December 12, 2014

KMPlayer Multimedia Free Download

KMPlayer Multimedia Free Download
KMPlayer is a media player which supports all kinds and types of audio and video formats. It is supported by windows XP/7/Vista/8 and many other platforms including Android and iOS iPhone. You can download the specific application free without any kind of charges. It is the latest releases as there are many versions coming out every year at the current it is 2015 and many upcoming are said to have new features and more advanced playing options. It supports MP3/MP4 and many more there is a very big list which cannot be named because it's over hundreds that it can support and is lite software to have does not take that much memory space in your drive.

It also supports high definition playback which is a very rich and cool feature this enhances the image and video quality of the file you are playing. There are also other media players which do audio playback like VLC Media Player that specific one named does the same thing as this one does but that supports less types of formats then KM Player. This one is out for years and is an editor's choice app to have in your computer. It is fast, lite, cross-platform supported and they have really good customer support on their website where if you have any kind of question to ask you can send them an email and they will answer your problem. The listed software's down are similar and recommended by us.

List of Features KMPlayer has:

The above listed applications programs are similar to this and are also rated the most downloaded programs of the century. I have also used this and currently using it at the moment and is a really cool as it supports all of my video files it never said no to any of video whatever, I throw at it, plays it without a charm. You can add bookmarks your songs and can listen them when you want, live streaming is also supported you can also change the brightness settings of the images it adjusts automatically the screen width of your monitor so it comes up on the full screen, and enhances so the user can get best experience out of the tool.

There are some new things introduced which are called KMP connect and games. The connection allows you to play your movies and songs from your computer in your mobile device it does that by syncing the data online and feeding it into your smartphones. It has auto rotation enabled so it rotates the screen, the other one helps you install an extension which entertains you by allowing you to play games with other friends which have KMPlayer enabled with the feature supports 3GP and MPEG and many more it players everything, It is a recommended app by Files mag as it has so many positive feedbacks.

KMPlayer Media Player Screenshot:

The KMPlayer Free Download

The KMPlayer Details:

Version: Latest
Developer: KMP 
License: Freeware
Platform: Windows/mobile/smartphones/mac
Type: Video/Audio Player

Hardware Requirements:

Processor: Intel dual core 
RAM: 512 MB
Space: 100 MB 
Graphics: 64 MB
KMPlayer Multimedia Free Download


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