January 18, 2015

GTA San Andreas PC Game Free Download

GTA San Andreas PC Game Free Download
GTA San Andreas is a new game in grand theft auto series it was released in 2005. It is available for free download in PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 and Xbox and Windows. It is one of the earlier developed from Rockstar and a sequel to GTA Vice City/ GTA 4/ GTA 5. It is viewed from a third person angle, includes single player and multiplayer which both has some missions and objectives to be completed. This was and also is one the most popular installment in their long coming versions. You can do lots of different kinds of crazy things in it like flying a car, air planes and helicopters using the help of some codes.

You can freely go to different places in San Andreas like California and Nevada it has Los Santos and Los Angeles the top cities. The access to these parts is limited you need to complete some of the missions in order to gain proper entrance their otherwise the law enforcements will stop you from going there. There are some radio stations which you can listen to when driving a car, bike or any different kind of vehicle. The coolest section is that a cycle can be ride able it is really a lot fun to play it that way. The game settings can be changed you can adjust the width, resolution and other in game controls for yourself.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) San Andreas Gameplay:

Now you are alone in a big city where corruption is growing very fast and the only way to stop is to find the root of the cause. You have to find your old home because the character was abroad not in United States. There are bad guys which are running big companies where you were working as a cashier before some of the history is still remaining there. There is a specific health which is assigned to Carl CJ Johnson. If that health gets zero the ambulance is going to come and take you to the central hospital all your belongings will be taken money and some extras are given back only. Using the RenderWare engine the visual quality and graphics look really nice.

Mobile platform support is also building up as it is out for Windows Phone, Smartphones, Android and iPhone. All the controls are same but are touch interface on these devices. Air travel is also possible in it but you need to have authorized license to get onto a plane, there are different schools around the city. As it is based on open world there are forests and country side areas which have big mountains with very nice views you can even drive to there or fly there is a new jet pack which was only first time introduced in it from the popular James bond story. You can buy your own house property and buy food with money.

GTA San Andreas Screenshots:

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Free Download

Gta San Andreas Game Free Download For PC (Screenshot)

PC Game GTA San Andreas Download

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System Hardware Requirements:

Processor: Intel Dual core or Pentium 4
RAM: 512 MB 
VGA Card: 64 MB Nvidia Geforce GTX, Intel HD or ATI Radeon HD 
Sound: Required
Software: DirectX 11 or DirectX 12 

San Andreas Details:

License: Premium
Type: Free to play demo
Developer: RockStar 
Version: GTA: San Andreas 
GTA San Andreas Game For PC Free Download


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