January 21, 2018

Battlefield 4 Free Game for PC Download

Download Battlefield 4 PC Game Full Version

Battlefield is the 4 series in its coming releases and is a type of free air support first-person shooter action game developed by EA (Electronic Arts in Swedish). The game is available in a download for Computers, PC, Windows, and Gaming Consoles including Xbox and Play station. It is based in battlefields in different parts of the world where team of soldiers in a fleet go in an airlift helicopter which has to land straight in the battlefield but cannot because there were enemy lines having more than 4 air guns which start firing heavy bullets at you and the chopper fells download, and there you are trapped with only one long-range field sniper and injured members.

Battlefield 4 PC Game Free Download

The real gaming starts now when you and only your friends standing there have to complete with a high success rate, so they return with honor. The game has two modes single player and the online version which has full access to a wide variety of maps and vehicles. In the first one, you go to a country and fight back to take your land back. The people of the country are relying on you and your mates. There are significant areas which are covered by the opposing army safeguarding it. You can also get free air support from their by calling the jet fighter planes which are loaded with heavy firearms and missiles that can penetrate strong armor.

The game play is a but similar to this if you see in COD: AW, The character moves as in open world like Grand Theft Auto like he has some kind of freedom feel which gives him the power to act as a super soldier to continue the fight which was raised years ago by the enemy because of the war started the reason was that they download the critical info from the forces that how are they going to build all the new weapons and the machines which are they obtain how do they work and now to take revenge this special team having more than six years' experience in handling and firing with high accuracy shots have been selected for the task.

The game has high visual graphics which will need a powerhouse to run because of the interface there is a multiplayer feature which is the option that you can play with your family and friends or globally with the public via the internet even chat and text each other at the same time with multiple persons same there. Battlefield 3 was an older release by the same users which was a big success by EA and their team. Dice was their publisher which helped them in managing all the coded files of the graphics into the right term and path. The settings can be changed at a high volume you can customize the mouse and keyboard working speed how you want.
Battlefield 4 Game Free Download

Battlefield 4 Game Details

  • Version: 4 
  • Developer: EA Slice and Dice 
  • Platforms: Cross Platform 
  • License: Premium 
  • Type: Free to play demo 

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System Specifications of BF4

  1. Processor: 4 core or Intel Core 2 duo 
  2. Speed: 2.8 Gigahertz 
  3. RAM: 4 GB 
  4. Graphics Card: 2 GB high performance 
  5. Space: 30 Gigabytes 

Free Download Battlefield 4 for PC


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