February 06, 2018

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP 10) Free Download For PC

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP 10) Free Download For PC (2018 Edition)

Download Accelerator Plus 10 Free Download For Windows
DAP Plus 10 Software
Download Accelerator Plus 10 or DAP 10 is software that boosts your internet speed to make it very fast. Download Accelerator Plus 10 is available for free download on Windows. This program gives a slight boost to your internet to make things download more quickly by making them into parts. Download Accelerator Plus 10 also known as DAP can also be found in full version, but you will have to buy it from any store. DAP 10 is supported on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP along with 32 bit and 64-bit type installers as well. It comes in a premium and freeware package depending on which one the user chooses to use.

The most significant advantage of Download Accelerator Plus version 10 is that it can resume broken downloads and can also pause them. DAP 10 has built-in security software that scans as you are downloading your content. It is one of the best free download managers out there at the moment because of the premium features it provides. Those include watching videos or listening to audio while you download them which saves a lot of time. The great thing about DAP is that it checks for any problems with the file, i.e., Checking for links if they are not broken and our life. It is easy-to-use and works with any web browser including Google Chrome, Edge and UC browser.

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP 10) Premium

Features of Download Accelerator Plus 10

DAP 10 has many functions that none of the other applications available freely in the market provide those are ZIP Preview, Video Streaming, Built-in browser, history, and a video converter straight in it. It is a direct alternative to Internet Download Manager because of the feature where it breaks files into parts and then downloads them. Another great thing about DAP is that it can convert videos to MP3 with its built-in converter. Another significant advantage of DAP 10 is that it supports third-party add-ons which make it more flexible in advancing more technologies. DAP 10 which is latest in its series removes traces and history of the user automatically to maintain privacy.

DAP is one the few managers out there which provide such premium features in such an excellent package. It comes with a ZIP and RAR file viewer just like WinRAR which helps in showing what is inside a file before opening it. Along with file shredder available with it, this is a goldmine of a computer utility to have installed. DAP 10 also houses an automatic system that takes the user to its required page on a website intelligently, so you do not have to figure out which option to select. The acceleration of speed boost is the only feature that attracts millions of users to Download Accelerator Plus and not others.

Download Accelerator Plus 10 Free Download For Windows (UPDATE: New Setup Added)

  • Licensing is Trial
  • Version: Plus - 2018
  • Developer is Speedbit
  • Compatibility required: x86 or x64 bit systems
  • Platform is Windows PC
Download Accelerator 10 Windows Free Download


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