March 03, 2018

Scrap Mechanic Game Free Download Full Version

Scrap Mechanic Free Full PC Game Download

Scrap Mechanic Game Free Download for PC provides you with amazing Action and Adventure. It was published and developed by Axolot Games in 2018!

Scrap Mechanic Game Overview (2018 Edition):

It is all about the environment and how you use the tools that are given to you to survive harsh conditions. It is fully based on multiplayer and comes with a setup that is easy to install and work. It was built with imagination kept in mind for creative people.

Scrap Mechanic Game Free Download

In Scrap Mechanic game for PC, you will be on a big adventure where you will wander around cities and places collecting objects. All the junk that you will be collecting will be able to be used to build houses, shelters, and vehicles to travel around.

There will be dangerous robots and other people in the live environment as this is an online game it will involve players from all around the world and all of them will be engineers. The similar games that come in the sandbox survival genre are Space Engineers and No Man's Sky. There will be requirements to find items that will be useful and needed. 

Features and Gameplay of Scrap Mechanic

You have to remember that this is not same as Earth, this is a different planet and has a totally different environment. You can make new friends on this new planet and also build robots with the items that you find so that they can help you as a mechanic.

Scrap Mechanic Game for PC Setup

There will be multiple farm bots that will be working in different areas of a land or you can command them to work on a custom or specific piece of land. Your brain will be your best friend when it will come to solving problems and issues in Scrap Mechanic because as a game it's very challenging. It comes with different modes including the Survival mode and Creative mode.

Download Scrap Mechanic PC Game Free

In some of the mods, you are free to create anything with the parts and objects you prefer. There are also gender choices, you can either be a female or male mechanic. There is a special how-to guide that helps you if you need any kind of guidance while playing or cannot go passed a mission. A list of features to Download Scrap Mechanic PC Game:

  • Comes with a leaderboard that you can use to showcase your inventions to other people.
  • Awesome 3D and 4D graphics visuals to enhance gameplay.
  • Power and tools available to build your own robot workers.
  • Hundreds of machine parts are to choose from.
  • Works on all major gaming platforms ever released!
  • New updates and DLC have been added.
  • Received positive feedback on many forums and platforms like Steam.

Similar Sandbox-Survival Games for PC

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  2. Minecraft
  3. The Room
  4. Prototype

System Requirements Needed

  • Processor: Intel Core i5 or Quad core.
  • Speed: 1.6 GHz or above.
  • RAM: 4 GB memory.
  • Storage: 2 GB is needed for setup installation, please note that it varies if the file is compressed or not.
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce or AMD Radeon 1 GB or above.
  • Internet: Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection is required to run multiplayer.

Scrap Mechanic Free PC Game Download (DEMO SETUP FILES ONLY)

  1. Setup type: Demo.
  2. Authors: Axolot Games.
  3. Price: $14.99.
  4. Version: 2016 (v0.1.27 updates have been included).
Scrap Mechanic Game Download 2016


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