the process where you will get your free downloading of MS Office 2017 which will primarily support both 32 and 64 Bit environments.
  • License: Trial
  • Version: Latest
  • Type: Setup ISO.
  • Developer and Author: Microsoft Corporation.
Download MS Office 2017 ISO Free for Windows

April 27, 2017

Windows Server 2016 ISO 32 / 64 Bit Free Download

Microsoft has now fully developed and released Windows Server 2016 32 / 64 bit ISO setup. You can download it for free, and if you want the full version, you can purchase it online or from other retailers. The system center has been totally redesigned, and more features have been added to it. Microsoft based it on its previous Windows NT platform with a hybrid kernel. It is also supported along with Windows 10 which means there is backward compatibility. The user interface is simpler and is identical to previous versions of the operating system. Integration of a built-in security software is also available called 'Windows Defender.'

Windows Server 2016 ISO 32 / 64 Bit Free Download

Windows Server 2016 has been given a professional touch now with its ISO and 32 / 64-bit versions. It allows you to now also operate with Active Directory Federation services and SQL databases. Also, there is support for the remote desktop which will allow you to connect to other servers and PCs over the network. Lots of stability improvements have been added, and performance is believed to increase by 10%. Storage management has been given a new look and a couple of new features like storage replicas, disaster recovery, and QoS policies. Booting speeds have been minimum, and it only restarts software and keeps the hardware running in the background. Windows PowerShell 5.0 and HTTP/2 is also compatible with the 2016 Windows Server. Updates are rolled out quite frequently which download automatically on the system and install on the next reboot.

Windows Server 2016 x86 / x64 ISO Features 

Lots of networking gadgets have been added such as DHCP, DNS, and Network access protection. It has the similar interface to Windows 7 and Windows 8, but security and virtualization are massively improved. There is now a gateway especially used for routing and configuring IP addresses and network based settings. There is a new tool called 'Hyper-V' which is for network virtualization and load balancing on the cloud between different systems. Alongside with Microsoft Windows Server 2016 the company also released 'Nano Server' that is a part of the OS with no graphical interface and only supports 32-bit applications.

  • Technical Previews are available for developers before release dates
  • Comes in both 32 and 64-bit versions in official ISO setup
  • Improved user-interface and network virtualization
  • Comes with build in web application proxy software for VPN
  • Boots up 5x faster than previous versions of Windows Server
  • Remote desktop client has been redefined with industry standards
  • There is a built-in Anti-malware program like 'Defender' to protect against threats
  • Supports active directory and authorizing remote users from different parts of the world
Windows Server 2016 ISO Download for Free

Windows Server 2016 ISO Latest Free Download

By clicking the red button below this post, the free download of Microsoft Windows Server 2016 ISO in 32 / 64-bit full version will start immediately. It is scanned by antivirus programs to make sure it is clean and is the official setup. You will need PowerISO to mount the image file.

Similar Windows Products

  • Processor: 1.6 GHz Intel or AMD Athlon
  • RAM: 512 MB of minimum
  • GPU/VGA: Depends if graphic heavy work is needed such as 3D or 4D rendering
  • Space: 34 GB
  • Comes with DirectX installed as default
  • The Internet is required for network based activities.

Windows Server 2016 32 / 64 Bit ISO Download Details

  1. Licensing: Trial / Demo for 30 days
  2. Pricing / Package: $250
  3. Version: 2016
  4. Author / Source: Microsoft Corporation 
  5. Type: ISO
  6. Size: 4.1 GB
UPDATE: New and updated official ISO images untouched AIO have been uploaded!
Free download Windows Server 2016 ISO 32 - 64 Bit full

March 28, 2017

Quick Heal Total Security 2017 Latest Free Download [Updated]

Quick Heal Total Security 2017 Latest Free Download [Updated]

Quick Heal Total Security 2017 is the latest antivirus for your PC which provides full system protection and is free to download on Windows. Quick Heal Total Security 2017 Latest scans your computer for harmful viruses and removes then in an instant when spotted. Quick Heal Total Security 2015 free download for PC supports both versions of Microsoft Windows including 32 bit and 64 bit. Quick Heal Antivirus 2015 is the best overall protection software because of the technologies that 'Total Security' has adapted in this tool. It also comes with modern features such as parent control, cloud security, online banking, USB drive antivirus and much more which we will discuss below. 

