January 14, 2019

VMware Player 2019 Software Free Download

VMware Player 2019 or VMware Workstation Pro 2019 is one of the latest most advanced virtualization software for Free Download! It supports all platforms.

VMware Player 2019 Overview

If you want to create virtual machines and run multiple different OS including Microsoft Windows, Linux and MAC. This program helps you to do virtualization very easily because you can install any OS on any capable machine that has good hardware. It also comes with packages such as vSphere, vCloud, Horizon View and vCenter. There is a Pro, Trial and Full version that you can purchase from VMware all have similar features and functions along with some extra benefits. You will get better performance, graphics and administration support tools. It comes as a setup file that works on 32-bit and 64-bit environments.

Download VMware Player 2017 Free

There are many advantages of using VMware Player 2017 as it can become a business from just a standalone or an offline installer app. You are easily allowed to create clones and snapshots of any virtual machines that you have created for testing them such as Beta or Alpha testing. It is fully flexible which means that you are in control of giving a computer its resources or in other words called computing power and share of resources. Other such programs are Oracle VM VirtualBox that is similar but not reliable as it is known to be unstable for a number of reasons. There are the features to install VMs using ISO files, CDs or a USB flash drive.

Features of VMware Player 2017

VMware has put a lot of effort in developing Player. You can add virtual printing direct from the virtual machine. You can also create hosted desktops or virtual desktops using VMware Player without needing extra licenses for Workstation Player. Running multiple operating systems at the same time is very useful especially for people such as software developers, engineers, and quality assurance testers in a big organization or company. 

VMware Player Workstation 2017 Latest Version Screenshot

Users can create partition drivers within the virtual machine as a separate hard disk like MiniTool Partition Wizard provides you. This program is for basically everyone! You do not need to be some kind of IT Pro, Developer or Professional to start using it. Below are the features of VMware Player 2017:
  • Used in over 74% IT business to cut hardware costs.
  • Allows you to do network testing and help in managing a whole data center.
  • Supports x86 and x64 architecture.
  • Easy to use and has the simple GUI / graphical user interface to navigate.
  • Increases productivity as you can multitask between different platforms.
  • Allows you to create password protected and encrypted virtual machines.
  • Can install Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS and MAC OS easily.
  • Works on all hardware and computer with a multi-core processor are highly much preferred.
  • Compatible with any cloud application.
Note: You may also be able to virtualize Windows Server using the ISO that is provided and create a virtual desktop interface / VDI.

System Requirements / Specifications:

  1. CPU: Intel Quad Core or AMD A10 series.
  2. RAM: 8 GB memory or higher for smooth performance.
  3. Graphics: High-performance Nvidia Quadro, GTX or AMD Radeon required for multiple desktops.
  4. Storage: 1 Terabyte or more depending if the infrastructure you are going to virtualize is big and the number of desktops that are going to be installed.
  5. OS: Works on any platform.

VMware Player 2019 Latest Free Download (Best Virtualization Software for Windows)

  • Vendor, Author or Developer: VMware, Inc.
  • Setup version is Latest.
  • Type: Trial (30 days).
  • Platform: All.
  • Pricing: $300.
Downloading VMware Player 2017 Free


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