September 09, 2020

Cricket Captain 2016 Free Download PC Game [UPDATED]

Cricket Captain 2016 PC Game Download (Upgrade Version)

    Cricket Captain 2016 Game Free Download

    Cricket Captain 2016 is a PC game fully based on management and simulation of the popular sports which is called "cricket". It is available as a full game and is free to download setup in the demo. It supports many different platforms including Windows and consoles. There is a massive selection of international teams that you can select to play within the matches. On the front cover of it, you will see a picture of different cricketers and one of them is Chris Rogers. There are different gameplay modes to play including Singleplayer and online/multiplayer. There are HD graphics that make every aspect of the game look real. Another great game that you might enjoy playing would be Cricket 2013 from EA.

    The developers have taken Cricket Captain 2016 to a new level by adding in a newer game engine that produces awesome visuals. It has a really intelligent management system that allows you to control the teams in many ways, for example, selecting specific players for a certain match based on their performance in the field. There is a total number of 79 teams that you can choose from and there are also domestic leagues which are country-based. There is also one day international (ODI) and World Cup Tournaments which means that you can select what modes you want to play this has highly enhanced the gaming experience. You can take a look at Cricket World Cup 2015 to get an idea of how it might look when you buy it.

    Gameplay of Cricket Captain 2016

    There are teams from all around Asia, Europe, and America participating in Cricket Captain. It brings a ton of gameplay and features improvements to the series which were not possible before because the technology was just not there. You can also select kits for your teams such as T-shirts, Bats, Bowl and safety pads. You can switch between day and night matches and also you can change the weather type and stadiums to your choice. There is a 30% increase in the stability while playing cricket online as there are very less crashes and issues reported since the release. There is a help system which gives you support if you do not know how to do something I.e. Configuration or setting up the player profile which first appeared in Cricket 07.

    Cricket Captain 2016 Gameplay

    Below is a video of the gameplay which highlights and shows all the features that it comes with:

    Cricket Captain 2016 New Features

    There are a lot of changes made this game is compared to its 2015 older version. Below is a list of all the features that 2016 Cricket Captain brings:
    • Plenty of career and achievements are available to be unlocked.
    • Custom 3D lighting system in the stadium has been introduced. 
    • All famous cricketers are added to the new DLC and patches.
    • Ability to change the view angle of the camera from first-person to third-person.
    • Professional management of options available to managing teams and players.
    • Domestic teams are also found within certain match types.
    Downloading Cricket Captain 2016

    Recommended Cricket Simulation Games

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    All of the above games have different specifications, so please make sure that you are checking them and that your computer meets them.

    System Requirements

    • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 or dual-core processor.
    • RAM: 2 GB.
    • Graphics card: Intel HD graphics or Nvidia.
    • Storage: 4 GB.
    • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1 or 10.

    Cricket Captain 2016 Game Free Download

    1. Licensing: Demo is given here, but if you want the full version it will be required to purchase it.
    2. Price: $22.50.
    3. Authors and Developers: Childish Things.
    4. Platform: PC.
    Cricket Captain 2016 Free Download Full Version


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