January 12, 2018

Download Windows 10 AIO 32 bit and 64 Bit Free ISO

Windows 10 2018 ISO 32 and 64 Bit Free Download (AIO Untouched)

The all new Microsoft Windows 10 32 and 64 bit has arrived in the cyber world which was released in 2014. Windows 10 is available to free download by MS and has lots of new improvements among their old Operating systems which are Windows 8.1 / Windows 7 and Windows Vista. The graphical user interface GUI has wholly changed from front to end it has vibrant colors and stability has been increased for touch tablets and devices which are using touchscreens. The hardware requirements are not that much high-end but still are the same as required in Win 8. It features a whole new boot up animation, and the logo has been improved.

This is the beta version, but there are still significant fixes and updates for the preview version. It is coming with a hybrid kernel which decreases the stress how a processor handles all the commands and process which are running in the background. The developers have now aimed to make the graphics look more beautiful on personal and desktop computers which do not have a touchscreen display. Windows 10 is really easy to install and is the same process as all the Windows had from Win 7 the hard drive can be divided into more than 10 locations so you can have enough flexibility and space to manage all of the files and folders.

Windows 10 User Interface:

It is coming out with an all-new browser, and Microsoft will end the supported Internet Explorer their latest browser is called ''Spartan'' it is said to have increased and more stable web page handling capabilities then IE. The start menu has been upgraded and has virtual Windows Store Apps integrated you can find out the weather details, and the live news updates directly from their process are easy, fast and accurate. Windows 10 has now given its user a digital assistant called Cortana she can listen and respond to commands like ''Open My Computers'' or ''Can you check my Mail Box'' it can be controlled only by voice control.

Windows 10 Features:

  • Windows Defender and built-in Antivirus Protection
  • Voice controlled functions and Cortana 
  • All new Web Browser to browse the Internet lighting at lightning speeds
  • Improved Support and Reliability for Non-touch Display devices and smartphones
  • Lite and Fast feedback on tablets with low RAM memory 
  • The start Menu includes the Windows Store 
  • Laptops have now been a special on list for them
  • It has an optimized gaming mode
  • Supports Intel and AMD Chip-sets
  • Installs the Drivers Automatically 

Windows 10 All-in-One (AIO) Utilities:

Windows 10 ISO 2018 Free Download 32 / 64 Bit Untouched:

  • Version: 10
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation 
  • License: 30-day trial 
Download Windows 10 ISO

Download Viber for PC 2018 Offline Installer

Viber for Windows Offline Installer Free Download

Viber full offline EXE and MSI installers are now available for Windows PC. Viber for Windows has supported on Vista, XP, 7, 8 and 8.1 MS OS. Viber is mainly a messenger used for voice and video calls which are free of charge over the internet it also works on MAC, Android, and iOS platforms. Viber connects the world and many people with their friends, family, and colleagues. It uses the technology which is used in Skype to transfer audio and face time over the network to the other point smoothly without any significant hustles. It is straightforward to use and has a straight user graphical interface design to keep things simple to navigate.

Viber Connectivity:

Viber is the excellent software for calling and texts which are sent and received over the network which is based on 'Peer to Peer.' The internet connection needs to be fast, and the latency needs to be decent over 3G and 4G wireless it performs really well without any lags in the voice or a drop in video quality between the persons. TeamSpeak 3 is an excellent example of what hardware and applications were made and developed to be used in such Apps for the computers, when it comes to connectivity there are hundreds of options which are available in this unique invention from communicating and sending data to other people.

Viber Audio & Video Calls Features:

A list can be created in which you can add people and other users which you know there are different tabs like Favorite, Recent, Missed and new contacts. Sticker messages can also be sent with emotion icons like '':), :P, :('' which are most common ones but they are not sent like the examples but have a small image which represents each of the following is a more significant look. There are no limitations in calling, but some countries do not allow Viber to be used as it does not apply to their terms and conditions.
  • Improved and crystal clear HD calls
  • Easy and fast when being used
  • Lots of settings in the notifications area
  • Main menu desktop shortcuts
  • Updated status messages
  • Profile picture can be edited directly
Personal profile with public chat groups can be created in which you can invite other people to chat and message to talk with them. Facebook and Twitter are also integrated so people can directly see that if the number is online, busy or away. Viber uses standard phone verification through which it recognizes the device and makes an account of it.

