February 11, 2015

Road Rash 2002 Game Free Download

Road Rash 2002 Game Free Download
Road Rash 2002 is a racing game based on motorcycles and bikes as free to download. It is supported on PC, Windows and PlayStation consoles. One of the best parts road rash has that you get the opportunity to knock other racers of the lap and win the race. Road Rash 2002 was one of the best games on the world which firstly introduced the concept of racing sports simulation onto computers. Electronic Arts was the developer but the game was published by EA Sports a different company. There are different levels including missions and objectives that are a mandatory option to complete. It only consists of single player gaming capabilities.

The popular platform at the time was Sega Mega Drive which is a product of Sony. There are different ways in which a player can win against several opponents in the game is that you can win in a more harsh way by breaking every rule in the race. There are many kinds of heavy bikes such as Yamaha, Kawasaki and BMW brands. It has two mean weapons in the whole game which are famous a lot are the Chain and Legs. The graphics are not HD like Lego Pirates of the Caribbean and Subway Surfers PC which are located in U.S. States, Alaska, Hawaii, Arizona and Tennessee. Nitrous oxide is available which gives a slight speed increase to the motorcycle.

Road Rash 2002 PC Gameplay:

It is not like the others but one thing that attracts that is the simplicity which is viewed. The graphical user interface is safe and secured by Avira Antivirus. Multiplayer online are supported but only two players connected on the same local area network can play with each other. It consists of no checkpoints and auto saving areas where the progress is saved an exciting dual mode which is called Mano and Nano. There are certain rules which you need to follow while racing if not the police can stop and seize you motorbike and may take your license. There is no chance that you will or not be seen by a law enforcement officer during action.

With different maps and difficulty levels there are lots of challenges to face on. It has a total number of 8 bikes to choose from all of them are speedy and powerful enough to win a race if driven professionally on the road rash 2. Games like this make success and change the way of the virtual and cyber reality.

Road Rash 2002 Screenshots:

Road Rash 2002 PC Game Free Download

Road Rash 2002 Game Screenshot

Road Rash 2002 Download For PC Game

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Processor: Intel Pentium II 
Speed: 500 MHz
RAM: 128 MB
Space: 200 Megabytes
VGA Card: Nvidia GeForce, Intel Integrated / ATi Radeon
Optical Drives: DVD, DVD-RW
Sound: DirectX 9
Drivers: DirectX 11 or DirectX 12

Road Rash 2002 Download Details:

License: Demo 
Developer: EA Replay 
Platform: Windows
Price: N/A
Road Rash 2002 Download Free

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