February 27, 2015

Just Cause 2 PC Game Free Download

Just Cause 2 PC Game Free Download

Just Cause 2 is a PC Game which is available as free download, supported on Windows and gaming consoles. Just Cause 2 was released in 2010 World Wide by Avalanche Studios. The game story takes place on an island called Panau. Just Cause 2 has lots of missions and objectives which are a part of it to be completed so the user can continue to the next part or level. The game is a big success as it has improved a lot over its sequel 'Just Cause 1'. This particular version is based on open world action and adventure genre. It does not have only single player and the multiplayer modes as default with different game types.

Just Cause 2 is totally different in compared to Far Cry 4 and Left 4 Dead 2 it has HD graphics and visual effects which are customize able to any level from low to high. There are big cities in which our character will do the jobs he wants to finish as a professional soldier. He can freely move to any place and also take hold of a vehicle, place or bike to drive so he can reach different places quickly and in time. A specific amount of health is given to our person and it can get low if the enemies start to damage him and he can die. This results in a restart from the last checkpoint as the game auto saves at some places.

Just Cause 2 Game play:

Now that you have known how the game works there it is essential for you to get the training because it also has some of the first person shooter type like sections where the use of weapons and different things will be used. Just Cause 2 uses the most advanced gaming engine ever used in a game called Havok physics. Square Enix was the distributor and publisher. Our player can order stuff from a seller in the game to complete his jobs as a mercenary and defeat all the enemies and save the world. Cloud gaming which has become famous over the years is used in it so players can save their data online so it is safe.

The game has forest and nature in it where there are wild animals which in the game if you catch and take their skin these are extra points. The main power which our character has is the grappling hock which can stick to any object and our player can hook and reach that area. Later on the same year they developed the game for PlayStation and Xbox platform along with Microsoft products support. The game has its own built in artificial intelligence system which guides the enemies and all the functions which are in the game according to the circumstances the Chaos mod and other racing like modes for enjoyment.

Just Cause 2 Screenshots:

Just Cause 2 Free Download

Download Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 Screenshot

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Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core or AMD Athlon X2 4200
Speed: 2.9 GHz
VGA Card: Nvidia 8800 GT / ATi Radeon 2600 Pro
HDD Space: 10 GB
Optical Drive: CD, Blu-Ray
Sound: DirectX 9
Drivers: DirectX 11 or DirectX 12

Game Details:

Version: 2
Developer: Avalanche Studios
License: Demo
Price: $15.44
Just Cause 2 Free Download Full Version


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