Unlike other famous antivirus software out there including Avast 2015 and Bitdefender Total Security 2015, Quick Heal Total Security 2015 downloads a fresh update often so it can detect all the new threats including viruses, Trojans, Malware and Worms quickly and erase them from your PC. It also supports PC-2-Mobile scanning which allows it to scan your mobile devices including your Android and iPhone device which is a premium option that comes in the full version of Quick heal antivirus total security which is a paid service and costs money. Another great feature is its advanced DNA-Scan that keeps an eye on your recently running programs and keeps scanning for any suspicious activity. 

Features of Quick Heal Total Security 2017 Latest

Quick Heal Total Security 2015 comes with the latest technologies for computer security. It has core protection tools which do an in-depth scan of the data stored on your system which is a combination of different antivirus applications that come built-in with Quick Heal Antivirus which it has installed default are Anti-Root-kit, Anti-spyware, and Anti-Malware which is similar to Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Quick Heal also prevents data theft from your PC because it asks for password authorization when files are being tried to be copied into a flash drive. Another great tool in Quick Heal is its safe banking protection which by defaults secures and encrypts all of your online transactions so that they are safe from threats.

Free download Quick Heal Total Security 2015 Setup

All new Quick Heal Total Security 2015 now also comes with an improved scan engine which is bright and efficient that supports scheduled scans. There is also online internet security in Quick Heal 2015 which is also found in Avira Antivirus 2015. There is also a PC-Tuner which fixes many errors by cleaning many registry errors and junk files on your computer just like in CCleaner. There is also a vulnerability scanner that scans for weak passwords and security problems on your computer and gives you tips in making them more secure via Quick Heal software. There is also a silent mode which hides your identity, so it stays hidden on your network which also comes in the free edition of AVG 2015.

Quick Heal Total Security Antivirus 2017 System Requirements

  1. CPU: Intel or AMD at 2.4 GHz minimum
  2. RAM: 2 GB required for installation
  3. VGA: 64 MB onboard or dedicated (optional)
  4. OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
  5. Environment: x86 or x64
  6. Disk space: 3 GB of hard drive space is required for the setup
  7. Internet connectivity is essential for receiving improvement updates

Quick Heal Total Security 2017 Downloading Details

  • Developer and Author are Quick Heal Technologies.
  • The license is free to use as a Trial.
  • File size: 134 MB.
  • A version is 2017.
  • The platform is Windows PC.
Update: New latest virus definitions have been updated with better detection rate.

Quick Heal Total Security 2015 Latest For Windows Free Download

Microsoft Edge Browser 2017 (Web Browser) Free Download

Microsoft Edge Browser 2017 (Web Browser) Free Download

We all have been waiting for the default browser in Microsoft Windows to be changed, and that changed has come now, Microsoft Edge has been released as free download for windows. Microsoft Edge is the new web browser which comes with Windows 10. Microsoft Edge Web Browser is available for free and can be downloaded for any previous version of Windows. Edge Browser can now load web pages safer, securer and faster than any other Internet Explorer was capable of doing so. It is supported on Tablets, Laptops, All in Ones and Personal computers. Microsoft Edge is also known as Project Spartan which was its codename before.

Microsoft Edge is light and fast in compared to other web browsers like Dolphin and UC browser. Microsoft Edge is officially out for download supporting both 32 bit and 64-bit environments. Edge now provides a feature to make notes directly while you are visiting or browsing through a web page by just touching any part of the screen or by moving the mouse over. Edge makes it clear for you to read any type of articles or stories on a website by making the screen a bit wider and by enlarging the text. This browser makes searching the World Wide Web easier and faster by using Bing and Google as its default search engines.

Download Microsoft Edge Web Browser for free

Microsoft Edge Features and Overview

Edge also works with Cortana the new digital assistant who is built for Windows 10. It is capable of listening and executing commands by your voice e.g. Open the browser or open Facebook. The address bar has changed and is quick to access and supports voice typing as well. Microsoft Edge has its own Edge-Html engine which processes web pages faster and supports all the main computer languages including PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and XML. Cortana also helps in searches by providing the best matching your query if not it will display you the search screen for you to select the most suitable website for you.

You can bookmark and add to your most visited and liked site to favorite by just saying the command to Cortana in Microsoft Edge. Users can install Edge onto any technology device including iOS, Android, MAC and Windows easily without any problems. Edge also supports Flash videos and comes built in with Flash Player and Shockwave. Edge Web Browser is compatible with all types of websites and also has greater loading times. It stores history and cache upon the user's request and can even delete them by time schedules which you can set up for Edge. Web browsers are getting advanced and rich in feature every day.

