December 22, 2014

Microsoft Office 365 Free Download Full Version

Microsoft Office 365 Free Download

Microsoft Office is the 365 version of its applications and the latest one and up to date one available. It is developed for cross platforms like Windows Vista/XP/7 and Windows 8 with free support for their software. It is an outstanding document publishing app by Microsoft one of their products has auto type recognition built in which helps the software to recognize the typing style of the particular person who is using it. All the tools are MS word processing, Publisher, One note, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Each of the above pointed app has its own unique job which cannot be done by any of the other in the list because of the different file types.

The using of it is simple easy and straight forward like it is not that much complicated like the other applications out there do in them. But still this one is mostly preferred in offices, colleges and universities in order of the vast number of editable set of instruments are in it. The mobile platform for smartphones is also in process for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry with the support of Office 2010. Because of the core and as it is written in C+ + language and that those are readable by the CPU of those small devices and that it is lite and does not take up that much memory and slightly uses the power of the charged battery it is going to be simplest and fastest in opening documents.

MS Office 365 Features:

The efficiency is really accurate and the various things that you can do in different screens open is in high amount that from changing the fonts there are more than 40 font styles specially for you to choose from. The sizes can be changed as well and you can select an option for the printer that you want to change the full structure of the note that you are writing it can be done simply by going in to the settings and adjustments step. You can also insert photos in the document by selecting image and showing its path to it will do the work. Page layouts can be changed that if you want an A3 or A4 paper on which the results of the processed data will be come on.

Emails can be sending directly from there by which is a very useful section from their team. It helps you create and edit your mail in it with all the tools which you use as the same method you use to create and publish a word type. In office this is why it is the choice of much because of the flexibility which is provided by it. This is also in MS Office 2014. The creation of leaflets is made good by them giving you a variety of templates and themes to choose and edit and you can enter your text inside it. Recently used documents can be viewed by selecting file from above and it will show you a big list of the docs that you have opened in the past and can open from there.
Office 365 Free Download

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Office 365 App Details:

License: Premium (demo)
Type: Free to use trial
Platform: Windows
Developer: Microsoft
Office 365 Full Version


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