February 14, 2018

Final Fantasy XV Full PC Game Download

Final Fantasy 15 Full Version Game

Final Fantasy XV (15) PC Game Free Download is now available as a setup for Windows. It is one of the most awaited open-world action title ever released!

Final Fantasy XV Game 2018 Overview

You may all be wondering when will Final Fantasy 15 PC full version be released but you know what? It is already here and it's amazing. All the gameplay is on Eos the world like Earth but filled with kingdoms and living creatures.

Final Fantasy XV PC Game Free Download

It is also related to some strategy gaming because you will need to properly plan how to complete a mission or quest. There will be enemies everywhere when you will be traveling to other planets. This game is made with a lot of care and looks very realistic to the real world because there are day and night time including weather changes from sunny to stormy. There is a hand full of customization features and now you can change the looks of your character I.e. Clothing, Body armor and more. You can also put signs/marker points on the ground in the map of Final Fantasy XV so you can navigate around easily without getting lost. We all get lost a bit in games, don't we?

Features of Final Fantasy XV

If you enjoy action and open-world genre titles for computers, you will enjoy The Witcher 3 or Dying Light a lot. There is also a car that you can drive around and explore the world around you, the car itself is called Regalia. There is also a buying store feature that allows you to buy special equipment if you want to go camping on the map because trust me it is too big. You will only be asked to drive Regalia and all the repairing work will be done by Cindy. You can also fly it and go around quicker to different places and battle with other players. There is support for single and online gaming so you never get bored.

Final Fantasy 15 Download Free

You can also play in the Active Cross Battle system that is real-time. You can use various buttons or commands like Defend, Item, and Magic. There is also a threat meter you can say that shows you if there are any enemies around so you can get ready for battle. You can also play as Noctis Lucis Caelum and Lunafreya.  It uses the Luminous Studio as the main game engine for the graphics, 3D and VR. It is released for PlayStation and Xbox and you will be able to play it with friends on many platforms so compatibility will not be an issue Square Enix also said that they will be releasing future DLC, updates and mobile versions for their customers.

  • Players can roll different planets and fight with enemy forces.
  • Conquer different nations and create your own kingdom.
  • Experience a fantasy that will amaze you with its new release and abilities.
  • Get your country back from the enemy army.
  • Your character will have magical powers that you can master and control.

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  • CPU: Intel Pentium Core i7 at 3.1 GHz.
  • RAM: 4 GB.
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 980, 960 or 970 including AMD Radeon R7 or R9.
  • OS: Windows 7, XP, 8, 8.1 or 10.
  • Storage: 32 GB for setup file and maybe less if compressed.

Download Final Fantasy XV (15) Free for PC

  • Game license: Demo / Trial.
  • Price: $13.99.
  • Version: XV
  • Developers: Square-Enix.

Final Fantasy XV Game Download


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