January 24, 2018

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser 2018 Offline Installer Free Download

Mozila Firefox Web Browser Free Download

Mozilla Firefox is a very popular fast internet browser available for the free download as it is a freeware. It is supported by Windows 7, XP, Vista and Windows 8. It was released for multiple type platforms like PC, Computer, Android, iPhone, MAC and Linux systems. It is well known for its speed in page opening as it optimizes and eats at less data that it can by reducing the size of the page. This version is the latest one out now which is in simple there are 2 one for 32/64 bit environment operating systems. This is really helpful and will get you through the internet really quickly it will open a website in under seconds that much fastest browser Mozilla is tested.

The Features which Mozilla Firefox Holds

There is developer mod which is a useful kit for web designers and programmers who want to see the source code or analyze for any vulnerabilities which are there with professional accurate and correct results. There is a download portion where you can see how much things and there location where they are placed after they are loaded on to the hard drive. The bookmark feature lets you add to favorite your special website and this makes it easier for you to access them quickly instead of going back in the search engine and find it. There can be installed third party add-ons which are software's installed onto the browser so it can do more.

There are a lot of plugins for it that can be downloaded directly from Firefox store there are for example theme changer or background image modification. Sync is a good feature but is also available in other browsers like Google Chrome  this allows the user to get the data from his Smartphone, tablet or laptop directly into the cloud of Mozilla. There is advanced options part where there is history you can delete it or even select not to. Internet VPN settings are where you can also do it manually but the one from default is automatic only use this in caution as it can stop the browser from getting access to the world wide web servers which will then left you think why isn't my internet settings but that can be reset from the settings.

This is a tested browser by us we checked its performance and we are using it as well some screen grabs will be shown below of the user interface which is really wonderful and friendly. There is customer help which if you have any kind of problem regarding the browser so you can contact them and they will respond to you within 48 working hours. There are popular websites like social media already bookmarked for you in the new tab.

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser Review Screen Shots 

Mozilla Firefox web browser
Sync for devices 
Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser Download

Some Recommended Software's By FilesMAG 

Details of the web browser 

  • Version: Latest (2018)
  • Developer: firefox
  • License: freeware
  • Type: Free to use 
  • Platform: Windows
Mozilla Firefox latest browser download


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