November 29, 2018

Microsoft Games for Windows Live Software 2019 Free Download

Microsoft Games for Windows Live Software 2019 Free Download

Microsoft was previously only known to make good operating systems but now it is also known to make good computer games. Games for Windows Live is a platform and a jointed company that makes sure all games for PC are tested well on all versions of Windows before they have been released to the public. This is all so that the gaming experience can be improved and thus users should not have problems. 

There are different testing part each title be it any type of genre needs to go through before it is released for the public on multiple platforms. There are dedicated teams that keep testing beta and alpha pre-releases for the best level of quality. It can be downloaded for free in 32 bit and 64 bit with the latest release as of 2016 and also comes in an offline installer setup.

Microsoft Games for Windows Live 2016 Free Download

Not everyone in today fast-growing world can afford a high-performance gaming system that could run of the newest titles in the industry such as Far Cry 4, Battlefield 4 and GTA V. As time went past more and more users started using Microsoft Games for Windows Live on their computers and have built up a strong community which provides exclusive support for other newbie users. 

There are many advantages and drawbacks of this software because game publishers need to make sure their developments are supported on all latest operating systems such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7 and that they support being installed offline via an installer. There should be support for x86 and x64 architectures.

Features of Latest Microsoft Games for Windows Live 3.5

There have been massive improvements in the graphics and visuals department side of the story because of the vast varieties of VGA cards available nowadays. The developers need to be careful that their new project supports DirectX 9, DirectX 11 or DirectX 12 API. There are also added new features like parental controls and admins can restrict access to some part of the games for a specific age group of adults/children.

Games for Windows Live full version download

Also as before some game titles were really a pain when it came to uninstall them from your computer when you had to search on how to remove a particular title. This usually ended up for the user to download an extra program in helping to remove the existing one which some people found annoying and now Microsoft has listened to them.
  • Easy to install on any version of Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • Supports all architectures and is totally free of cost.
  • Adds additional support for the user who installs it.
  • Game corruptions and errors are fixed instantly.
  • Also available in a redistributable and offline-installer setup.
  • No heavy CPU and RAM requirements are needed to run this software.
  • Requires a Windows Live ID for signing up and receiving the upgrade.

Download Games for Windows Live 2019 Free

  • Licensing and package: Freeware to use and install.
  • Build: 3.5
  • Setup size: 40 MB
  • Developer authors and credits: Microsoft Corporation.
Free Download Microsoft Games for Windows Live 2016


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