December 13, 2014

Freedom Fighters PC Game Free Download

Freedom Fighters PC Game Free Download
Freedom Fighter is a 3rd person action shooting game for free. It was developed and released by EA. It supports cross platform Windows XP/Vista/7/8 also available for play station. It is a really exciting game which was the story line was by a very famous developer, You can either download or have the hard CD of it. This game has all the entertainment you need it has high graphic it has many missions you you have to complete the objectives of and then you will go onto the next round there are also other games by the same maker but this one is from "Hit-man". The game features and it will be explained in big described now below.

The game only consists of a single player mod which still is a really loads of fun to mess around with. It has many rounds first round starts with the training of the player and it teaches how to hold a gun how to through a flash bang and many other great gaming options will be taught to you and after that you will need to give a test and after you pass you will be able to play the real war in the freedom fighter. It first came out on 2003 in Europe, Asia and United states. It was available internationally in a wide versions for pc and consoles. It does not require high end system specification as the graphics are medium level visuals. 
Download Freedom Fighters PC Game
There are many missions which take place in countries like Russia, Ukraine there are big maps there are also weather system in it which does the weather seem like a real feel which gives it a really good taste. There is a tank and a helicopter in almost every mission which you have to destroy in order to complete the level. There will be team of other fighters which will support you and give you backup when you need them you can control them, place them wherever you want even in the enemy front lines. It will fight but also keep in mind that it has a health bar like you who you can keep an eye on and if he is nearly to die you can go and give him a recovery kit and his health will come back up.

Freedom Fighters PC Overview:

As you can in the above image that how much dreadful is the game and blood content is there one is hooting and the other is screaming and last one is firing an RPG, and at the above there is a helicopter. It has auto save options which saves the progress of your outstanding overall how you are going and what level that you have unlocked and are struggling to open it so you move on there are also tips which can help you get onto the next level by showing what to do what tactics to use and there you go boom you will now be soon playing the next part of it. It is available for teens so yes you can have it.

At the end we have come to this awesome PC game this is the conclusion yes this game is really cool and you must also have a look at this game which is called Fifa 2015 and The Crew both are an good future example of this game which you are going to enjoy as fast as possible. This game uses lite engine to keep things graphics, designs and sound to be clear so that you can hear it clear. More reviews and posts coming really quickly keep visiting us and see the updates.

Freedom Fighters 1 PC Details:

Version: 2003
License: Free to use demo
Developers: EA 
Type: Shooting, Action

Computer Hardware Requirements:

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 
Memory: 512 MB
Storage: 1000 MB
Program needed to run: DirectX 12
Freedom Fighters PC Game Free Download


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