Recommended Calling Applications:

  1. Version: Latest
  2. Developer: Viber Media
  3. License: Free
  4. Platform: Windows PC
Viber for Windows Free Download

Download WinRAR 2018 Offline Installer Setup Free for Windows

WinRAR Archiver Free Download

WinRAR Archiver 2018 is software used for compressing and extracting ZIP files of many formats like .rar. WinRAR Archiver is available as free download in full version, and it's effortless to use with a simple interface. WinRAR is supported on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista operating systems. Support for Android was also released in 2015 when the use of RAR files started to increase, so they decided to move to smartphone areas by even introducing it to iPhone and Linux. WinRAR also developed different format extensions called RAR4 and RAR5 which are more stable and have extended compatibility.

File archive's like WinRAR are very useful as many computers do not have sufficient space store big files, so they are compressed and are reliable as they are safe and are not damaged or corrupted for future use. RAR files are elementary to create and takes less than 2 minutes depending on your CPU processing speed a quad-core processor will do the work fast. There are no limits on archiving files it can be any necessary file from 10 to 50 gigabytes. Winrar does some of the same functions as PowerISO, and Daemon Tools except it does not support burning and mounting of virtual discs onto the hard drive.

How to Extract Files with WinRAR 2018?

The latest version of Winrar has a new feature called 256-bit encryption to the files which uses a potent combination of passwords to protect a record by someone who does not have access to it. Unpacking ACE, ARJ, ZIP, 7Z, and ISO are possible now. The self-extracting file option comes in very handy when the other user does not know how to unzip a .rar folder. Later on, it also released a stable release for MAC OS X because lots of users were demanding it because no such other software can do this process simpler and faster like WinRAR does. UTF-8 is used for some files as so they are human readable.
  • Easy and fast file extraction 
  • All new repair feature can fix corrupted or damaged files like Recuva
  • Password protection enabled with AES 256-bit encryption
  • Compression size can be chosen ranging from 1 MB to 2 GB
  • Multilingual support including English and 43 others
  • Testing for errors and damaged documents is a new feature
Overall a great piece of software which saves all the files in NTFS instead of FAT 32 so modern day hard drives can read and edit it. There is an option in the software which can show a list of the recently processed files.

Recommended Archiving Software:

Minecraft Game For PC Free Download

Minecraft PC Game was developed by Mojang as the free download in 2011 based on sandbox and survival genre. Minecraft game for PC can be played on all platforms including Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox. Minecraft is a 3D game in which players have to build objects which include cars, buildings, airplanes and more. Minecraft allows a player to make his own maps and creative worlds to play in. The all new Minecraft PC Game has crafting features in which players can create their individual objects and can also play multiplayer with other friends, family or with anyone from any part of the World.

Minecraft was launched with many new features that no one had ever seen in any other games which were developed for the PC platform. Bloody Roar 2 is Arcade based as well but, has more graphics and HD modes in compared to Minecraft PC Game. There are many types of missions also objectives in this Minecraft version. It is based entirely on building objects of many types of houses but with the use of blocks, by doing all these player levels up, and you get a high rank as well. You can also have matches with different players in the game, which involves building objects in a time provided and the first one to complete it wins the game.

Minecraft PC Game Play and Story:

Minecraft PC Game can be played in an Open-World system as well with a first-person view, and can also be performed in Third-Person view. Minecraft Game for PC can also be downloaded for many other platforms such as Android and iPhone devices. It has cubes and blocks like in Sleeping Dogs which you have to pick and build your structure within the game and also drive cars and bikes.