New security features and vulnerabilities were fixed adding more security and performance improvements to the browser!

Recommended Web Browsers and Software

Microsoft Edge Browser Download Details

  1. Licensed as free to download
  2. Developed by Microsoft Corporation
  3. OS: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
  4. Compatibility: 32 (x86) / 64 (x64) Bit
  5. File size depends on the version.
Free Download Microsoft Edge Browser For Windows

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional 2017 Free Download

Download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional 2017 Software

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional 2017 Free Download

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional 2017 is now available for download because it has been released. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional 9.8 is supported on all the main OS, and its primary function is to recover lost, deleted and formatted data from storage devices such as Memory sticks, memory cards, and hard drives. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro 9.8 can easily retrieve data from internal and external hard disks, it has no limits of recovery data and is unlimited a number of files you can recover such as photos, documents and much more. This data recovery software comes in three different builds that are free, paid and professional, each of these have various benefits over others.

Download EaseUS Data Recovery Pro 9.8 for free

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional 9.8 can also recover files from digital cameras, music players, iPods, iPads, iPhones, PCs, accidental partition delete, and Android devices. Data Recovery Wizard Pro 9.8 is also capable of scanning and retrieving lost data from large hard drives such as 1 TB, 2 TB, and vice versa. EaseUS Data Recovery Pro free download works on both 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems of Windows and MAC. It also has a built-in file search feature that allows you to preview the files in a particular location to recover and you can select which important files you want to recover and which you do not want to improve. 

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional 2017 Overview

EaseUS Data Recovery Pro software allows you to recover software in easy-to-follow steps and has a friendly interface which guides you in the recovery of your lost data same like in Recuva Data Recovery. EaseUS is safe to use and makes backups of your storage devices before doing a backup on them which is also done in Memory Card Recovery process. There is also support available from EaseUS that can help you in getting your data back from lost or raw partitions. The trial version of data recovery wizard pro 9.8 can recover only 2 gigabytes of data whereas the Pro version can recover unlimited data but it needs to be purchased.

Recovering Lost Data using Data Recovery Wizard Pro Free

Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional 2017

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro gets updated automatically with its auto-updating feature which makes it more stable and adds more features to it for improving it. Data Recovery Wizard Pro also provides virus protection and cleans junk files to free up space in your PC as in Advance System Care 8. Data Recovery Wizard can be downloaded for various platforms including mobile and computers as well, but its main area of success is computers. 

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Data using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro?

Retrieving data using Data Recovery Wizard Pro version 9.8 is easy, and straight forward it consists of three steps that are Scanning > Selecting the data > Recovering, that's it! After that, it takes time depending on your hard drive speed and the amount of data you are recovering. 

Other Data / File Recovery Software for You

EaseUS Data Recovery Professional 2017 Windows File Details

  • License is freeware
  • Developers are EaseUS
  • Size: 10.45 MB
  • Price: Na
  • Platform is Windows PC
  • Version 9.8 is the latest.
Note: The software has been updated with new installation setup and offline installer.

(EaseUS) Data Recovery Wizard Pro Software Free Download

Download Free YouTube Downloader 2017 (YTD) for Windows

Free YouTube Downloader (YTD) 2017 Overview

YouTube Downloader also known as YTD that is free to download on Microsoft Windows. Free YouTube Download from 2017 is the latest video download manager that you can find in the market. This software is best known for getting downloading videos from YouTube. It is capable of detecting music, videos and many other multimedia things related to video from popular other websites as well like Dailymotion and Vimeo. It is supported on many different Windows environments such as 32 bit (x86) and 64 bit (x64) and also comes in an offline installer standalone setup which the user can extract and install on its device.

Download Free YouTube Downloader 2016 (YTD) For Windows

Free YouTube Downloader 2016 (YTD) comes in two different versions which is freeware and paid for the full version that a user can download or buy. There is no such need for getting any kind of browser extensions for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. YouTube is growing at a tremendous rate and there are many modern authors and videos there that many people like watching. The big problem that raised awareness and need for such a software was that some people have limited bandwidth and watching via YouTube on repeat was costing them a lot more in internet bills, this is where YouTube downloading tools and software came into place by programmers and developers.

