December 23, 2014

IPL DLF Cricket 2014 PC Game Free Download

EA Sports Cricket 2014 PC Game Free Download
EA sports cricket 2014 is a pc sports simulation game it is very famous and supported by multiple platforms which are Windows Vista, 7 and Windows 8, Play Station as well Xbox in a limited support. The game is free to play you can download plugins in full gaming mode the game has different modes in it including IPL, DLF, T20, World Cup and Tournaments.  It has lots of new players which have joined the cricket sport in PC series they all have real life like movements which are applied when they are playing. It uses all the rules of 2014 which were applied in that year for IPL and DLF, as well T20 but ever since new changes and democracy comes in place.

The game play is like that there are selected players there is a menu from where you select what kind of game type or match you want. It only consists of single player because there wasn't a stable server which could have been used for them to host all the files on which are a big load and require a big band with. There all the famous countries the list is Australia, India, Pakistan, Sri lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Ireland, Scotland, Kenya, Europe, Asia, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand and Zimbabwe. All these have their own outstanding playing performance team which has won tournaments around the globe in a match with other team.

While there you select which bowler and the one batting you want first in the ground this depends if there is a fast bowler in cricket which are mostly in the IPL and DLF members. And the batters have to defend the wicket so they don't get out of the game because the whole country is on them that they will win the T20 series which are in 2014 being on based on the game and story which were being done in the year the game was made with that remembered by the developers. This feature is the same in ICC Cricket 14. The game has detailed graphics and are full in brightness than they start your screen to look that it is being viewed in high definition resolution which results in the fraps getting higher and more powerful.

The single player has various stages which you have to pass mandatory because of the game is like that. There are levels if you hit a high score. The computer is simulating at the moment how is the match the weather gets updated by its self from the outside it gets real time update and apply that to in the game engine which then makes changes in the sky of the game in a free customer support program for downloading new pitches and players they have an official section in the game which takes you there. The has Indian Premier League which is a famous in country only played there which has local famous players from around the city. 

IPL, DLF T20 Cricket 2014 PC Game Details

Version: Latest (2014)
Type: Free to play trial 
Developer: EA
Platform: Windows, Android and MAC

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System Specifications for hardware

Processor: Dual core Intel
CPU: 2.4 Gigahertz
Ram: 2 GB
Gaming Card: 512 MB
Software Needed: DirectX 12
EA Sports Cricket 2014 Game Free Download


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