Minecraft PC Game Free Download

All the cubes in the game sometimes have to be in a grid order as it is Sandbox Survival based. Minecraft also has different modes for players, for example, Adventure, Multiplayer and Spectator mode. In Minecraft Game for PC players can text and call each other as well using the in-game contact feature.

Minecraft Game Free Download

The most exciting part of Minecraft is that players have their own inventory in which they can store items. It can also save your progress as your rank is going higher. It has trees, forest and many other places on its map.

Other Games like Minecraft to Download:

Minimum System Hardware Requirements:

  • Intel Pentium D or better
  • RAM memory needs to be above 2.0 GB
  • VGA Graphics must be HD and at least of 512 MB
  • HDD needs to be 250 MB required
  • Java has to be installed so it can run the game

Minecraft PC Game 2018 Download Details:

  • Licensed as a demo for Windows
  • Developed by 4J Studios
  • Game size is 32.4 MB
  • Priced at $5.99
Free Download Minecraft PC Game

Download Opera Browser Offline Installer Setup 2018 Free

Opera Web Browser Free Download

Review of Opera Browser 2018 - Offline Installer Setup

Opera can browse the internet faster and give you the best results in seconds. Opera Web Browser Free Download supports all major platforms which are Windows 7 and Windows 8. Opera browser is totally free, simple and easy to use with its outstanding sleek user interface. This browser also has a different version for mobile devices called Opera Mini which can run on Android and iPhone platforms. The need of Web Browsers is significant because without one a user cannot access the internet and the only other choices are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox which can also surf the web like Opera does.

Opera is the most straightforward browser ever built to use and is lite which makes it easier for a processor to load the web pages. It also supports Flash Player so users can play HD videos and listen to music directly from the Internet. Speed Dial is a great feature which was developed for the first time and implemented into a Browser so it saves the users a lot of time because they will not need to type the search address all the time they open a new tab. Opera has its own download manager like IDM which is much faster and stable in comparison to other applications like this. Users can add their own keyboard shortcuts to access settings and web pages quickly.

Opera Features:

Opera has lots of excellent and useful features and one of them mostly used is Opera Turbo which helps users with slow internet to browse the web faster, and it does that by compressing the website it's about to load, so it opens quicker. This Turbo feature also helps internet connections which have limited bandwidths and saves it by reducing the page size. Opera is also supported in wearable gadgets like Android Wear and Windows Phones. Opera has the color red on the sides as this is there default business color. It also has compatibility with CSS and HTML which can be viewed and edited in the developer mode.

Download Opera Browser

Opera is the best when it comes to privacy of its users it has a unique notification feature which overviews the security of a website before it opens the web page. It tells information of site like if it is safe to surf or not, this helps a lot of people to stay secure online. Opera is based on the Blink Layout Engine which is lite and supports all kinds of websites also has a slightly better load time than others. Users can bookmark their favorite sites and visit them with just a click.

Update: New comes with its own ad-blocker built-in!

Recommended Web Browsers For You:

Version is 28
Type: Freeware
Developer: Opera Software
File size: 34.7 MB
Free Download Opera Web Browser

Download Recuva Data Recovery 2018 Free Full Version

Recuva Data Recovery Free Download

Recuva Data Recovery is software which is able to recover deleted data from hard drives and SD cards just like Memory recovery. Recuva is free to download and supported on Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers. Recuva is capable of doing things which much other software failed to do on many different platforms like Linux and Android. This application was developed and published by Piriform. It gives a guarantee to its user that the files which were deleted accidentally can be recovered with just some simple steps along with the instructions manual which is available with Recuva and guides you how you can restore the data you have lost.

The undelete feature will also recover the files which are not even in the recycle bin on the desktop. It also supports other media devices such as Cameras and iPod merely connect it to the PC using the data cable, and it will do its job. Recuva can also get back data, emails, songs, and images from rewriteable media. There is a tool in it which allows a user to give a scan to the entire machine and it will automatically search for the files recently deleted and will try its best to recover them all back. External flash drives are also supported by it and can detect them and recover your data using the same way it does on the computer.

