December 29, 2019

American Truck Simulator 2015 Free Download Full Version [UPDATE]

American Truck Simulator 2015 Game Free Download Full Version (Updated)

    American Truck Simulator 2015 Game Free Download

    American Truck Simulator 2015 game free download with full version setup is one of the most waited games of the year. American Truck Simulator 2015 can be downloaded for free as a pc game which is supported on Windows and many other OS. This game is fully based on the simulation of trucks and cars that are used to carry around products and materials over the country and overseas. This game is a similar edition to Euro Truck Simulator 2 but it also comes with singleplayer and multiplayer modes. There are also many other features that SCS has added to the 2015 version which range from graphics improvement and the addition of more objectives for the driver. 

    American Truck Simulator 2015 PC Overview

    There were many alpha and beta releases of American Truck Simulator 2015, but now is the time that it has been just released officially on multiple platforms like PC. Another game that is slightly similar in the simulation genre is Garry's Mod that has many different modes and has no end like in Arcade. A lot has changed since this latest update from 2016 because the update has added more than 100 major cities on which you can drive and deliver goods to other parts of the towns. Some of the maps and roads are locked and only unlock after you complete a set of missions and earn enough score and company trust for delivering their item.

    Please Note: This game has just been released on February 3, 2016, by SCS software.

    American Truck Simulator 2015 PC Game For Free

    The gameplay of American Truck Simulator 2015

    It is all about the gameplay they say, Isn't it? There are over 50 missions and objectives that you will have to complete in American Truck Simulator 2015. As it has 'Truck' in the name it also consists of tractors from modern to classic ones. There are many different states from the United States of America where you can drive including California, Texas, Washington, Nevada, and Arizona, currently there are many different updates rolling out on a weekly and daily basis, similar to Space Engineers which suffered from downtime while it was in space. Players are also able to purchase expansion packs for maps and additions to the game.

    American truck simulator 2015 latest release

    There is an automatic weather system that allows the player to change the in-game weather manually and even automatically by the weather outside the area of the player. There is a big truck making companies like Volvo, Kenworth, and Ford. There are lots of other minor things that a player has to take care of while driving on the road those include, not damaging parcel, not driving over the speed limit and obeying the health and safety rules properly. There is a license key for the American Truck Simulator which comes inside the CD / DVD or digital version of it so it can be activated and played online with other members.

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    American Truck Simulator 2015 Hardware Requirements for PC

    • CPU: Intel Pentium Dual-Core Processor
    • Speed: 2.4 GHz
    • RAM: 4.0 GB
    • Disk Storage: 5.0 GB
    • GPU: Nvidia or ATi at 2 GB minimum dedicated memory
    • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10

    Download American Truck Simulator 2015 Game Information

    1. License / Credits: Demo is available as free to download
    2. Developer / Author: SCS Software
    3. Version: 2016 - Latest release
    4. Type: Simulation
    5. Platform: PC
    American Truck Simulator 2015 PC Game Download


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