December 10, 2014

DirectX 12 Free Download

DirectX 12 Free Download
DirectX 12 is Microsoft latest API. This particular program allows you to run the games and applications also software which has any relationship with video and graphics view. It is only available for windows OS. There are also a previous version which is old and not supported any more but this is the latest release from them and works with all machines which have dedicated cards which run direct x 12 this basically is a kind of driver which helps in running the card with all the assets of the app which it requires it starts giving it and it is available for free and you can download it from anywhere and updates itself by time.

It has a very big almost infinite number of small files which helps in running all the files, bits and pieces. Those are called DLL files these help a program to give life as you can see. This specific one makes the graphics of a game or visual design almost looks like a real life thing which you see with your eyes. It gives a sharp and slight effect to the video/image which makes it look really awesome almost that much you cannot find the difference between right one and the wrong it gives a freshness look and also increases the performance of your graphics adapter with some frame rates by putting on performance mode for the unit.

The above game is an example what needs an app like this to be run. Obviously you will need a powerful graphics adapter and processor to run the processes but to run that process you will need this one in the middle to keep everything nice and tidy. It prevents bugs from coming up in graphic visuals and during play time. It holds lots of really cool features which you can use to completely customize your unit by changing the power values in it. It also downloads updates for your graphic card without telling you which is a great feature because updated drivers mean high performance out of your box. It is a must have application without this you cannot run any program which has any connection with graphics.

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Direct X details:

Version: 12
Developers: Microsoft
License: Freeware
Platform: Windows

System Hardware Requirements:

Operating System: 7/8/XP/Vista 
Processor: Dual Core 2.0 
Graphics: A card compatible with it.
Free Download DirectX 12 API

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