Free YouTube Downloader (YTD) 2017 Latest Features

You can also convert videos using Free YouTube Downloader YTD of 2016 after downloading them straight away before saving them, one such converter is Any Video Converter 5.8.2 and alternatively you can use Total Video Converter 3.7.1. Another great feature in YTD downloader is that you can share your media files such as audio and video songs over your other devices including iPhone, iPod, MP3, MP4 players and Android smartphones. It is really easy to use and has a flat system interface along with a built-in Video player similar to VLC Media Player. The latest YouTube Downloader Free edition 2016 comes in a standalone setup that can also be found in offline installer for Windows.

Download Latest Free YouTube Downloader (YTD) 2016

There is also a Pro version of YouTube Downloader that is not free, but packs a lot more rich functions and useful tools with it such as pause and resume capability of a video. Also it is free of annoying advertisements that do not disturb you with pop ups etc. while watching something from the internet. There is also download speed acceleration in the full version that saves users lots of time while getting files or media from the web. There is a huge list of different types of audio and video formats that YTD supports and a few of them are AVI, WMV, HD, 4K and 3GP. It is a straight competitor to DAP 10 but YTD was especially made for multimedia. Below is a summary of features and functions:
  • Reliable and supports cross platform compatibility
  • Easy to install and supports all major web browsers
  • Can download videos from sites such as Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion and Facebook
  • Built-in video and audio converter included with the package.

YTD YouTube Downloader Latest Free Download for Windows Details

  1. Licensing: Freeware
  2. Developer: YTD
  3. Price: $18.91
  4. OS Support: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
  5. Version: 2017 / 5.1.0 / Pro / Basic.
Note: Setup has been updated with the latest version from 2017 so start the installation and downloading Youtube Downloader - YTD!

YTD Downloader for YouTube Free Download

March 01, 2017

SHAREit Free Download 2017 Setup

Download SHAREit 2017 Software Free

SHAREit is software that is best for file sharing capabilities from any device. SHAREit can be downloaded for free in 32 (x86) and 64 (x64) bit setup for Windows, Android, iPhone iOS and many more platforms. SHAREit that comes as free to download that can share documents, files, folders, songs, videos and other useful data. SHAREit for PC latest version supports all the main operating systems, and it also works offline without the need of an internet connection to share files over your devices. SHAREit for Windows is faster than any other way of file sharing with the tablet, mobile, and PC. This piece of software decreases the hassle for the need of connecting all your devices via cables just to transfer data between them.

SHAREit Free Download 2017 Setup

Even when you are moving large files between your devices, this solution for file sharing is faster than a cable connection as well because of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. SHAREit is entirely free file transfer software that you can download. It works over high-speed Wi-Fi in which the app creates a hotspot to which the connected devices are then allowed to share files over to each other, and it's the same for online file sharing similar to FileZilla Client. SHAREit latest has a sleek user interface that you can learn very quickly as it is full of simplicity. While viewing documents on your PC from the phone, you can also use the phone as a remote same as in Teamviewer to move the material around, for example, move the slides in a PowerPoint.

Features of SHAREit for PC Latest

One of the great features of SHAREit is that it works on the go and you do not need to connect the device with a wire etc. SHARE-it for PC also comes with a built-in QR reader which you need to scan to authorize and pair your device which will then be ready for the file transfer. You can share documents including PDF files which can be opened with Adobe Reader. The biggest advantage is that it needs to an internet connection to share your data over to other devices its simple as just running the app and selecting send. The disadvantage is that if a device is out of range or too far it will need a network or Wi-Fi / LAN to share the data over at high speeds.

SHAREit for Windows, Android, iPhone Free Download

SHAREit for Windows 32 and 64-bit Latest Overview

This app is unique, and there is no other software like this ever tried to be made after its release. SHAREit PC app has many different features which we will review that are Phone to Phone, PC to Phone and from PC to tablet. There is also data backup feature in SHAREit that allows you to back up all important files such as documents, music, and pictures, it can also be done with EaseUS Data Recovery. It also has remote view function that is same as a remote desktop connection that allows you to control, view and search your PC with your phone. This app comes in a setup and can also be installed as an offline installer application.

SHAREit 32 and 64-bit Hardware Requirements

  • CPU: Intel or AMD at 1.8 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Free space: 256 MB required for installation setup
  • OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
  • Internet connection required for remote file transfer
  • Platform: Windows, Android, and iPhone iOS mobiles

Free Download SHAREit 2017 Latest Details

  1. Credits for the App Author: Lenovo
  2. Version: 3.2 - 2017
  3. Pricing: N/A
  4. Licensed as Trial 
  5. File size: 20 MB
  6. Update: The download links have been updated!
Download SHAREit Latest For PC Free