December 17, 2014

Google Chrome Offline Installer Download

Google Chrome Offline Installer Download
Google Chrome offline installer is a browser for windows Vista/XP/7 and windows 8. There are many versions like 32 bit and 64 bit. This browser is a freeware and is available for download in free version. Chrome is just a normal web browser but faster than any other on the internet. It supports cross-platform from windows, mac, android and Linux. It is developed and is the officially launched web surfer from the famous search engine called "Google". It is a very fast browser and is known to increase speeds of web page loading and saves data plans on the networks which are limited in download data. It is also known a developer's web kit as it is used by many web developers across the globe.

This works just simply like any other you'll find on the web but increases in loading pages, and uses less internet speed and data usage for you to save your monthly data plan. It has an Incognito mod which helps you surf the web anonymously it does that by opening an tab in which it does not save any search and web history without bookmarking anything. It is really simple and has a very user friendly interface which helps you navigate through its settings easily with any big hustles. There are also many big examples of popular browsers which are Firefox, Opera, Netscape and Safari, all those are known as middle class normal web surfing applications.

It does not decrease the performance of your computer as it is a lite and not heavy which does not require high random access memory it just requires an internet connection. It has virtual private network settings which you to insert your own proxy into its settings and there are many different plugins which can be installed in it also themes which will make it more beautiful in looking also third party apps which increase its stability and improves it a bit. Chrome can add bookmarks really easily by just tracking which websites you visit the most and often and it adds it in the bookmarked sites list automatically you can disable this option as well.

There are many versions of it one is an online version and the other one is offline the difference between these two is that the online versions downloads the files of the Google chrome browser from their server directly and the offline one has it all in one at the same time so you do not need to wait for it to get all the pieces of it. By far the most secure internet browser out there said any security experts out there about the chrome browser and its extensions there is a chrome web store where you can download different kinds of new themes, templates and plugins for your browser and also games which you can play in the new tabs. A list of similar software which you may like is PowerISO/DriverPack Solution 2015 /Internet download manager/Memory Card Recovery software.
Google Chrome Offline Installer Free Download

Google Chrome Browser Details:

Version: Latest (2015)
License: Free to use
Developer: Google
Platform: Windows/Android/Linux
Google Chrome Offline Installer


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