December 20, 2014

Freedom Fighters 2 Game Free Download For PC

Freedom Fighters 2 Game Free Download For PC

Freedom Fighters 2 are a PC action third person shooter action game developed for free by Eidos. The game is support on cross platforms for Windows 7/Vista and Windows 8. It is out now for download for the users. It has multiple game modes including single player and multiplayer. Both are really what are the talking fun and attractive good gameplay you need the instinct of a war fighter to play this freedom fighters game based on soldiers of liberty 2 the game was released by Io-Interactive has also released a popular game freedom fighter the first part. This is the modern war scene where there is all over in virtual reality there are missions and objectives which need to be completed in order to achieve success.

The game play and the role of you being as a fighter which you are fighting the war for freedom to win your countries happiness back is up to you. The objective which you have to complete ends like you need to terminate all enemy lines there are also tanks and helicopters, Vehicles heavy machine guns and a large amount enemy commandos protecting their territory. After that you have team of professional shooters and snipers with you which give you back up support when you need it, there our 4 soldiers which can be placed on your call anywhere you want you can control them there are, follow me, stay there, protect this parameter. 

Gameplay and Features of Freedom Fighters 2

The missions are like you have to go in different parts of country where enemy has taken control of the area and took it from you, therefore you will need to fight back to take that lace as it is yours. When you complete your task you will see the character raising a flag on the top of the last place where the gun firing and shooting was held. The game has in the online that you can invite your friends in a match with teams all over the world can have matches and compares between them and can have win or lose there is team deathmatch and free for all where you have only one life if you get shot by the enemy team you will need to wait until the end of this match. New updates were released and IO-Interactive just release their latest title which is Freedom Fighters 3 for PC. It brings new maps, multiplayer features and EA account bug fixes that allow you to play online.

You start from level 0 and go up to level 40 every level you unlock revealing a new tool or deadly firearm. A good internet connection is required to play online. It uses reality graphics and there in a small volume a soundtrack is played to keep your mind level. The guns can be completely modified for the freedom of the fighters in 2 different ways like you can change the reticle add a red dot sight or remove the iron sight and increase the fire rate of the bullets. More flat jacket can be added to give you protection armor so you don't die that quickly it is a similar technique also used in the real world by soldiers all over the globe, more attachments can be download from sources officially.

Freedom Fighters 2 Full Version Free Download

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Freedom Fighters 2 Full Detail Info

License: Freeware 
Type: Free to play demo
Developer: Io-Interactive
Platform: Windows, Android, and MAC.
System: 32/64 bit

System Requirements For Hardware

Processor: High power speed Intel
Ram: 3 GB
Graphics: 512 MB Nvidia, Or At-I  
Space: 6 GB
Software: DirectX 12

Freedom Fighters 2 Game


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