How to Recover Deleted Files with Recuva 2018 Software?

Recuva can also recover your precious data from damaged and formatted disks such as the one which commonly gets corrupted by time, or it's a hardware fault, with Recuva you will be able to give that a scan as well without any problem. It has a great feature known as 'Quick Format' which searches the HDD but some of its parts, not the whole disk because this process is slower and takes a lot of time instead of this the great minds behind this application programmed it to scan the index of the storage which in case every device has. It notifies the user after the scan by giving an accurate success rate results to show how much it can recover.

Recover Emails, Word Documents, and Songs using Recuva:

Recuva has a great extended user option to recover the Emails, Word Documents and Songs it does merely that by accessing the temporary bin which is located either in Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live Messenger. It can rebuild a file from scratch which you recently forgot to save while doing your work a list below to show the features of Recuva.
  • All new Deep Scan feature
  • Can recover Microsoft Word and E-mail files quickly and safely
  • This is a portable version and can be moved to another location and installed
  • Multilingual support and Customer service support
  • iPod, iPhone songs recovery from iTunes
It is a great tool overall with all of the options which it has to offer it is recommended give it a try to download it does not take long and is not CPU heavy.

Update: New setup and latest version Recuva has been added.

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  1. Camtasia Studio 8
  2. Adobe Photoshop CC 2014
  3. Visual Studio Professional 2013
  4. GOM Media Player
  5. Viber for Windows Offline Installer
  6. Daemon Tools Lite Pro 3.0
  7. Oxford English Dictionary
  8. Microsoft Office 2014

Recuva 2018 Free Download (Full Version) Details:

  • Version: 1.51.1063
  • Size: 4.12 MB
  • Developer: Piriform
  • License: Trial
  • Platform: Windows
Free Download Recuva

Whatsapp Download for PC Web App (2018)

Download Whatsapp for PC 2018 is the software to run the favorite mobile app on your computer!

WhatsApp For Windows PC Free Download

WhatsApp for Windows PC 2018 free download is a messenger commonly used for messaging and texting by people around the world. WhatsApp for Windows PC is supported on Win 7, Win 8 and Windows 8.1. WhatsApp is easy to use and works on all PCs from Laptops to Servers and Desktops. WhatsApp for Windows has changed entirely and now comes with a new interface and many other features such as calling and sending files including to your contacts using the internet and your computer. It is like instant messaging software developed now for Windows.

WhatsApp can be used efficiently just like the ViberFacebook, and Yahoo Messenger applications but it is more than just a messenger for windows OS. WhatsApp has also been available around for Android, but after the high usage of the mobile platforms, it came over to windows as well. WhatsApp sends your message/text in milliseconds to your contact no matter in which part of the world he is located. Also, a recently introduced feature in it allows you to send and receive photos, videos and other files with your contacts. A user can also create a group and add people to it. 
WhatsApp is late and comes in both 32(x86) and 64-bit setup along with EXE and MSI installers especially for Windows. WhatsApp has users from all over the globe, and most of them are from U.K, USA, India, and Europe. Users can build their profile and add a photo with their name so others can recognize them readily. There are some requirements to run this such as an Intel CPU, 256 MB RAM, and a regular DirectX capable VGA card so it can process the images and videos sent by others to you.

The new WhatsApp Messenger 2018 for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 has been updated with a bundle of new features and fixes. It can now also run on MAC and Linux systems. Along with support for x86 and x64 environments. Users also have the option of getting the offline installer setup. The UI has been redesigned and is responsive meaning that it will support any browser including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and others. It is the best alternative to Yahoo Messenger.

Recommended Messengers for PC:

WhatsApp Messenger Web App for PC 2018 Free Download Full Version:

  1. Licensed as a Freeware program setup.
  2. Works on all Windows Platforms.
  3. Developed by the WhatsApp Inc team

Free Download WhatsApp For Windows PC