February 07, 2020

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Game Free Download [Updated]

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Game Free Download Full Version [2020]

Cricket World Cup 2015 Game Free Download

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is a windows PC game developed by EA. It is supported on Windows XP/Vista and Windows 8 you can have it in the free version. The game Cricket World Cup can be either downloaded, or you have the CD of it. This game is a perfect example of the 2015 games of sports simulation as it is trendy in the entertainment world it attracts a lot of players and gamers towards it.

It has all the famous athletes in it who still are playing cricket. This is a recommended peace of really informative cup of the year series. It is a bit similar to that of an older release which was back in the year 2007, but this one has won a lot of people's hearts. This is world cup now what it means that many countries from different parts of the world come and compete with each other and come through various levels and play a match with different teams and they have to win to head on to the next championship. 

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 GamePlay:

This gameplay is about almost like the same as it is coming from its predecessors and other matching versions. Well but this one is different and how it is different is going to be explained in just a minute. This is how it starts there comes a logo screen saying it's developers the sound man and all those introductions, and after that, a menu screen comes where you can select different types of options like "Play a new match, create a new one, edit controls, setting of graphics, country flags and start the game and an exit button there. Behind in the background, there is music of cricket running which suites and adjusts its sound levels automatically by calculating how much loud noise levels you use for the game and when you select to start it there it will ask you what player do you want to bat or bowl with first in the starting of the match, after that, you will have to select a country team and a stadium which one you like it is optional.

Now, what are the demands what is the game like what you will need to in time to win the test you are starting you control your character with the keyboard only not the mouse it is only used for screen navigation and selecting? You press "A, S, D and W" to move and choose the shots you are to hit in front of people and you can select your fielding if you are in the bowling side and when you are bating there are scores like 4 and a 6, the first one is a type where the ball goes through hitting the ground and the other side it goes in the sky and will not touch the ground in to run the boundary lines where the score comes from, there is a referee standing there which looks at you're every move and action and if you make a mistake or foul it will stop you and give the other team 1 score and can take you out of the game if the reason or your error is very critical he stands where the bowler is ready to play with you. 

There is also a very new option called the weather effect which is the weather and changes automatically and senses the weather outside like in the real world, but this one is gaming.

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The above three are the best examples of how a successful game wills it looks. These are the year edition and have achieved great rewards and using peer reviews. This one is for the download, and you can have the hard one of it there are versions one is comfortable and the different one is hard where the level of hardness is increased. This also trains you to make you're original in the world more excellent and strong.
Cricket 2015 Download

Cricket World Cup 2015 (ICC) Full PC Game Details:

  • Version: 2015 (Latest)
  • Type: Freeware, Sports
  • Developer: EA
  • Platform: Windows
  • Software needed to run: DirectX 12

PC Hardware Specification for ICC World Cup Cricket Games 2015:

  • Processor: High-Speed good performance
  • Memory: 1 Gigabyte
  • Adapter: 512 MB Intel or dedicated
  • Space: 3 GB

Free Download Cricket 2015 PC Game


  1. i want to get this.....how can I???please tell me.....is the cd of this available in the market???

    1. Yes it is available and you can get it from there. :)

    2. can u please tell me from where it is available???

    3. Hi,

      You can download cricket 2015 from here but I am not sure if you can purchase it from shops or anywhere else.



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